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Boeing faces mounting pressure as more countries ground Boeing 737 Max   [Copy link] 中文

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Propaganda Stunt

Following complaints from the victims' families, Muilenburg offers a token gesture: "Boeing to pay bereaved 737 families $144,500 each". That's just $50m in total.

Yet AFTER the Lion Air crash, Muilenburg was far quicker in paying himself a HUGE bonus. Since 2013, he's received over $70m. He refuses to resign and hasn't been given the electric chair.

Despite the entire planet grounding these flying turds and Muilenburg admitting MCAS caused the crashes, Muilenburg also claimed pilots had not "completely" followed procedure. Yet to do so would be insane when the flying turd is clearly not behaving as it should. The ethiopean flight even successfully turned MCAS off, but had to turn it back on because of the OTHER ancient design flaw. There's no way they could perform the absurd "rollercoaster" manoeuvre at only 450ft off the ground. The engines in the wrong place, MCAS and the ancient tail stabiliser design flaw all caused these crashes NOT the pilots. The lie is similar to the lie used to sack Andrew Gilligan when he claimed the dodgy dossier had been "sexed-up" because these were Gilligan's own words rather than Dr. Kelly's.

It was BOEING which failed to follow procedure, lying to the FAA that MCAS was only 0.6° of trim and not 2.5° of anti-stall to compensate for the engines being in the WRONG PLACE. Whistle-blowers were told to STFU by their managers at Boeing. Muilenburg has LIED that the certification was performed properly.

And Boeing's customers, the airlines, got their much bigger compensation much earlier. The FAA was slow to ground these flying turds even after a second crash.

But at least the $50m doesn't mean the victims can't continue to pursue Boeing in the courts and the fund is an admission of liability by Boeing. But what SHOULD happen, is corporate manslaughter legislation which the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika doesn’t have. As a fascist, feudal system this is a green-light to corporations to take any risks they want in the pursuit of profit.

Boeing is the Great Satan's biggest exporter. Clearly, the lies are all geared toward getting this flying turd approved again, when at least two experts have written that it should never have been approved in the first place. Another has correctly pointed out that no s**tware fix could correct the problems with this flying turd.
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More Lies to Blame Pilot Error

Both the Lion Air and Ethiopian pilots did everything they should have but were unable to control a flying turd which even the western propaganda rags admit fought against them. The pilots have already been exonerated and Muilenburg has already accepted responsibility.

The Ethiopian flight even managed to turn MCAS off but had to turn it back on because the ancient design flaw with the tail stabilisers meant they were physically not strong enough to control the flying turd. From the moment MCAS triggered, there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING they could do to prevent the crash.

Nevertheless, Boeing is the biggest exporter of the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika which started both World Wars to parasite off the rest of the planet, hasn't had a trade surplus since 1975 and with even Mark Carney announcing the end of the petrodollar, war criminal, The Donald, has resorted to an illegal tariff war. It was an act of desperation and a gamble to try and compete with Airbus's A320neo. Having failed to invest for decades, they placed the engines in the WRONG PLACE because the ancient design had no room for them.

But here's the lies to try and get this flying turd re-approved, when it shouldn't have been approved in the first place. They're trying to blame the pilots despite the entire planet grounding the flying turds.

Boeing needs to pay more heed to how pilots react to emergencies in its safety assessment of the 737 Max plane, US transport chiefs have said.
. . .
But according to the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the crews in the fatal crashes "did not react in the ways Boeing and the FAA assumed they would".

- Boeing 'misjudged 737 Max pilot reactions', state-run BBC

So it's implying but not stating that the pilots became confused, didn't react rationally and didn't follow procedure. This is on top of the OTHER LIE that the sensors failed and you simply need to install a second set of sensors for redundancy. This is why the above propaganda article shows a graphic where it claims, not that the sensors failed, but that they provided erroneous data. That's double-speak for the fact that Boeing have NO WAY of distinguishing between a steep climb and an imminent stall.

In both incidents, investigators have focused on the role played by a software system called MCAS (Manoeuvring Characteristics Augmentation System), which was designed to make the aircraft easier to fly.

Another lie. It's to stop the flying turd from going nose-up which is also self-reinforcing and all because the engines are in the WRONG PLACE.

Inquiries have shown the software - and the failure of sensors - contributed to pilots not being able to control the aircraft.

Another lie, implying the pilots somehow failed. And the only "failure" of the sensors was to detect something they were not supposed to and cannot detect.

Boeing has said it is revising the plane's software to improve safeguards.

Another lie. MCAS is not a safeguard it's a botch to compensate for the engines being in THE WRONG PLACE.

