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Plight of Palestinians in the Occupation   [Copy link] 中文

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re:   nibble away Palestinian land on the West Bank.

   The United Nations calls the West Bank an ...

This would have been just one of the very few resolutions that the U.S. abstained from voting, which means that it passed.  The trouble with these resolutions is that given the relative predominance of power that the U.S. has over the rest of the voting nations, they carry only moral validity and nothing else.

That's why new settlers continue to pour into the land.  It would be difficult to get rid of them without the use of force.  Negotiations are for the birds at this stage of the game.

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Australia was one of the few countries to support the position of the Israeli government, implying that had they been on the UN Security Council they most likely would have voted against the resolution.

I had another earlier post written in response to this section of your post -- for some reason it hasn't appeared as yet.

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Advocating their "Right to Run," these Marathoners are now spreading the Palestinian message around the world as you can see in the list from the left column in the following photo:

Right to Run.JPG

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Remember, charity starts at home. Remember the Uighurs in Xinjiang. At least the Palestinians don't have detention camps.

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Time to clarify who Jesus was since we started with the Natividad in this thread:

No China is not celebrating the birth of Jesus, just like it is not celebrating the birth of Buddha.  That's why Christmas is not an official holiday in China and never will be.

As we can all see, everything can still be packaged so that it loses the religious message but retains the festival atmosphere, inasmuch as in many Chinese enclaves in the West they are celebrating the Spring Festival with no religious flavor whatsoever.

If you don't know already, let me inform you that Jesus was not a white man like he has always been depicted to be in the books and movies.  He was born to Joseph the carpenter and his wife Mary at the Natividad in Bethlehem (some say actually in the year 4 A.D. and of course the two words "Anno Domini" were added posthumously in reference to what theologians thought was his actual birthday).  

When he was 14 years old Jesus the teenager went to what is now Kashmir to study the healing arts because at that time India was the most advanced country in terms of theological studies in the ancient world, and he didn't return to his homeland until much later when he was in his early thirties.  

If you had studied World Religion, you would have known that after his death his body was transported back to the Kashmir religion and I once saw a picture of a coffin with its head oriented towards Jerusalem, with x-ray findings of the feet of the corpse as having had two big holes showing where nails had gone in during the crucifixion - a practice unheard of in Kashmir but prevalent in the Middle East during Roman times.

That's why the New Testament didn't start with accounts of his exploits until he was around 33 years old, and the Pharisees did have good reasons to disbelieve his claim that he was "God's son"or  the 'Messiah' they were expecting.  

That was due to the fact that Jesus' behavior was so unlike that of the locals because between the ages of 14 and 33 he was being trained in theology in Kashmir - a foreign land far away from Bethlehem, and so he must have been heavily influenced by the cultural climate of Kashmir in his formative years.

The Sermon on the Mount was news to the locals.  However, the practice of giving sermons to tell people to perform goodie goodie was unusual to the areas around Bethlehem, but quite common in Kashmir or nearby places in Pakistan, an area that was part of India before its independence in 1947.

The figure on the inside of the dome at Sistine Chapel in Florence was a figment of imagination of Michaelangelo -- modeled after the boyfriend of one of the sisters of the workers in the chapel -- but the real Jesus with his extended fingers had features more like someone in the Middle East today, with dark skin and dark eyes instead of blanched skin and blue eyes.

So the entire story surrounding Jesus the Nazarene as told by Saul (later called St. Paul) had a heavy dose of magic in it (like the story of feeding 5000 people with a few baskets of fish and bread) in order to convince the masses of lower socioeconomic strata suffering under the yoke of harsh Roman rule that hope was finally at hand because apparently a great magician had appeared amongst them.

But the Pharisees who were Jews of a higher socioeconomic stratum had reasons to keep to their Old Testament and not buying the story that Jesus was their 'Messiah.'

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Remember, charity starts at home. Remember the Uighurs in Xinjiang. At least the Palestinians don't have detention camps.

You have some nerve to come barging in here to spill your beans.

What about the Uighurs in Xinjiang?  

Have you talked to any of them?  I had.  

To a man they supported the current government, and they HATE the terrorists with a vengeance because they thought they would do even better in their lives without those few troublemakers being instigated from external sources like your government.  

What do you think you know about the detention camps?  

Have you been to one?  Do you even know that they exist?

Is there any place in China that a single Uighur is detained with no cause?

Read my thread again to drum into your head the basic facts substantiated by evidence, and satisfy your own curiosity about 'detention camps' -- and then come back and tell me how many Palestinian CHILDREN are still imprisoned for non-criminal offenses by the Israelis -- mind you that resistance against foreign occupation is a heroic act, and only faceless dimwits like you would ever call them terrorists.

I have a post awaiting clearance which gives more details.

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