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Xi: China-Japan ties 'have returned to the right track' [Copy link] 中文

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markwu Post time: 2018-10-27 20:20
One study said US companies increased their Chinese productivity by 23% whereas Japanese companies i ...

Login difficulties plius strict censorship have combined to slow the pace down, but like everything else, all good things in life take time.

I am sure your post will eventually appear -- if not already.

They might want to send the writer a message telling them why the post cannot be allowed to surface and which words need to be deleted in order for it to qualify for admission.

It takes much effort to write a post and I understand your frustration.

May I suggest, Mark, that before each posting you copy and paste your post into a word document.

If it doesn't come up after some time, simply subtract a few sentences at a time and re-load the rest of your post, and see what happens.

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wchao37, i have been saving those posts but have had to bin them subsequently when it became plain they would not be passed. My problem as you would have noticed is that where long, my posts have integrated content meshed to deliver directional thrusts so how does one remove sections that would end up garbling those thrusts?

Secondly, i don't write just for CD readers. Those posts are also meant to be read by China's antagonists to argue out that their assumptions and conclusions about China need to be reviewed. Many a time, i had also referred to material which their own fellowmen have written to support China's stance so any excesses on my part are not exclusively mine.

Thirdly, and only as an example, i cannot understand why a recent criticism by a Beijing professor on the matter of state capitalism could appear in a SCMP owned by Alibaba and yet my "ultra-nationalistic" but rational support of China in her official english-language forum is filtered. One would expect that having the west being simplistic and mono-linear in approach to the complex global issues of today is bad enough than to adopt the same approach in the east.

Maybe i am reading too much into responses which remain silent and too little into my effort expended to try and navigate virtually to a solution amicable for long-term harmonious relations.

At the least, one would expect some indication of higher effort invested by post recipients to say they understand enough the complexities to require a new approach on public discourse at a global level, especially when it is plain there are only a few contributors to this forum who write posts that make one think harder and deeper (and they include wchao37, abc123 (late), huaqiao...); the incubi mosquitoes we can ignore and the others of the old group have disappeared.

wchao37, i don't write for fun. i only write to try and clarify situations, stop chaos and find solutions - for all. Man, how many years left do we have to do this? Half of it spent trying to log-in, too!

Just let me know officially if i am to (a) slow down, (b) discretely stop, (c) change the thrusts to the opposite direction (i.e. only criticize China constructively). So long as in the end China and her peoples are helped up, count me not out.

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markwu Post time: 2018-10-28 10:17
Whatever is said, Japan remains the backdoor watchdog for a US whose frontdoor watchdog is a Europe  ...

I am writing on the responses to the three opinions on the Cold Wall theme at the TTCD forum now that I have received the material I need to do so.

The Cold War theme, together with that of the bilateral relationship with Japan, will be very important strategic concerns for our nation in the wake of the Pence speech, and I am taking particular care in researching the pertinent facts because those are heavyweight specialists on the topic, and therefore I need to cover every base of my own argument.

The so-called "poison-pill clause" in America's re-negotiated trade agreements with Canada and Mexico can actually work both ways, and it might work retroactively leading to the fall of the Dollar upon which their economy and military strength are based -- that's what prompted Trump to label China as the "Bad Guy" a few days ago -- a scoundrel is unlikely to call you a "bad guy" unless he has effectively been challenged by his nemesis.

The fundamental reason for their eventual demise is that the U.S. manufacturing sector is incapable of producing quality products at market-competitive prices because that had already been determined by their globalization strategy back in the 1970s through the establishment of transnational companies.  

That strategy necessitated their offshoring or moving their machines and technologies to overseas areas where labor costs and environmental restrictions were much more competitive than they were in the U.S. at that time.

The division-of-labor role allotted to China by these transnational companies was that at the lowest rung of the ladder -- assembly of finished products.  Their mentality at the time was same as the one they had towards Native Americans -- that we couldn't be innovative and HAD to take those assembly jobs with no prospect of truly modernizing our industrial capacity anytime soon.

Now that our 2025 Plan has suddenly (and maybe a little prematurely) alerted them to their belief that China is going to neutralize their technological edge in the near future, they are preparing themselves for war to regain that clear edge with their own plans by hook or by crook.

That's why they elected a crook to the White House to do the job.

The more politically inexperienced the crook is the more dangerous he is for China for he doesn't understand the full implications of every unprecedented action he authorizes, like in the case of deployment of naval vessels to Gaoxiong Harbor in Taiwan.

I'll talk more about this later at TTCD.  

Keep your fingers crossed.

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This post was edited by wchao37 at 2018-10-28 13:18
markwu Post time: 2018-10-28 11:30
wchao37, i have been saving those posts but have had to bin them subsequently when it became plain t ...

I fully understand your position and the dilemma you face -- torn between a sense of duty towards China and the difficulty we all face just trying to login.

As I said, that is the work of IT hackers at the government level -- notice that the difficulty hasn't been reduced by the permission to let that Z_Senecca stay, for if they stop their attacks immediately then they are admitting to their complicity in the attack.  But then again they cannot prolong this interminably for obvious reasons.

The trouble with the login began recently and occurred right after Z_hubris personified by Senecca was suppressed by CD, dashing their hope that the guy can be resuscitated with that Z_mod's "credits" as he had previously boasted.

Then of course the Zs blamed it all on wchao37 in another attempt to whitewash their act, and this is a typical tactic on their part -- they won't let people login here and then turn around to say the decrease of logins was because of wchao37!

But I trust the knowledgeable group selected to work here aren't fools and they can make their own determination of the true reason -- which is that people like you and me are effectively neutralizing the troublemakers here with no selfish intentions.

So please keep up your excellent work here, knowing that love means you are not afraid of rejections when you know you are in the right.

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I am warmly heartened by your encouragement. Let's 'keep calm and carry on'.

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markwu Post time: 2018-10-28 13:41
I am warmly heartened by your encouragement. Let's 'keep calm and carry on'.


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Once China and Japan get-over their anger for the war and start truly cooperating there will be great economic results and peace in Asia. The benefits are obvious. The Japs need to stop honoring their worst war-criminals. The Chinese need to move-on from the Nanking massacre. It takes two sides to end the feud.
What's on your mind...

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