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Boeing faces mounting pressure as more countries ground Boeing 737 Max   [Copy link] 中文

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GhostBuster Post time: 2019-3-18 12:00
Boeing cuts cost by engaging its software to be written in India.

India does have a reputation fo ...

And look!

THIS bigot tries to blame indian software for a dangerously unstable amerikan krudmobile. We all know Amerikans can't write software. Just look at Billy Gates's bug-ridden (of both types) s**tware which includes an NSA backdoor Tesla krapware and Google's even worse Android s**tware.
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Stop Lying and PUT IT RIGHT!
- or no one will ever fly Boeing ever again

The reputation of the entire anglo/amerikan gangster krudmobile industry is in danger of forever being synonomous with lethal excrement. Already, both Ford and Gangster Motors have cut production of saloon krudmobiles and are concentrating only on the more lucrative trucks because they have a lower safety requirement. Also, the amerikan snake-oil industry faces rebellion against fraudulent vaccinations that the likes of Billy Gates is peddling. And no one will buy Cisco routers now that we know the NSA intercepts them, installs bugs and then re-applies the factory seals. Attempts to smear Supermicro of doing similarly, have backfired, with computer experts comparing the lie to a unicorn jumping over a rainbow and both the supposed victims, Amazon and Apple, demanding that Bloomberg BS retract their propaganda story.

Like the scene in the movie, Vice Versa, where the store executive's son, in his father's body, takes responsibility for 100,000 defective toy mooses and recalls ALL of them, whilst all the "ying yangs" sloped their shoulders, Boeing needs to stop doing an "Elon Musk" and blaming pilot training and software and to put right the fault PROPERLY. A krappy software update won't fix an unstable design. STOP with the infantile, crock o' s**t pack of pathetic lies. No more stooopid propaganda stunts such as having Elaine Chao fly in one of these dangerous krudmobiles after every other nation on the planet has banned them! That's just more of the same double-or-nothing gambling that caused this problem in the first place and which has already knocked $40bn off Boeing's valuation!!!!

Of course, someone (most probably on the board) should be going to jail. But that would only confirm the criminal negligence driven by greed and these gangsters want to avoid the compensation costs. That's why the Volkswagen executive got 7 years in jail over the absurd "cheat device" which wasn't a device at all and killed ZERO people and why they murdered Jean Charles de Menezes when no one was taking their freedom-fighter scaremongering seriously.

However, if the reputation of amerikan krapware is to survive at all, there needs to be jail-time. Already Gangster Motors has got away with a mere $12m fine for murdering over 100 victims over a period of over a decade with the not-to-specification ignition switch just as they did with the stabiliser bar in the 1950s. NO ONE WENT TO JAIL . . . . . AGAIN! This is why "nobody buys amerikan any more"; they know crime is ENCOURAGED rather than prosecuted! These gangsters extorted over $30m out of Kim Dotcom and Navinder Sarao, each, despite neither having violated ANY LAWS. The $4.8m T-Mobile extorted out of Huawei for krappy Tappy only shows that T-Mobile is run by a bunch of sleazy crooks.

They also need to stop defaulting on the 600 tons of gold they owe China, stop defaulting on the gold they owe Venezuela, return all the thieved artefacts in the Poodle Museum of Plunder including Myanmar's ruby, India's Koh-i-Noor diamond and all of China's artefacts looted from the Summer Palace and then they need to pay the quadrillions in reparations they owe to the rest of the World. It's not as though they aren't already headed for the u-bend of history.
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That Was Quick; TOO QUICK
- more lies; more quick fixes

Yes folks, Boeing tried to cut every corner and then some, murdering hundreds of people in two crashes. To beat Airbus in the race to bring a fuel-efficient plane to market they modified a design that couldn't take the extra power making it dangerously unstable. That's WHY they installed the MCAS sticking-plaster.  

And they're STILL playing fast and loose with people's lives!!!!!

It's like the badly designed amerikan krudmobiles which even they refer to as "amerikan muscle cars", meaning they're crude with suspension, steering and brakes often not designed to match the engine power. They can't make fuel-efficient cars because in the amerikan idiocracy they don't really understand engines and only make them as big and as powerful as they can as a selling point.