But the director of the NTSB's Office of Aviation Safety, Dana Schulze, said Boeing "did not look at all potential flight deck alerts and indications that pilots might face when this specific failure condition occurred in Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines".

And which would have made NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOFREAKIN'EVER! (WSJ) peddles similar lies: Federal safety officials say Boeing BA, +0.18% should consider how cockpit confusion can slow the response of pilots who are dealing with the kind of problem that likely caused two airliners to crash in the past year.
- Federal officials say Boeing underestimated pilots ability to react to simultaneous warning alerts

The title is straight-away BS. The Ethiopian pilots did everything they should have. Note how they attribute an alleged state of confusion, not to the pilots having done anything wrong, but simply a delay.

They suggest that Boeing underestimated the time it takes — measured in precious seconds — for pilots to diagnose and react when they are being bombarded by multiple, cascading warning alerts.

Seriously? The safety of passengers are dependent on pilots behaving flawlessly and with only seconds to react, when they're piloting a flying turd which has a mind of its own and is fighting against them? WHAT A CROCK!!!!

And how are they supposed to behave when they HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN TOLD THAT MCAS IS INSTALLED? Are they supposed to suspend time, climb out of the plane, disassemble it in mid-air and discover MCAS, then go to a laboratory with a computer and figure out what MCAS does before re-starting time?

But at least correctly calls MCAS an anti-stall system: Preliminary reports have pointed to an anti-stall system that kicked in based on faulty sensor readings and pushed the noses of the planes down.

And here's more lies: Boeing officials have said the pilots didn’t follow known procedures for stopping a sudden nose-down pitch or, in the case of the Ethiopian crash, followed the procedures only briefly.

Yes, an off-duty amerikan pilot happened to be on the Ethiopian plane days before and showed them how to switch MCAS off. And they did on this flight too. But because of the other ancient design flaw with the tail-stabiliser, they were physically unable to pull up the nose of the flying turd, so they switched MCAS back on and it momentarily worked before the pile of krap then started pushing the nose back down.

The board also recommended that FAA require Boeing to include changes in cockpit design or pilot training to help pilots follow proper procedures when responding to the Max’s automated control systems.

And what is that proper procedure other than refusing to fly one of these piles of krap? The engines are in the WRONG FREAKIN' PLACE. No s**tware fix or pilot training can compensate. Their OWN suggestions that MCAS simply operates once or that the pilots over-ride MCAS (if they know it's been installed) shows they have no sensible solution. And look, here's a new suggestion: Boeing is nearing completion of changes that will make MCAS less powerful and tie it to a second sensor measuring the plane’s pitch instead of just one sensor.

So now they'll reduce the effect of MCAS. But that STILL won't compensate for the engines being in the WRONG PLACE. Why would they have made MCAS that powerful if it didn't need to be? IT'S STILL A LETHAL FLYING TURD!!!! That's why United Airlines will even allow passengers to refuse to fly on them. Because EVERYONE knows: "United says it will allow passengers to avoid 737 Max flights".

The CORRECT thing to do is to recall all of these flying turds and scrap them!
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Airlines should demand their money back, with compensation for loss of revenue from Boeing.
In most countries, selling faulty goods is a criminal offence. Boeing should not be left off the hook.
Beijing must help it airlines to recover the money lost from this 737 MAX scandal.

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What's In It For Me?
- graduates of the skool of couldn't give a Victoria Nuland

And more lies too!

U.S. aviation regulators assessing Boeing Co.’s 737 Max sometimes didn’t follow their own rules, used out-of-date procedures and lacked the resources and expertise to fully vet the design changes implicated in two fatal crashes, a review panel comprised of global aviation experts has concluded.
- Regulators’ 737 Max Approval Faulted by International Experts

As some whistleblower engineers have reported, the middle-management ignored the engineers when they pointed out problems: "Boeing engineer complained 737 Max safety system rejected due to cost, reports say". All they care about is their own career.

I've worked with morons like this; a lot of them; possibly the entire freakin' species. Sticking to timetables and taking the shortest cuts is STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE THROUGHOUT "rip-off Britain". In my first job, when pointing out issues one low level manager countered that there were many ways to do the task OTHER THAN FOLLOWING PROCEDURE, which is BS! Like virtually all poodle corporations it was soon sold off to a foreign buyer, or as the Anglos themselves say, "the proof of the pudding is in the eating".

So they write specifications and then ignore them. That's how Gangster Motors bought ignition switches that weren't to specification and killed over a hundred. That's how Poodleville's Rolls-Royce bought oil-seals which weren't to specification resulting in an engine blowing up in mid-air on an Airbus A380 (though that could be a lie to avoid making a bigger alteration to their krapware, just as Boeing lied that a s**tware fix was all that was necessary to fix the engines being in THE WRONG PLACE).

