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Boeing faces mounting pressure as more countries ground Boeing 737 Max   [Copy link] 中文

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American Airlines will not fly 737 Max till middle August...
Apr 14, 2019
    AA has some 24 Max jets in its fleet...

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zhihu01 Post time: 2019-4-15 18:14
Boeing needs to be fully aware of its problems as in technology upgrading, communication in global l ...

Of course

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Lockheed Martin Every Bit As Bad As Boeing

It's not just Boeing and the Great Satan's brand-new aircraft carrier which has had problems; springing a leak in its propulsion system.

Japan’s fleet of highly sophisticated F-35A jets has been plagued by problems in the last two years, resulting in at least seven emergency landings – including two by the unit that crashed in the Pacific Ocean earlier this month.
- Japan’s crashed F-35 had navigation & cooling faults, whole fleet forced into 7 emergency landings

The poodle state has been responsible for a lot of faults too:

the exploding Rolls-Royce engines on the Airbus A380,
the chargers that caused battery packs to catch fire on the Boeing 787,
the railway signals which caused a crash in China,
the refurbished submarine sold to the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Kanada which killed a sailor on the return trip,
the bogus bomb-detector, loosely based on dowsing rods, which, of course, killed their users, and
the nuclear fuel rods sent to Japan where the test documentation had been forged.
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Hype Rather Than Hangings
- profit, profit and profit in a fascist/feudal state

When the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of New Zealand's Fonterra acquired a 43% stake of Sanlu and poisoned babies in China with melamine, China executed those responsible. But like the banksters, there's no jail-time for Amerika's dumbassed "captains of industry". Instead of the rule of law, these gangsters are allowed to LITERALLY get away with murder, just as they do when they illegally infest other nations. The Great Satan and poodle are both fascist/feudal states run by the robber barons for the benefit of the robber barons (and a Victoria Nuland to their victims).

Here's a shyster offering hype to try to gain trust in amerikan krudmobiles, first by using the s**t-happens argument: McDonnell Douglas had hurriedly designed a plane with a door that it knew was defective, then, in the aftermath of Paris, tried to cover the whole thing up. It was reckless, even criminal.
- Ethiopian, Lion Air, and the 737 MAX

If they KNEW it was defective, then it was INDEED criminal and someone should have gone to jail or got the electric chair.

But like :-

Gangster Motors 20 years earlier who failed to install stabiliser bars, figuring it would be cheaper to be sued by the relatives of the dead,

Elon Musk, who uses his customers to beta-tests the so-called "autopilot", and

Gangster Motors again, who installed an ignition switch to the wrong specification and which killed over 100 victims over a 10 year period,

no one goes to jail in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika. That's how desperate they are to make a profit when "no one buys amerikan any more". Gangster Motors' suppliers joked that GM had only three criteria: price, price and price.

Then the lies: Did something go wrong in the 737 program? Are Boeing and the FAA jointly responsible? Probably. But I don’t believe anybody was intentionally reckless.

They WERE reckless and INTENTIONALLY so. They knew it was a pile of krap, so installed MCAS. They knew MCAS itself was dangerous so lied about the 2.5° of trim to the FAA. They knew the krudmobile was STILL dangerous which is why they failed to tell the pilots about MCAS at all; which the propaganda rags lied was simply to save money in training. They KNEW it was dangerous after the first crash and were already trying to modify the s**tware for MCAS when the second crash happened.

Then more BS: The fact is, Lion Air and Ethiopian notwithstanding, air travel has never been safer than it is today.

What he should say is UNTIL today. It doesn't mean gangsters should be allowed to make dangerous krudmobiles without getting the electric chair.

Then he plays dumb: One of the things I can’t help wondering about is why the 737 MAX needed to exist in the first damn place.

We already know it was because Airbus brought out the A320 which was more fuel efficient (something this shyster later admits to knowing below). Even the propaganda rags have already reported this, explaining that that was why Boeing installed more powerful engines which made the krapmobile unstable.

