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What has gone wrong with American democracy?   [Copy link] 中文

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Trump's entire grandstanding is predicated on NOT asking and answering cogently and factually what will happen NEXT if he and his jingbang bunch persist in continuing their bogeyfication of China. And lately it has become such a farce one can measure their temperatures by just monitoring their S&P. If their stock market goes up, fatuously snub China. If their stock market goes down, fatuously blame China.

Never themselves, the root cause of the whole global morass.

I think you've hit it right on the nose, Mark.

They never blame themselves for anything. When their stocks rise, it's because the Chinese fail to steal their G4 technology.  When their stocks nosedives, it's because Huawei has disrupted the supply chain by pushing its G5 platform to the rest of the non-5-eye world.

So as America loses her edge, China is always the scapegoat.  

They can't explain why the Chinese would even deign to 'steal' their outmoded 4G technology if the far more advanced 5G technology is available to them.

That's because their electioneering politics calls for a squeaky clean record with no blemishes -- an impossible task for everyone other than Jesus the Nazarene, let alone a squalid, filthy American politician like Trump who was so miserly that he used campaign funds to silence deep-throated prostitutes.

And yet these licentious moral midgets pride themselves on their "voting rights."  

What are the chances that such "voting rights" converge on father-son or husband-wife pairs in any country other than America and Argentina?

Very little, showing that so-called voting rights are nothing but hulls covering their dynastic kernels.

So that means the voters end up choosing between a rock and a hard place, or between stinking tofu and rotten fish -- hardly a real choice at all.

Besides, it is not the candidate that's actually running the show.

The special interests behind the candidates are the ones actually controlling the reins of their government.

And many of these special interests are beholden to the Zionists, who do not appear onstage as candidates themselves because they know they can't win the popular vote in the general election, but can achieve the same results by presenting themselves as sons-in-law of potentially viable candidates.

It is therefore no accident that both sons-in-law of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are Zionists -- married to Ivanka and Chelsea respectively.

So that's their new Z_strategy -- placing bets on both sides of the aisle as sons-in-law of both candidates.

Yes, you can say that Jews and Chinese are both smart people, but that's where the similarity ends and differences begin.

The difference between the people of the two ancient civilizations is that many in the former group are unscrupulous and licentious operators who wouldn't pluck a hair to benefit the world, and so they wouldn't lose any sleep over plunging the world into total chaos.  

That's their way of telling the rest of us that it's their turn to bring Holocaust to the world to avenge for their being neglected during WWII.  

The Chinese, on the other hand, are mostly pristine-clean world citizens who wouldn't tolerate the weakest among them to be mistreated.  

That's why they helped the Zambians to build that Tanzania-Zambia Railroad when they themselves were in financial dire straits in the 1970s.  That's why their medical workers helped the local people on the west coast of Africa by exposing themselves to the ravages of the Ebola virus when no cure was in sight.

Noting such differences, I surmise that the contest between Z-controlled America and Win-Win-infatuated Chinese on the Grand Chessboard constitutes the central contradiction of the current globalization struggle.

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markwu Post time: 2019-1-7 21:15
Another aspect is that western royalties are punitive on survival profits of emerging enterprises  ...


The world today is all messed up:

1. Trump has a child mind in an adult body with both on I-centric mode excused as serving the angst of equally shallow-minded right-wing supporters who are prejudiced against anything and everything not of their immediate personal interest, whatever rational thinking and on-the-ground facts may otherwise adduce or points made about their own inability to reinvent themselves to be more relevant in a world where there are many more working harder while facing more challenging conditions; after all, narcissism has never been constructive or productive.

Yet the entire pro-Trump pool has proceeded to excuse their gripes using their silo and monolithic argument that the US must be above all others to the extent of making ludicrous demands disguised as benign coaxing with kidnapping now as the latest definition of international rule of law, to wit using another country as proxy to prosecute trade add technology supremacy.

What other conclusion can be drawn save it is really about the pyrolytic mischief caused by the local school-yard bully no better in attitude than his bulldog pet now released from its chain?

2. There have been a lot of firings and hyperbolic statements from Trump's White House which have angered not just peoples all over the world but also galled US citizens themselves which explains why US democrats have made a resounding return.

They themselves have diagnosed that Trump is just reliving in his presidency all the drama of an executive hatchet-man in his TV reality shows except now the only reality walking the halls of power in Washington is he living in another dimension of his own creation and that is why more far-sighted and moderate advisors have been relieved and terminated to be replaced by boot-lickers and echo-men who themselves are also looking to leverage his office in order to advance their personal prejudices rebranded as national interest when the US itself was an architect of the globalization which it is now trying to dismantle without any concrete effort to find new and more accomodating ways for cooperation so as not to destroy what can be used for future mutual benefits.

How can any long-term and sustainable good come about from all this?