The Hubble telescope had such an incident where someone was ignored when they pointed out a flaw with the mirror. It spent years in space not performing properly before they had a second and VERY EXPENSIVE mission to put it right.

Those at the FAA and Boeing who failed to do their job should be sacked if not given the electric chair. But as a fascist/feudal state, there's not even any laws against corporate manslaughter.

And then there's the corruption too: A 69-page summary of the findings also said the panel found evidence that Boeing exerted “undue pressures” on some of its own employees who had FAA authority to approve design changes.

Remember, these crooks LIED to the FAA about MCAS being only 0.6° of trim, when it was actually 2.5° of anti-stall. And it looks like they're still lying: In the crashes, malfunctions caused it to activate and repeatedly try to dive.
. . .
The failure also led to chaotic cockpit alarms and both sets of pilots failed to follow Boeing’s procedure to recover and eventually lost control.

There was no malfunction other than the krap design. The pilots did NOTHING WRONG. That's a straightforward lie. They WEREN'T EVEN TOLD ABOUT MCAS and they admit it: It also addressed a concern several pilots unions have raised since the crashes: the lack of reference to MCAS in the 737’s flight manuals.

This is the same crock o' s**t that followed the subprime crisis, where the corrupt ratings agencies awarded AAA ratings before the crash and then downgraded the exact same toxic waste bonds to junk afterwards. YOU CAN'T TRUST THESE GANGSTERS WITH YOUR LIFE!

So that's the EXACT OPPOSITE of their lies claiming that safety was their main priority. WHAT A SURPRISE!

The JATR conclusions released Friday are the most sweeping to date to examine how the best-selling Boeing jet that has been grounded for almost seven months received approval for what is now seen as a flawed design.

And you can't get much worse than the engines simply being in THE WRONG PLACE. But then the 737 designed in the 1950s has always had the problem with the tail stabiliser: Until the introduction of the newer 737 types Boeing’s pilot manuals for the 737 included a procedure that described how to overcome the situation. It was counterintuitive. If the stabilizer put the plane in an extreme nose down position the pilot was advised to first pull the column to decrease the speed. He then had to push the column forward to lower the aerodynamic forces that blocked the jackscrew. Then the manual trim wheel could be turned a bit while the plane continued to dive and again increased its speed. The procedure had to be repeated several times: pull column to decrease speed; push column to decrease the aerodynamic force on the stabilizer and its jackscrew; trim manually; repeat. The technic was known as the rollercoaster maneuver.
- Boeing 737 MAX Crash Reveals A Severe Problem With Older Boeing 737 NGs
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More Lies To Blame Pilot Error

Boeing should never have built the 737 MAX flying turd. But that would have meant that Airbus would have taken the entire market for this class of plane. So these scumbags designed a flying turd with the engines in the WRONG PLACE.

The FAA as well as being corrupt were also lied to by Boeing, who claimed the MCAS was only 0.6° of trim rather than the 2.5° of anti-stall.

Boeing also lied to the pilots by NOT EVEN TELLING THEM MCAS WAS INSTALLED.

On top of all that the ancient design flaw with the tail stabiliser that required pilots to perform the absurd "rollercoaster" manoeuvre had NEVER BEEN FIXED.

But like all the anglo/jew propaganda, they just tell outright lies long after the truth has been exposed. Janet Daily of the zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense repeated the lie that president Assad had used poison gas, long after it was exposed that it was the rebels who were supplied with the poison gas without being told what it was and accidentally gassed themselves.

They also repeat the lie that Russia "annexed" Crimea, despite on the ground reports from Amerikans that the Crimeans voted to "rejoin" Russia.

They lied that Russia downed MH17 over Ukraine, despite all the evidence showing it was deliberately planned by Ukraine and the Great Satan, such as diverting the flight over the battle-field and including Urkaine in the investigation but blocking both Malaysia and Russia, plus their OWN claims showing the missile had a serial number corresponding to Ukraine and not Russia.

We know they're desperate to get the 737 MAX flying turd back in the air, with the Shyster of Omaha claiming he knows better than all the aviation authorities who have grounded this pile of krap when he says he would fly in one and when it SHOULD BE SCRAPPED AND Muilenburg SHOULD GET THE ELECTRIC CHAIR.

Here they make YET ANOTHER attempt to blame pilot error, despite the pilots of both the Lion Air and Ethiopian flights having already been exonerated: 8. What do people think caused the crashes?