Then he tries to blind you with science: This pair of switches, on the center console near the thrust levers, killed power to the entire automatic pitch trim system, including MCAS, and should have allowed the pilots to maintain a normal flightpath using manual trim and elevator.


. . . and then lies some more: Yet they did not, could not, regain control. The reason, many now believe, is a design quirk of the 737 — an idiosyncrasy that reveals itself in only the rarest of circumstances, and that few 737 pilots are aware of.

So now the shyster is implying pilot error, despite the enquiry having stated that the pilots followed procedure, Boeing's procedure, to the letter. The MCAS system repeatedly forced the nose down causing both crashes.

His recommendation is absurd: The correct course of action would be to relax pressure on the control column, perhaps to the point of pushing the nose down even further.

But, they didn't know about the krappy MCAS!!!!! Also, the second crash happened after they only reached an altitude of 450ft, or barely four plane lengths and doing a dive at several hundreds of miles an hour at that height would be insane. The pilots were, of course, trying to STOP the plane from diving.

Then he lies some more: MCAS operates in the background, transparently and automatically — there’s no on or off switch, per se — and only during a very narrow window of the jet’s flight envelope. This is not something that occurs in normal, day-to-day operation, but certification requires it for those occasions when, for whatever reason, the plane reaches unusually steep climb angles.

Err, so "unusual" that two flights in five months have crashed and those "unusually steep" climbs are otherwise known as take-off.

Here's where the shyster admits he DID know why they produced it: On the 737 MAX, however, certain aerodynamic factors, including the placement of its very powerful engines, result in control forces actually becoming lighter as it approaches the point of stall. Because of this the plane would not meet certification standards. And so MCAS was engineered in to properly adjust the feel.

By "the feel", presumably he means the feel that you're not crashing into the ground at 500mph. Boeing didn't install MCAS for the pleasure of the pilots.

Then he lies some more: What’s happening, apparently, is that faulty data is being fed to MCAS by the plane’s angle of attack indicator

This is the double-speak referring to the data being at fault, rather than the sensor. In other words, it allows enough ambiguity to imply the sensor was faulty and not the design.

More playing dumb: What leaves us stymied, though, is the fact that any MCAS commands, faulty or not, can be overridden quickly through a pair of disconnect switches. Why the Lion Air pilots failed to engage these switches is unclear,

Yet again, BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T EVEN KNOW MCAS was there AND they were a bit busy fighting the f**ing thing! It's as clear as crystal: Boeing didn't want to alarm them by telling them about it!

More BS: but unaware of the system’s defect in the first place, we can easily envision a scenario in which they became overwhelmed, unable to figure out in time what the plane was doing and how to correct it

Well at least he's now admitting it's a defect. But how are they supposed to know about it's defects when they DIDN'T EVEN KNOW MCAS was there!?!?!?

How are pilots supposed to "figure out in time", when they'd have to go on an engineering course, climb out of the plane in mid-flight, study the electronics and hardware, debug the software from machine-code and then figure out that there was a dangerously badly designed MCAS system installed to prevent a dangerously badly designed krudmobile from crashing at 500mph when it's only 450ft in the air?

“passengers can take comfort in knowing that every MAX pilot is now acutely aware of this potential problem, and is prepared deal with it.”

Well that should be news to Boeing, because they're still trying to come up with the software fix!!! The only comfort comes from airlines across the entire planet grounding these piles of krap!

More playing dumb: why did the Ethiopian pilots not immediately disconnect the trim system?
. . .
This is the most perplexing part of this whole unfolding drama.

How many times must it be repeated: BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T EVEN KNOW         the MCAS pile of krap was even installed. There's nothing perplexing about it, it's obvious this clown is lying!

More lies: This includes incorporation of a second angle of attack indicator, and an alerting system to warn pilots of a disagreement between the two.

Whereupon, it will shut down the MCAS, leaving pilots with a dangerously unstable pile of flying excrement.

The problem is that the Great Satan and its poodle are both fascist, feudal states and their corporations are run by accountants.

