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Xi: China-Japan ties 'have returned to the right track' [Copy link] 中文

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loveChina1314 Post time: 2018-10-31 00:30
Good values like being honest, loyal or being responsible to one's family should be promoted in this ...
If Abe still insists to be unacceptably stepping into internal affairs of the Chinese government, then huge disaster will be awaiting him back home in Japan or outside the country.

Well, the first part of your statement is universally applicable, but the second part which I am quoting here, is a little problematic.

I don't think anything remotely resembling 'huge disaster' will be awaiting him back home, and especially not outside the country.

I will explain this in the next post.

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wchao37 Post time: 2018-10-31 16:57
Well, the first part of your statement is universally applicable, but the second part which I am ...

Her statements are too pat, wchao37.  Have you just been z-ed?

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Ted180 Post time: 2018-10-31 05:16
Once China and Japan get-over their anger for the war and start truly cooperating there will be grea ...

The century-long conflict between China and Japan is not a lovers' spat, and there is nothing to 'get over' between the two countries just as there is nothing to 'get over' between Superman and Voldemort if they happen to be neighbors in a Harry Porter story.  

The two simply have to adjust to each other as best they can for survival.

In the case at hand, of all major nations in our world, the one least willing to see China's rise is Japan.  

The Japanese are struggling within themselves over two agonizing realizations -- one of historical acknowledgment and the other of their own behavior during WWII.

So their first realization is that they owe the origin of their civilization to China.  

To be precise, it was in the year 702 A.D. that Japan first changed abruptly from a tribal society to a dynastic political entity.  

From hairdos to living quarters, from horse stables to royal palaces, beginning that year the Japanese began to pattern themselves after Tang China in every conceivable detail.

Even today you can see replicas of Tang Dynasty architecture in Kyoto and depiction of Tang life in the eighth century.

The Kanji in the Japanese alphabet is composed entirely of Hanji (regular Hanl Chinese characters).  Kanji is symbolic in Japanese language (or logographic), and the other two components -- Hiragana and Katakana -- are both phonetic symbols, many of which were borrowed from the running style of the Chinese language.

The second agonizing but deep-seated Japanese realization is that despite all the displays of public denials they understand full well the exceptional cruelty of what they had done in China during the 1931-45 war, including but not limited to the vivisection and germ warfare experiments with living subjects at Harbin and other places.  

The Nanjing Massacre was entirely unnecessary as an instrument of war because the KMT government had already vacated the seat of government at the capital and no one was resisting the occupation.  The only reason the Japanese competed to chop off heads or bury civilians alive was to get rid once for all the inferiority complex they had carried for 1235 years since 702 A.D. during the Tang times.  

The other major reason you need to understand why the bilateral relationship is so difficult is that the Japanese not only had a superiority complex over the Chinese in technological feats, but racial superiority as well.

You might feel strange to see how it was possible for a Mongoloid race whose average height for men was much shorter than that of an average Chinese to feel superior over the latter, yet it is true that the Japanese felt RACIALLY superior to the Chinese.

The eerie spectacle of Japanese RACIAL prejudice against the Chinese is due to their mis-interpretation of Social Darwinism, upon which they built their concept ascribing the temporary difference in technological prowess between China and Japan to permanent markers of genetic difference between the two peoples.

That's why they didn't feel guilty in slaughtering the 35 million Chinese civilians and conducting dissection experiments on live subjects without anesthesia.  To the Japanese, those subjects were merely marutas -- wood logs -- and not humans.

So they are so taken aback by Chinese advances in the last four decades -- as witnessed by the fact that Sony is now merely a subsidiary supplier of Huawei -- that they are now feeling compelled to work with Chinese as equals -- and this is the hardest part of the equation they have to adjust to if Sino-Japanese cooperation is to bear fruit.

Trump's plan is to fleece both China and Japan with the same MAGA chant, not realizing of course that he might just have unleashed the tidal wave that will push hitherto implacable foes into the deadly Superman-Vordemort embrace that, if realized in practice, will surely smash his MAGA dream to smithereens.

Abe is now in possession of a historical opportunity that won't knock twice at the same door.

Whether he truly understands the opportunity and the underlying psychology of the two East Asian neighbors will determine the destiny of his nation.

With or without Japan, China will reach her new rejuvenation destiny.  

Abe simply needs to understand that China's weakness in the past was not due to the lack of ability but because the Manchus needed to keep the Han Chinese backward to facilitate their own rule, and once the Chinese people has broken those shackles of the mind and develop their nation along the path of innovation-based scientific advancement, there is no force that can stop the Chinese people from realizing their dream for their beloved nation.

Willy-nilly China will be at the forefront of science and technology by 2025, and it is best for Japan's own good to keep her promises, culminating in prosperity for both nations.

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markwu Post time: 2018-10-31 17:57
Her statements are too pat, wchao37.  Have you just been z-ed?

I am awaiting my post.

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Where is my post?  Did you eat it?

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Ah, it has finally arrived, after the ladies have finished grooming their hair and washing their hands.

It is on page 3.

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If you like it (page 3), give me a thumbs up.

Thank you.

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