Perhaps because they didn't want to admit it was dangerously unstable, they didn't inform the pilots about it. That would explain why they issued a BS excuse that it was cost-saving not to give pilot training for it. That's similar to Poodleville's krappy "cheesegrater" tower which had bolts which fell off due to their own weight but where they claimed it was "hydrogen embrittlement", despite hydrogen being lighter than air.

The latest BS excuse is that they failed to install additional safety sensors which they will now make standard plus change the software to cancel the MCAS krapware if the sensors disagree: The Manoeuvring Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), designed to keep the plane from stalling, reacts to sensors which detect whether the jet is climbing at too steep an angle.

But an investigation of the Lion Air flight last year suggested the system malfunctioned, and forced the plane's nose down more than 20 times before it crashed into the sea killing all 189 passengers and crew.

- Boeing announces fixes for its 737 Max aircraft

That's a crock o' s**t. Notice how it only claims it "suggested" some vague malfunction. In all probability the sensors were working as they were supposed to but the daft system thought it was in a stall when it was, in fact, climbing steeply. It contradicts the preceding paragraph which just about admits this.

And NOW, with the "fix", if the sensors ACTUALLY DO fail, the software will override the sticking-plaster and the pilots will have a dangerously unstable krudmobile (on auto-pilot) which stalls and then you're in SERIOUS TROUBLE. Imagine being a passenger and suddenly the pilot has to push it into a steep dive to recover from a stall with no time to tell everyone to put their seat-belts on!!!

Like Elon Musk changing the priority of the sensors to favour LIDAR after a driver was decapitated because his Tesla failed to see the side of a HUGE truck trailer, if the fix was that simple why wasn't it designed like that in the first place?

It seems installing a manual over-ride switch for MCAS is just too expensive! But even that won't correct a dangerously unstable design.

It's like the amerikan krudmobile that had electric door locks, so the spivs did away with the mechanical mechanisms to save money. One elderly driver got locked in and died in his baking-hot krudmobile when his battery was flat. There was an emergency mechanism but it'd probably been a while since he'd read the manual.

Even worse, not only were the pilots not informed of the new "safety" system, there was no way of over-riding it either: Mr Elwell said that he was "confident" in the MCAS system and that pilots were trained in how to deal with a situation where a plane drops suddenly.

However, when asked about how he would have handled a plane that dropped 21 times in a matter minutes as the Lion Air flight in Indonesia did before it crashed last October, Mr Elwell, a trained pilot, said: "I'd have to get back to you on the specific."

So, like Elon Musks's so-called autopilot which made violent and dangerous manoeuvres when in urban locations, the pilots found the krudmobile making sudden and violent drops repeatedly. If you wanted to cause pilots to soil their pants this is an IDEAL way to do it. Perhaps Boeing should be renamed Boing-Boing.

It needs at the very least a re-design to allow the pilots to override this "trim". But ideally, the krudmobile should be recalled and all of them (yes ALL) should be scrapped.

BUT IT GETS WORSE! The engines explode in mid-air too! Just like Rolls-Royce engines on the Airbus A380 when they made the excuse that the oil-seals were to the wrong specification (thereby implying there's nothing wrong with the design): A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft made an emergency landing at Orlando International Airport after an engine malfunction, the FAA has said. The jet was on its way to be grounded in wake of the deadly MAX 8 crashes.
. . .
An unrelated Southwest Airlines flight suffered engine failure after departing New York LaGuardia Airport last April. Debris from the 737-700’s failed engine damaged a cabin window, partially sucking a passenger out of the plane and substantially damaging the aircraft. The passenger was killed in the accident, the first fatality aboard a Southwest Airlines flight.