3. Trump is now toying with the idea of replacing concrete with American steel for the US-Mexican wall that he demands to be built even if it means he has to press-gang the US Congress with suspension of the US government machinery. Whether the wall will actually work or not, steel is more costly than concrete and there is less compelling grounds for using it otherwise the Tel Aviv regime would have used steel for its own wall to marginalize the Palestinians from their own home-ground.

What other conclusion can anyone draw other than Trump is now fixated on American steel to the exclusion of American concrete? And if that is one fixation which itself would be deleterious to the larger picture of serving US citizens, what about the other fixations that have disrupted the world and made global businesses unnecessarily uneasy and uncertain for all not just for continued operations but also for future investments for expansion?

And the other fixations remain:

(A) trade deficits:

(a)-1: what global trading system is it that can force another country to buy beyond what it needs and yet be barred from buying what it wants in order to improve itself so that it can buy more of all things?

(a)-2: and if that country agrees to buy more this year, won't the asking country be spoilt to make another demand every alternate year, ad nauseum? Wouldn't that be actually blackmailing by any name and against any rule of law of international trade let alone bilateral cooperation for mutual benefit whether direct or indirect in a century which was until recently open for vast potential of wealth and progress for all?

(a)-3: isn't such high-handedness unbefitting a rich superpower with extensive military extensions but steeped in USD22 Trillions in debts of its own making only so to continue spending riotously on belligerence hardware because it can print its currency with wild abandon - and make the rest of the world want to use it still even when it has without foundation labelled others as currency manipulators?

(a)-4: Since China runs a trade deficit in services with the US, will the US therefore agree to buy more China services in keeping with tacit quid pro quo principle? Yet opening up China's services sectors is one of the many ludicrous demands made by the US. What's for goose, now not for gander because both are of different colors? Doesn't that patently reek of racism disguised as the diplomatic niceties of trade negotiation?

And most importantly, how will focus on trade deficits encourage peoples to buy more when they can clearly see for themselves how the numbers have been used against them by someone only one evolutionary scale above an ocelot?

Even if say China zero-rates its tariffs on US products, who would buy with a colt 45 to his head? Note that it is also destructively so on the other side, especially when the artificial wall of US tariffs on China goods has now been heightened at the expense of US buyers themselves despite what Trump had said that it would be costing China suppliers instead who have only been making at small profits.  The conclusion is the US new trade armada of policies is aimed solely to finish off China's small producers even as it is being aimed at the same time to finish off China's state-owned producers. In short, finish off China totally.

How would this transmogrified situation not mess all in the long run, one no longer need wonder.

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(B) technology transfers:

No one can escape the observation that the US demands have been made up along the way of the flippant, tweety, twittish, road. First currency manipulation; facts say otherwise. Next, trade deficit, now demolished. Oh, by-the-way, technology transfer also comes to mind... What's to be next then? Banning chopsticks? If so, what about US agricultural products? Are they genetically-modified and engorged with banned pesticide that will kill and pollute generations later, and are they over-priced now that there are fresh orders but to be satisfied only from non-fresh stocks?

The US invests in China because it sees a huge and growing market besides cheap labor to cream more bottom-line profits for its multinationals so that their shareholders can carve bigger quarterly earnings from upticks in share and stock prices that will create enormous pools of cash reserves which can be used for research to be patented for royalties that the rest of the emerging countries can't afford. They want to maintain the American way of life and live the American dream even if they think they can control and suppress the ways of life and dreams of other countries.

Therefore, does the US Congress and citizens who can advance their American dream have any right to castigate the right of other countries to articulate and develop their own dreams? If yes, isn't that tantamount to punitive control over other countries thereby posing a national security threat by the US onto the self-determination of the futures of other countries by a means that negates the very independence and freedom inherent in any conception of human, for that matter, sovereign, right?

As a punitive control tooling example, the intellectual property regime was one invented by the west. As was noted, there are at least twenty seven ways to describe a chair in such a regime so that more registered means stronger crimping of innovation by others who would have likewise invented similars but for a number of facts, one of which being their ancestors were busy warding off invaders and dying by entire family lines.

The end result is an intellectual capital disparity between the have's of the so-called advanced western nations which form an elite today, notably the gang of five, and the many more other emerging nations only guilty for trying to inspire their citizens to greater heights of personal achievement through providing foreigners iincremental and phasal access to their growing markets in exchange for sharing and re-tuning of new technologies for local markets while already paying excessively high royalties for middling window-dressed values. Besides these, enforcement is difficult in any country. Take trade secrets. How can any court determine they have been transgressed unless there are written and detailed records to support allegations?

Those who have studied the China IP protection machinery have concluded it is on par with those in Europe and statistically case-wise, more western than local interests have been awarded remedies. Therefore the one thing the trumpistas have been unwise about is to disrupt the ongoing process of ensuring district-level adherence where enthusiasm for foreign investments has been naturally inordinate so that jumping the gun on IP redress when it is already being addressed may end up creating reactive resistance which would make the process of roll-outs harder to come by, consequently pushing the objective further off.

