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Plausible Outcomes of the Coming Trade Talks   [Copy link] 中文

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     GhostBuster Post time: 2019-1-28 21:54
Perhaps, the world must remind that when EU accused US of tapping into companies in EU and made away ...

Thief crying catch thief is always the preferred trick used by the Americans.

The only ones so far that have been proven to have undermined the security of foreign governments and their leaders (like Angela Merkel) are American spy agencies.

Ed Snowden revealed the mind-boggling scale and intensity of such espionage activities and yet it seems that no one is heeding his warnings any more, which proves that people do have short memories when it comes to the U.S.

Not so with China -- one little farrt from the Americans is enough to convince the likes of Oxford University to lose its long-cherished tradition of thought independence.

I hope Cambridge where Joseph Needham did his work on China will not follow suit.

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    msrong Post time: 2019-1-29 15:47
    Being LOUD is the problem here. American tourists have also been admonished for speaking in LOUD voi ...

However, the objection is about the students speaking their language.  

The part about the noise level is so subjective that it sounds like an afterthought.

If noise had really been the target of the original complaint the professor wouldn't have been fired.

It WAS about the language.  

It never was about the noise until the case broke into the open.

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The highest form of hegemony is that of control over the standards of behavior.

The Meng case reflects the American conspiracy to set the standards -- the Iranian sanction is U.S. law, and even if your country doesn't want sanctions against Iran you need to obey American law and not your own law -- that's the message.

China heed international law to the hilt, and America doesn't have any right to enforce its own laws on anybody -- that would be the normal state of international relations.

But since America's being a declining power makes it difficult if not impossible for her to challenge China directly or militarily, it can only resort to using indirect and barbaric methods to showcase its hegemony inasmuch as felons resort to kidnapping hostages to extort money from law-abidng citizens by emphasizing their own rules or standards  of behavior.

That's the whole point of seizing Meng -- to showcase who's exercising control over the safe passage of the world's businessmen through 5-eye nations, and setting the standards of behavior or rules of what can and cannot be done.

Mobster's logic it is.

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Well aren't we all waiting.....?

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    Boston101 Post time: 2019-1-31 18:26
    Even during this trade war, a Chinese national, Jizhong Chen, was caught stealing Apple's trade se ...

Don't be naive.  

Ed Snowden's revelations in the Prism saga showed beyond reasonable doubt the U.S. had a massive, ongoing, pervasive espionage program on everything and everybody, and you'd be targeted if you participate in their forums saying things they don't like.  

At least here YOU are not targeted automatically for constantly and wrongfully making these false accusations or setting up inane defenses.

It is amusing that you keep on saying this PERSON and that PERSON has been stealing some TRADE secrets, while ignoring your institutional, massive programs of espionage against people (including Angela Merkel, for instance) and companies (like ZTE and Huawei).  

Such programs are nothing but felonious crimes at the national level, and not just stealing for personal profit.

So it is just another instance of complaining about specks in other people's eyes while ignoring the timber in your own.

If you are so advanced technologically then you should have nothing to worry about.  So why are you instigating New European countries like Poland and Czech Republic to forsake Huawei -- unless it is for political reasons?

The U.S. is the only country that has been PROVEN to have large-scale espionage programs against all others -- whether friend or foe -- simply because you had the technological edge to put in back doors in YOUR products, but the U.S. has found it conscionable to point a finger against Huawei without any proof whatsoever.

Where is the proof that Huawei has your kind of back doors and other security traps?

It is a quintessential example of "thief yelling catch-thief," and no ifs, ands or buts about it.

The example you've invoked here is a charge against an individual, and there are hundreds of possibilities from total innocence to personal gains.  

Even if true, it is nothing when compared with the massive, targeted, shameless espionage activities against the rest of the world that your employers are doing.

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