- Southwest’s Boeing 737 MAX emergency lands in Florida after engine problem – FAA

These hapless clowns started eating one another "the first time the mail-boat was a day late", started both World Wars to parasite off the rest of the World with "jew confetti" have basic "Country & Western" music and can't even cook. They also needed Werner Von Braun to teach them how to make rockets that didn't simply blow-up on the launch pad. They also lie that the Wright brothers designed the aeroplane when, in fact, they were only the World's first crash-test dummies. They certainly can't build cars. Can they be trusted to build planes?
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Unbelievably Dangerous

Amerikans don't trust self-driving cars/krudmobiles. THIS IS WORSE! Are pilots happy flying something that does this: The U.S. planemaker, working with regulators, has spent months refining the 737 Max’s software since data from the Lion Air crash indicated the stall-avoidance system had repeatedly tipped the nose down before pilots lost control. Boeing was close to a software fix when the Ethiopian Airlines jet went down on March 10.
. . .
The Ethiopian investigation has focused on the anti-stall system, which in the case of the Lion Air crash exerted more and more force until the crew lost control. The software had kicked in on the same aircraft the day before, when an off-duty pilot riding in the cockpit was able to save the plane by helping to cut the power to the rogue system.

- Boeing 737 Stall-Prevention System Reportedly Activated in Crash

So, they were "close to a software fix" after the Lion Air plane crash in October because THEY KNEW their "fix" of their krappy design was ALSO krappy. Then came the Ethiopean Airways crash this month, yet the FAA STILL refused to ban them even after everyone else on the planet had and these gangsters even performed the stunt of having transport secretary, Elaine Chao, ride on one of these death-traps. But just like the corrupt ratings agencies which rated the subprime toxic-waste AAA but then after the subprime horse had bolted re-rated them all as junk, these gangsters then admitted they were lying and grounded them too.

It's bad enough that the clowns at Uber were daft enough to expect the driver to pay continuous attention when the car was supposed to be driving itself AND that they'd disabled Volvo's safety systems AND that their krappy sensors and image recognition s**tware were unable to discern the woman and her bicycle ahead AND that their krappy s**tware then decided to simply plough-on, but imagine if the Uber driver DID realise the car wasn't going to stop and stamped on the brakes but the krappy s**tware pressed harder and harder on the accelerator until he lost control!!! SERIOUSLY, are pilots happy with this?
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- ruthless, reckless gangsters AND THEY'RE STILL AT IT!!

The creation of the Boeing 737 Max was dictated by financial concerns; to beat Airbus to the market with a fuel-efficient plane. The trouble is, Boeing had nothing that fit the bill. A COMPLETELY NEW PLANE was required. Instead, they modified the 737 but botched it. The MCAS is an attempt to fix the botched fix but is ALSO a botch.

Now, they're attempting to fix the botch that was an attempt to fix the original botch but it's ALSO a THIRD BOTCH: There are two software improvements announced by Boeing for MCAS software.

The first is that the push down of the airplane nose would only occur once if the angle of attack sensor detects an excessive nose up, or climb out, condition.
. . .
The second change is that if the pilot’s and co-pilot’s angle of attack sensors are in disagreement, MCAS will shut down. This is to prevent a faulty pilot’s sensor from commanding the aircraft.
. . .
How recovery will occur in the earliest part of the flight envelope still appears to be an unresolved issue if the first correction by MCAS occurs when the plane is at a dangerously low stall recovery altitude.

- Questions remain over Boeing’s software changes

The first change to the s**tware means that after MCAS kicks in, it will then allow the krudmobile to stall.

The second change to the s**tware means that if the sensors fail, then the krudmobile will no longer have the "fix" and will stall.

As the Amerikans would say, this is a "s**tshow". The reason is they're desperate to beat Airbus because Boeing is finished otherwise. But all they've done is gamble with a double-or-nothing bet and lost, murdering hundreds of people in the process.

Even the above article notes the problem of MCAS kicking in at too low an altitude. So we have a progapanga rag telling Boeing "experts" they've made a mistake!!!!
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Confirmation of an Insanely Bad Design
- ALL Boeing 737 Max have to be scrapped

The s**tshow continues:
Soon after take-off - and just 450ft (137m) above the ground - the aircraft's nose began to pitch down.

One pilot, according to the Wall Street Journal, said to the other "pitch up, pitch up!" before their radio died.

The plane crashed only six minutes into its flight.

- Ethiopian Airlines crash: 'Pitch up, pitch up!'