In both cases, pilots were likely overwhelmed by a new flight control feature added to the Max known as the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, or MCAS. The system kicked on due to an erroneous sensor reading and pushed the plane’s nose downward. Pilots commanding the doomed Ethiopian Air jet were hit with a cascade of malfunctions and alarms seconds after taking off from the Ethiopian capital, according to a preliminary report.

- When Will Boeing 737 Max Fly Again and More Questions

By "overwhelmed" they imply the pilots became confused. But in reality the pilots had to fight against MCAS as it forced the nose down and they lost. They then re-enforce the lie by mentioning "a cascade of malfunctions and alarms" rather than pointing out that there was NO WAY to override MCAS other than switching it off and they WEREN'T EVEN TOLD MCAS was installed. Note how there's no suggestion (that I've seen anywhere) of correcting this supposed "cascade" of alarms; just a reduction of the force applied by MCAS so it doesn't PHYSICALLY overwhelm the pilots. But that begs the question why it was so powerful in the first place and if these adjustment leaves the flying turd prone to stalling.

That "erroneous sensor reading" implies the sensor failed despite NO EVIDENCE (that I've seen) of any sensor having failed. In reality, it was working as intended but still couldn't detect the difference between a steep climb and a stall.

Another propaganda article claims the pilots didn't follow procedure even as it admitted that that wasn't even possible as THEY WERE NOT TOLD MCAS WAS INSTALLED. This is to peddle the lie that training the pilots will stop these flying turds from crashing. IT WILL NOT. THE ENGINES ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE and the Ethiopian pilots DID manage to switch MCAS off.

Pilots did EVERYTHIJNG according to the manual. The Lion Air flight DIDN'T KNOW MCAS WAS INSTALLED. The Ethiopian flight DID switch off MCAS but because of another design flaw with the tail stabiliser had to switch it back on.

The software had a critical flaw: It relies on the reading from a single sensor called the angle of attack vane, which measures the nose of the plane against onrushing wind.

That's a lie and a contradiction in terms. The s**tware is being modified to reduce the force of MCAS so the pilots can override it. Having more than one sensor will make NO DIFFERENCE as the sensors cannot tell the difference between a steep climb and a stall.

Boeing said there was a simple procedure for shutting off MCAS in case of malfunction. The day before the Lion Air crash, an off-duty pilot on the same aircraft recognized the problem and told the crew how to disable the system, saving the plane.

As I understand it, it was the Ethiopian Airlines flying turd and NOT the Lion Air flying turd where that happened. The CIA (aka Murder Inc.) is known to spread disinformation adhering to the motto of "If you can't convince; confuse". They DID turn of MCAS but then the tail-stabiliser design flaw meant they couldn't stop the flying turd from crashing. At only 450ft there was no room to perform the absurd "rollercoaster" manoeuvre so their only option was to turn MCAS back on. It worked momentarily but then the pile of excrement started trying to perform a dive to avoid a stall again. So if MCAS triggers at low altitude you're screwed regardless of any changes to the number of sensors or the MCAS s**tware.

Boeing said in May that it had known months before the Indonesia crash that the cockpit alert wasn’t working the way it had told buyers, but it didn’t share that with airlines or the FAA until after the Lion Air jet went down.

And with no laws against corporate manslaughter in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika they will continue to murder their customers, just as the banksters will continue to thieve from everyone because they're also NEVER PROSECUTED.
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The Boeing 737 MAX is a flying turd with the engines in the WRONG PLACE. It should never have been certified and if Boeing hadn't LIED to the FAA about MCAS being only 0.6° of trim rather than 2.5° of anti-stall, then it wouldn't have been. They also lied to airlines by NOT EVEN TELLING THEM MCAS was installed.

Despite Dennis Muilenburg having already accepted the blame and the pilots of both the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines having been exonerated, they're still trying to claim that minor changes will make the flying turd with the engines in the WRONG PLACE safe to fly.

The 737 MAX flying turd is Boeing's biggest revenue stream and Boeing is the Great Satan's biggest exporter. That's why the Shyster of Omaha claimed he would fly in one of these flying turds despite the aviation experts across the planet having grounded them because, unlike the Shyster of Omaha, they know what they're talking about.

The first lie was that the data from the sensors was fault, implying, but not stating that the sensors had failed, when the sensors were NOT CAPABLE of distinguishing between a steep climb and a stall below a certain speed.

Then they lied that just a s**tware fix on MCAS would solve the problem. And they were, in fact, trying to change it before the Ethiopian crash. But the claimed adjustment was that it would only trigger once rather than fighting with the pilots. That would leave open the reason why they installed MCAS at all.