Look, here's Elon Musk killing someone else YET AGAIN: 22-year-old Benavides Leon Naibel died after the impact of the crash threw her about 20 feet into the woods at the intersection. 27-year-old Angulo Dillion, who was with her, is in serious condition. A Monroe County Sheriff's Office deputy was the first to find them.
- Woman Killed After Tesla Model S Blows Through South Florida Stop Sign

In the above case, it's not clear if the over-hyped "autopilot" was engaged. But don't all Tesla Model S already have automatic braking?

Why hasn't Gangster Motors, Tesla and Boeing had any arrests WHATSOEVER? Shouldn't Musk be sitting in an electric chair rather than building dangerous electric krudmobiles? Instead, all they did at GM was replace Dan Akerson with Mary Barra. Dennis Muilenburg has even admitted responsibility yet has failed to be hanged, just as Jon Corzine and rutting ape, Dominic Strauss-Kahn, failed to be jailed. As they complain in Poodleville, they're all "run by accountants" whereas in Germany engineers can be promoted to the board of executives.
Compounding is the magic ingredient.

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Yet More Lies

Having already admitted that MCAS was to blame, Mullenburg now contradicts himself, because all Boeing 737 MAX are so badly designed that they'll all have to be recalled and scrapped, bankrupting Boeing as well as the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika, which can only be called a s**t-show.

Dennis Muilenburg said the pilots did not "completely" follow the procedures that Boeing had outlined to prevent the kind of malfunction that probably caused a March 10 crash of an Ethiopian Airlines jet.
- Boeing CEO says 737 Max was designed properly and pilots did not 'completely' follow procedure

Yet, we already know that the investigation has cleared the pilots who followed the procedure as set out by Boeing. If they missed anything, you could also forgive them, given that the were soiling their pants at the time, when the MCAS krudware was forcing the nose of the plane down and the pilots didn't even know MCAS was installed.

It was Boeing which didn't follow procedure. They :

lied to the FAA that MCAS would only impose 0.6° of trim rather than the 2.5°,
they failed to tell pilots that MCAS was installed,
they knew it was faulty and were re-writing the software even as the second crash occured, and
they're still doing it because the software fixes will simply disable MCAS if there's a fault detected.

But Muilenburg lies: The company's anti-stall software, called MCAS, was a common link in both crashes. It met Boeing's design and safety criteria, and adhered to certification protocols, Muilenburg told reporters following Boeing's annual shareholder meeting in Chicago.

And here's some double-speak: He added that Boeing was unable to find any "technical slip or gap" in building its MCAS software.

Get that? He specifies the software wasn't faulty; not that the krudmobile wasn't faulty; not that they failed to tell the pilots MCAS was installed and what to do when it pushes the plane nose down by 2.5° when you're only at an altitude of 450ft and 500mph. Never mind that they were trying to re-write it to compensate for the krappiness of the krudmobile itself. But at least it's tacit admission that the 737 MAX is a pile of excrement.

He insisted that Boeing makes safety its top priority, and he said the company has been doing everything it can to find a solution.

There are lies and there are bold-faced lies. That's the latter. Boeing made critical safety features optional and rushed out the MAX to try and compete with Airbus's A320, but made a dangerously unstable pile of excrement that needed MCAS to prevent a stall, but which turned out to be even more dangerous than the pile of excrement itself!!! So, just as Gangster Motors' suppliers joked that GM only had three criteria, which were price, price and price, Boeing's only concern was profit. Just like Poodleville's krapmobile industry which is notorious for using ancient engines and ancient chassis designs but with a re-vamped body shell, the 737 is basically a design from the 1950s 707. So these gangsters have put diddly-squat of investment into R&D.

Most held large photos of some of the people killed on the two flights. One held signs reading "Boeing's arrogance kills," and "Prosecute Boeing & execs for manslaughter."
. . .
And Boeing made airlines pay extra if they wanted an alert that lets pilots know if two sensors are contradicting each other.
. . .
"We don't make safety features optional," he said. "Every one of our airplanes includes all of the safety features necessary for safe flight."
Compounding is the magic ingredient.

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