Only 450ft into the flight, there's no room to correct for a stall. The plane itself is only just over 100ft long!!!! Four and a half plane-lengths for a freakin' dive at hundreds of miles an hour!!!

I'm not an aviation expert but it's obvious to me the MCAS shouldn't have tried to recover from a non-existant stall at such a low altitude. Which f**kwit designed this?

Some may have seen a video of a passenger jet plane taking off viewed from above it. The plane looks like it's climbing vertically. Yet there was no problem and the video was probably used as marketing to show what the plane could do. The MCAS would have been triggered.

On both crashes the pilots were experienced, yet despite all their efforts they "lost control" as reports are saying. So MCAS is a pile of krap with no facility to override it.

Also note, despite all the verbiage about a failed sensor, I've yet to see any confirmation that any sensor failed. In other words, it looks like they're covering up an insanely bad design with excuses that the sensors failed and that additional sensors will cure the problem. The reality is that Boeing has to recall ALL of them and then SCRAP THEM ALL.

There was no training given to pilots warning them that a steep climb was not allowed and there was no facility to override the MCAS. One off-duty pilot riding in the cockpit managed to disable it only by cutting power to it. In other words, these gangsters KNEW it was a krappy design but didn't want to advertise it so didn't report that pilot training was required and didn't provide an override switch. These crooks MUST HAVE KNOWN it was lethal but needed the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is EASILY CORPORATE MANSLAUGHTER. JAIL-TIME; no "if"s; no "but"s. Instead the s**tshow continues.
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Straightforward and Deliberate Murder
- catch me if you can

The Great Satan's blood-sucking lawyers are reaping the rewards!!!!

The family of Jackson Musoni have filed a suit saying the 737 MAX has a defectively designed control system
- Boeing faces US lawsuit over Ethiopian Airlines crash

That's in a Chicago kangaroo kourt.

Boeing installed the MCAS system because THEY KNEW the 737 MAX with the new engines was unstable. THAT'S WHY they failed to offer pilot training for MCAS, why they lied to the FAA (which outsourced ratification of the krudmobile to Boeing itself) that the trim was only 0.6° rather than 2.5° ("Boeing/FAA Saga 'Is A Perfect Microcosm Of Our Twisted & Broken Culture'") and why they didn't even install a manual override for it, because it would have been an admission to everyone that the krudmobile was dangerously unstable.

In other words, these b***rds figured that it would be "worth it" as insane, mentally-retarded and malignant war criminal, Mad Madeleine "worth it" Albright, said, because the fines would be partially offset by the legal fees and the sale of all those krudmobiles contributes to the Great Satan's current account deficit. As Gary North said about the other nations' gold that the Great Satan is holding hostage, good-luck getting it back. Already Poodleville has thieved Venezuela's gold, just like it thieved India's diamond, Greece's Parthenon marbles, Myanmar's ruby and the artefacts they thieved from China's Summer Palace.

They're already selling shale oil and gas as well as Tesla self-crashing death-pods at a loss.

It's like Gangster Motors in the 1950s figuring it would be cheaper to be sued by the relatives of the dead when they refused to install stabiliser bars, costing just a few cents each, or the ignition switch which has just murdered over 100 victims.

It's like Google which published thousands of books online without the authors' permission, figuring it would be cheaper to be sued by authors individually, than to organise and pay royalties.

It's like war criminal, The Donald, defaulting on the last $60m of a $400m loan from Deutsche Bank, figuring that it would be cheaper for Deutsche to just accept the loss.

Of course, the lawsuits are held in Great Satan courts, so the claimants will all have to pay the Great Satan for the "privilege".

Already the Great Satan has extorted cash out of :

BNP Paribas,
Navinder Sarao, and
Kim Dotcom.

It's also robbing its own sheeple on the highways in the most ridiculous farce in all of history, what Amerikans would refer to as a "s**tshow".  But once agin, the average shake-down thieves a few thousand "worthless paper" USD, which is less than the cost of going to Great Satan kangaroo kourt too.

Morgan Stanley admits the Great Satan's fiscal position is worse than Greece and Poodleville is worse yet.
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