As for cybersecurity, let all not be naive the multi-billion dollar NSA arm of the Pentagon and the US drone squadrons were just to shock and awe camel traders.  Just as the Bloomberg article was quietly withdrawn leaving behind a permanent residue of fake American journalism telling an outright lie in order to stoke anger against China by its readers, the US must also answer to the world let alone the citizens of Germany and its allies in NATO how was it an American listening device was found in Merkel's handphone. Indeed it is a significant sign of hypocrisy that Merkel could only whimper for a second and promptly buried the exposure thereafter. It seems Deutschland über alles has been replaced with Amerikanen über alles.

(C) ideological differences

The present pet peeve of westerners is to criticize as almost an existential threat to them the centralization of authority in Beijing. But what was the purpose all along for it save to federate local authority so as to roll-out the very reforms needed to redress and blunt the real external threat - an imposition by the US using the same economic and monetary tactics on Japan that it now proposes to use on China while taking the military race pointers that had also resulted in the diminution of the USSR. In short, the US is attempting to do to China what it has done to Japan and the USSR.

Yet for forty years and more, US business and industrial interests have been making increasingly long beelines to China and profited handsomely from cooperative ventures with their China partners while investing large sums that had indirectly shored their own share prices back in Wall Street. Their executives who have lived in China must have realized the nation is older, more sublime and deeper in long-term celestial horizoning than anything that could be mustered back home. Which would explain China's miraculous economic and industrial transformation in historically unsurpassed record time despite her size, diversity and multitudinous complexities.

And yet today, they have chosen to forget how it was all held together and made possible by China's central government, a product of the scientific approach to meritocracy and nation-building. The tragedy of the US is that its power-players prefer the bureaucracy of a swamp of their own creation to the metallic focus on global efficiency and universal prosperity that have been the hallmarks of a China revived.

America's descent into its own pandemic dilemma of getting feel-good shots only from gyrations of its share markets is of its own making. China has reiterated time and again that there is no Thucidydes Trap involved. Despite the patently warped racism and monochromatic profligacy of Pillsbury, Navarro and others, China has only sought to solve her own legacy challenges in order to feed, house and deploy its own millions of workers and farmers and middle-class service providers. China does not ring the US with a battery of military bases nor drop sonars to eavesdrop on China's submarines closer her own shores. China only flies its probe to the far side of the moon with her own advanced lunar telecommunications as one of many firsts. Not bad, anyone would say, for a nation that only less than half a century ago, had rural doctors trudging mud to provide treatment to remote places.

Therefore, instead of seeing China as a threat, the US should applaud and tip its hat on China's responsible approach for her progress that has enabled her to also bank prosperity for other economies and development for long-neglected places around the world. In fact, if the US is sincere, it should also offer to help China help others and by doing so redeem itself as a country not sold on naked power-mongering,

That shouldn't be too difficult. Both China and the US have common ideological roots in being sensible farmers.

Not property developers.

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wchao37 Post time: 2019-1-8 17:05
I think you've hit it right on the nose, Mark.

They never blame themselves for anything. When the ...

Hope my two-part hammer-blow will emerge.  

And in, "Noting such differences, I surmise that the contest between Z-controlled America and Win-Win-infatuated Chinese on the Grand Chessboard constitutes the central contradiction of the current globalization struggle.", your single sentence smoothly sums swiftly the setting of the U.State's sun.

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wchao37 Post time: 2019-1-8 18:28
I believe so.  Filthy Zionists like you are so horny that you will keep your tools downstairs "stuc ...
Show me just one forum in the west that offers the same privileges as you're enjoying here

Western internet is past providing state-sanctioned or traditional media-run discussion forums (if that was ever the case), and instead anyone can create their own with platforms like Facebook or Google.

Beyond that, there are of course lot of forums for every imagineable purposes. For political debates, for example debatepolitics dot com.

Whether most Chinese can access these, is of course questionable, but that's your own problem.

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Jaaja Post time: 2019-1-8 18:45
Western internet is past providing state-sanctioned or traditional media-run discussion forums ( ...

Western internet is not PAST the stage of providing anything.  It is just unwilling to spend money on sponsoring a public forum for debates because it wants to keep its citizens hidden from the truth.

Western media is full of intentional and habitual bias, and that's why when Chang-e 4 first landed its Jade Rabbit rover, no major Anglo newspaper reported in any appreciable detail on the significant event -- some now say comparable to the 1957 Russian Sputnik in its technological significance.

It is only days later, when the rest of the non-Anglo world was full of praise for the matchless and unprecedented feat of landing on the opposite side of the Moon that some sour-grape news filtered through the Anglo papers.

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markwu Post time: 2019-1-8 18:02
Hope my two-part hammer-blow will emerge.  

And in, "Noting such differences, I surmise that the  ...

Yes your Parts 1 & 2 came through fast and furious.

I need to re-read it and so I'll get back to you later.

Some of my posts are still sleeping like the Jade Rabbit now on the dark side of the Moon.

Awake, Jade Rabbit.

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