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Stereotypes of Chinese media cause real damage [Copy link] 中文

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WENGEWANG Post time: 2018-10-16 11:12
the western media is far from independent. if u look at western news sources, they often parot each  ...
western media is far from independent.  [...] western news also comes from up top, and are given strict orders to report a certain way

Perhaps you misunderstood what I wrote. I said they are independent in choosing who they take orders from. Whether you call them oligarchs or whatever is irrelevant. The point is that there is not just one oligarch, but many, who compete against each other for audience.

In China there is only one, and that never is good for perspective, transparency, or truth.

there is no transparency in western media either. this is why you always hear western media say "anonymous sources say". or "activists say"

If you want to find who they are, you can go and find them yourself. Nobody will stop you and take you for a tea. This is what happens in China.

lips in the western media about north korea, and the entire piece will be narrated by westerners, from inperialist perspectives, wit no north koreans talking

Of course, because North Koreans are not allowed to speak freely. Foreigners there are required to be escorted by DPRK agents when they interact with citizens there, to make sure that North Koreans only tell what is in line with government policy. Why bother to interview anyone? This also is problem with many interviews in Chinese media, especially when interviewing government representatives. Do you know of the eye rolling incident earlier this year?

western media, like most other media, is more interested in telling you how to think, rather than informing you about what is actually going on

You clearly don't know much about western media. For the most part, western media (to be critical of), are commercial enterprises, which are only interested in making money. Their interest is not to tell anyone how to think, but to make most money from whatever you think.

Of course if your thoughts are worthless to them, they don't really care about yout interests.

very little space for independent choice. i seriously doubt that anyone in the west can just create their own media

That's what social media in west is for. It gives a channel to act as media, even for those who don't have millions to hire staff and start a printing press.

try challenging the many monarkies in europe, and see where that gets you.

Uh, where did you learn that? Most remaining monarchies in Europe serve only ceremonial purpose, and have little part in governing the countries. Political governments rule the countries, and if you want to challenge them, you have a legit channel to do that in the next elections.

you will never hear any western media say that amerika should go back to the native amerikans

You have quite limited view of media.

Of course major news outlets will not run stories like that. It does not help them to make money or anything, if they take either side in the matter. They may though publish stories of activists demanding land to be returned to natives, because such stories will attract paying customers.  In China such news are not generally allowed.

But in western countries there are smaller media organizations, who would put things like that in their own political agenda. Natives in USA and elsewhere have their own media too.

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wchao37 Post time: 2018-10-15 15:27
That's how I feel -- the media has been honed into a weapon.

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WENGEWANG Post time: 2018-10-15 17:38
russia today (rt) has made the mistake of hiring mostly western reporters, who, unsurprisingly, wi ...
if youre going to present something similar, then why not just go to cnn instead?

True. That is why I emphasize not to follow the American accent.

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huaqiao Post time: 2018-10-15 13:53
This article is right on with regards to how the West has honed the media into a weapon against thos ...

"In my opinion, there is no need to hire presenters who only speak English with American accent."

Beg to differ!  I don't have a problem with CGTN's American anchors speaking with their native American accent; they do good presentations.  I do have problems with Chinese who try to imitate the American accent; they sound so artificial and contrived; and that goes for Chinese students of English too!

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thats the whole point. western media is as secretive, if not more secretive than any other media out there. they hand pick people to be interviewed, and only those with a proven track record of compliance will ever be allowed onto cnn, bbc, etc. western media do not allow north koreans to talk. i guarantee you if a north korean praised the dprk, the western media would never air that, because it doesnt fit the inperialist narrative. they go around digging for dirt, and looking for people who hate the dprk. even then it is anonymous sources, who probably dont even exist. maybe you have no idea about western media. the western media is no better than the dprk media. you need to stop reading from scripts. you can tell by how western shils talk how rigid the western narrative is. western media are not only interested in making money. theyre also interested in deceiving the general public, keeping them as far from the truth as possible, and that is indeed what they do. western media is always telling people how to think, and what to think. look at how theyve done the muslims. the media has turned westerners against muslims. your claim that the media will only run stories that make money automatically elminates 99% of stories that are interesting to people, or serve the interests of the people. making money for the oligarks serves the 1%. its the most undemokratic system i have ever seen. all the activists who are ever shown in the western media are paid shils like you. you got guys like al sharpton who are obviously controled disent. thats what i meant about the western media being deceptive. throwing in a token activist just goes to show how strict the western media is, and they would never allow a geniune activist because as soon as they find out about real activists they probably get asasinated.native amerikans who arent sell outs, and agents for their white masters would never be allowed to show up in any form of media. every form of media, no matter how big or how small is strictly controled, more so than ever before in human history. the fact that western oligarks have to pay people like you to convince us otherwise, just goes to show how corupt the west actually is. not only do western oligarks use their media to dupe the public, but if anyone decides the media is not legit, they have to listen to swine like you try steer them in the wrong direction. eventually, people are going to be tired of spin doctors trying to convince them that the dprk is evil, and they will just assume the dprk are the good guys, not because they like the dprk, but out of their distaste for western oligarks

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WENGEWANG Post time: 2018-10-16 11:12
the western media is far from independent. if u look at western news sources, they often parot each  ...

"because of this, in current situation Chinese media can only be trusted to same degree that the Chinese government can be trusted"

I am not interested in political propaganda, I only watch Chinese news broadcasts, often with video clips, of factual events, they can't lie!

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i seriously doubt that the western media is only there to make money. i'd say the top western "journalists" probably have to go to the ClA for training on how to properly brain wash the public, what to say, what not to say, and how to say things that effectively dupe the public. if ur there only to make money, why go through training at inteligence agjencies? look at anderson cooper. this baty boy doesnt even try to deny that he went through training in langley

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