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Tweeting while California burns [Copy link] 中文

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1.  The following are excerpts from an article by Dave Gilson, a senior editor at Mother Jones, posted on November 10, 2018 under the headline "As California Burns, Trump Threatens to Cut Federal Funding" and subheading "The president is tweeting nonsense about wildfires — again".

(Begin excerpts)
Taking a moment from the fires burning in his own backyard, President Donald Trump went on Twitter this morning to opine on the devastating fires currently burning in California — and to threaten to cut off federal funding if his wishes aren’t followed:

"There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor. Billions of dollars are given each year, with so many lives lost, all because of gross mismanagement of the forests. Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!"...

Trump is correct that these fires have been massive, deadly, and costly. Otherwise he’s blowing smoke. His claim that poor forest management is responsible for killer wildfires is a favorite talking point among anti-environmentalists such as Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. It’s an argument for more logging, which isn’t the same thing as smart forest management, as climate scientist Peter Gleick explained to Mother Jones when Trump fired off similar tweets in August: “We do know we need to do a better job at managing forests. But I don’t think that is what he’s commenting on.”

In the midst of another spate of fires this summer, Trump tweeted that they’d been made worse by all the water “foolishly being diverted into the Pacific Ocean.” As Gleick noted at the time, “That’s completely absurd!…There’s no shortage of water to fight these fires.”

So far, the president has not mentioned another major factor behind California’s wildfires: climate change. Climate change is making fires worse, and it is expected to make them more frequent. Even Trump’s own Forest Service acknowledges this (without using the dread phrase “climate change”). And like several earlier California fires, the Camp Fire may have been sparked by a power line.

And as for Trump’s vague threat to cut “Fed payments,” his administration is already ahead of him. Earlier this year, it proposed slashing federal funding for studying and preventing wildfires.  (End excerpts)

Source:  motherjonesdotcom

2.  The meaning of the phrase "Fiddling while Rome burns" is "to occupy oneself with unimportant matters and neglect priorities during a crisis".  Here I coin its modern counterpart:  "Tweeting while California burns."

Source:  phrasesdotorgdotuk

Donald Trump's infamous Hitler-style rabble-rousing chants:  "Lock her up!  Lock her up!"

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There can't be much forest left in California. Almost all the redwoods have gone. During the gold rush (1848) the Californian grizzlies were exterminated.
9/11 was an inside job.
No second plane.It was a bomb.Bomb in the other building.
You KNOW without a doubt the videos are fake,right ?!
Planes don't meld into steel and concrete buildings.They crash into them !!!!!!!
It's amazing how the building ate the plane !!!
Imagine those fragile wings cutting slots in massive steel columns !!!!!
How STUPID can they think the people are to believe that crap ??!!

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Let's pray there will be no more wildfires in California in the future.  

Now for a little change, here is a little poem of mine:

Poem:  Lost Paradise

California, California, burning bright,
As Nature flexes its scorching might;
What fossilized brain or mind,
Has gotten you in such a bind?

However hard the residents in their vehicles prayed all the way,
No angels responded to their prayers to keep the fire at bay;
Neither did Moses turn up to part the sea of fire,
While new Nero’s busy tweeting drew their ire.

The Reaper was not moved by their cry and yell,
As he led the dying residents into fiery Hell.
Everything in Paradise was reduced to zero,
As the doomed town turned into a raging inferno.

Whose denials of responsibility sparked the Camp Fire
Which turned Paradise into a gigantic pyre?
Gone was the lost Paradise
As it met its untimely demise.
Donald Trump's infamous Hitler-style rabble-rousing chants:  "Lock her up!  Lock her up!"

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Stay safe

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It really is weird and almost as if pre-ordained that at a place called Paradise (the only one in the world with that name) fire victims are burned to death in their own homes and cars.

Is it God's or Dog's wrath?

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How on earth does PARADISE burn as in hell?

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Now you have as if by providence the THREE horsemen in one sentence --

Earth -- Paradise -- Hell.

It wasn't even intentional.

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