Then they lied that the pilots did not follow procedure. But we know the Lion Air pilots did. That procedure was without the knowledge that MCAS had been installed.

We know the Ethiopian pilots DID switch off MCAS, which was probably not official procedure because they only knew about MCAS because an off-duty pilot showed them how days earlier. Unfortunately the 737 has ALWAYS been a flying turd with an flaw in the design of the tail stabiliser that required the absurd "rollercoaster" manoeuvre. But with MCAS having triggered at only 450ft, they had no opportunity to use this daft manoeuvre. Instead, they had to try switching MCAS back on and it momentarily worked before the pile of krap started trying to put the flying turd back into a dive at only 450ft.

Now they're trying to lie that a sensor on the Lion Air flight was not fixed properly by raising questions but not providing any conclusive answers, which is a common propaganda technique that raises doubts about already proven facts; a technique known as "gaslighting" after the Ingrid Bergman movie: Weeks after a Lion Air jet crashed in the Java Sea, killing all 189 aboard, an airline employee gave investigators photographs meant to show that a crucial repair had been properly performed the day before the disaster.
- Pictures Raise Specter of Fake Evidence in 737 Max Crash Probe

Note they claim the repair was "crucial", but fail to claim that it caused the crash.

The time displayed in photos of a computer screen in the cockpit of the Boeing Co. 737 Max indicated they had actually been taken before the repair was performed, according to a draft of the final crash report being prepared by Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee, portions of which were reviewed by Bloomberg News.

So, if they did the repair and then photographed the time would the time be then "after" the repair and also invalid, or are they supposed to take a photo as they're actually doing the repair?

Investigators were similarly unable to confirm the authenticity of other pictures in the packet, which were supposed to show how a piece of equipment near the jet’s nose had been calibrated, according to the report.

Just as Saddam Hussein could not provide proof he had no WMD, you can't prove a negative. It doesn't mean that the photos were not authentic.

There were indications that the pictures depicted a different plane, according to two people familiar with the investigation.

But were those "indications" proof?

The draft report doesn’t say whether anyone falsified or misrepresented the pictures -- which would be considered a serious breach of protocol -- but concludes that they may not be valid evidence.

Again, it's not proof.

The sensor, known as an “angle-of-attack” vane, was malfunctioning on the very next flight as well as the one the next day that crashed and is at the heart of the investigation, according to an NTSC preliminary report released last November.

Really? Again, what proof? We already know they've been lying about the sensor data being flawed rather than the sensor themselves. Is it the "malfunctioning" that's in the preliminary report or the "heart of the investigation"?

Visible in the background of these photos was other equipment with identification marks, the people said. Officials at Boeing were able to trace at least one of the devices to a different 737 Max jet operated by Lion Air, they said.

That would be some proof that they had the wrong photos but assuming the now proven liars at Boeing aren't lying again, it still doesn't prove the repairs were not done on the flying turd that crashed or that they were not performed properly.

While investigators haven’t said whether they’ve recovered the angle-of-attack sensor from the bottom of the sea, the plane’s black-box flight recorder was brought up and confirmed the sensor was malfunctioning.
. . .
Investigators believe a malfunction of the sensor on board the Lion Air flight mistakenly forced the nose of the plane down repeatedly until the pilots lost control.

That's hard to believe as the propaganda article appears to offer both a confirmation and some doubt as to whether the sensor failed or not.

I would have preferred to see a quote from one of the investigators. Instead they're correctly saying nothing and telling everyone to wait for the report to be issued. The above propaganda article is jumping the gun, which, in of itself, is reason to believe they're lying. There is yet no conclusive evidence and as they admit the report will be released in November.

However, data in the report suggest the calibration wasn’t done properly or at all, said John Goglia, a former airline mechanic who formerly served on the NTSB.
. . .
“They were given an unairworthy airplane because the maintenance was incomplete and didn’t correct the problem,” he said.

Again, instead of this "suggestion" where's the substantiating and conclusive evidence from Goglia who can't even say whether it was even done, yet also claims it may have been done but not properly?

Great Satan criminality, corruption, cronyism, krappiness and greed can only be described as unrestrained and undisguised. Violations of laws, international or domestic happen on a daily basis. You can't trust the vermin who lied to produce this flying turd and are now lying to try and get it back in the air. Even the Boeing hirelings said they would never fly in them. It would be like trusting Mark Zuckerberg with your personal data.
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If Boeing could fix their flying turd, you would have thought they would have by now.

And if they can't fix it, there WILL be another crash. Then it's curtains for Boeing.

As the Great Satan's biggest exporter, Boeing is screwed and the Great Satan is therefore, ALSO screwed.
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