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The Mike Pence Speech on October 4, 2018   [Copy link] 中文

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The brutal subjugation of aboriginal people was an inevitable occurrence. This happened every time a ...

Brutal subjugation is not even an acceptable way an 'advanced' culture should use to show its superiority, but unfortunately that's what America has been trumpeting in its rise to power.

As I see it, aggressive and hegemonic use of force is completely a matter of individual choice.

For example, in the state of California, the state legislature decided not to allocate reservation lands for the Native Americans (Indians) but instead chose to exterminate them physically to avoid future headaches.

Under Spanish rule, the population of Californian Indians had dwindled from 300,000 in 1769 to 150,000 in 1848 when the Americans took over. In January 1848, a Californian newspaper called "Star" carried an editorial arguing that Indians were inferior non-Christian savages and opined that the latter needed to be treated like animals.  

California's Legislative Ordinance spelt out the limited ‘rights’ of local Indians -- including that Indians couldn't testify in courts against whites.  So if an Indian got robbed or raped he/she or other witnesses couldn't testify against whites in court, not to mention the fact that the Indians could be killed at random without cause.

The so-called 'Indian Code' was supposedly written to 'protect' Californian Indians, but as in most promises or contracts made by white America with the natives, it turned into a hollow piece of paper which in reality suppressed the Indians even further.

Not only were the Indians rented like properties to whites as indentured laborers, no one was permitted to make higher bids once labor contract was signed between the two parties because in practice the contracts were always unilaterally renewed against the wishes of the natives.  That means under the guise of protecting work and businesses for the white businessmen, the government could find an individual bidder guilty for his 'crime' of bidding higher for a native's work.

In 1850 California passed an Act for 'governing and protecting' Indians, in which the infamous "Apprentice Program" was initiated.  They yanked native children away from their parents so that they could be in control of their lives from a young age and paid them a pittance for their work (later they simply sent them to Boarding Schools to study English and the kids weren't even allowed to use their own native languages).

When white businessmen couldn't get enough of them using legal contracts, they simply pillaged Indian villages and kidnapped the surviving children as 'apprentices.'

In one of these documented cases, a white man was charged with kidnapping native children, to which he simply replied to the court, "I didn't kidnap them. Their parents were dead."  When the court asked him how he knew that, he simply grimaced and said, "I killed them myself."

That's how the Native American population in California dwindled from 150,000 in 1848 to 120,000 in 1870.  The only Native Americans you see today in California are the pitifully few remnants you see from such willful, state-sponsored genocide using the excuse of justifiable Christianity-originated ethnic cleansing.

The tenets of Social Darwinism are neither carved in stone nor are they physical laws of nature.  

Had that really been a sacrosanct law of nature, Ming Admiral Zheng He's naval armada of up to 22,000 soldiers transported in hundreds of ships each measuring many times as large as Columbus's "Santa Maria" should have sent Europeans into slavery and traded them in open markets before 1433.  One of his four vice-admirals had already reached the Vatican according to the studies of British Royal Navy's ex-submarine commander Gavin Menzies and subsequent findings.  

In sole possession of superior cannons, mariners compass, and flying fire-arrows (rockets), these Ming sailors could have at least pillaged the eastern coast of Africa had they had conquest in mind.  Instead, not a single record of such acts exists whether from home sources or the historical records from Europe, Africa or the Middle East.  

The only record we have today is the fact that from 1421 to 1433, Zheng He and his men made seven voyages to East Africa (and some historians claim that one of his four vice-admirals sailed as far as the Americas) and generously brought along China's extant technological know-how at that time to the Vatican, and this eye-opening event ignited the Italian Renaissance represented by the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci whose 3-D depictions of machines thitherto unknown to Europe were merely plagiarized versions of 2-D drawings long known in Chinese books like "Tiangongkaiwu."

That China could have exterminated the entire European population between 1422 and 1433 had it had the intention to do so is no longer a contestable issue – it is a historical fact.  

Re-focusing on today's China you can see that more than fifty ethnic minorities have been encouraged to thrive by having had a written phonetic-language system designed for them and tailored to their needs since the mid-1950s, and yet white America still finds it conscionable to lodge complaints against China despite the latter's more-than-fair treatment of minorities, while conveniently failing to mention their own bona fide genocidal homicides against the Native Americans.

Such hypocrisy with evaluative double- or multiple- standards is both unprecedented and self-serving, and it speaks volumes about the Western mindset itself -- as spelt out in the concept of American Exceptionsim.

In this case, the only thing you need to remind yourself is that China’s 50-plus minorities are still physically and culturally intact, while America’s Native American population has almost been wiped out.

As a civilization-state with incomparably rich and colorful historical experience of multi-state governance, China is one of a few civilizations (if not the only one) that have had such experience of taking into account the interests of all countries on a grand scale, and that's why any unbiased Western observer should have welcomed China's age-old concept of Shijie Datong now dubbed as Shared Destiny of Mankind -- as had happened on January 17, 2017 during the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland.

That's why America's proclivity to deny the reality of China's rise is fruitless -- because what China says appeals to the peoples of the entire non-racist world.

The world's expectant eyes -- including those of the environmentally-endangered islanders in the South Pacific -- are today focused on China, and it is in everyone's interest to help her in fulfilling her dream of globalized shared prosperity, and not that of a narrow-minded, stingy and selfish faction of Trumpsters.

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Nice retort to the Pence Speech by Hua Chunyin, China's spokeswoman at the Foreign Office.

新华社北京11月18日电 外交部发言人华春莹18日就美国副总统彭斯有关涉华言论回答记者提问。







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Mike Pence wouldn't part with one penny to help the truly needy countries in our world, but finds it conscionable to continue this blaming game against China for "creating debts" for poor nations.

This man is beyond redemption for his vaunted battle with hydrocephalus.

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Pence is only the Vice President, he has nothing to say.

He is one of those "born-again christians" and is far to the right in the political spectrum, so much so that he can be considered an extremist.

And yes, a cold-war scenario is developing. The US might possibly sanction China, just as it has Russia and Iran. In the past,  I have urged the PRC to implement its own version of SHIFT.
Let the dice fly high

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cestmoi Post time: 2018-11-19 17:35
Pence is only the Vice President, he has nothing to say.

He is one of those "born-again christians" ...

Yes, your are right, and welcome back!

SWIFT is what's giving Trump this sanctioning power that he can use without congressional approval.

Europe and China have to combine their efforts to get around this problem.

I think something in this direction is already on its way.

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The Sino-U.S. trade talk conducted on the sideline of the G20 meeting was unusual indeed as far as meetings go.

While sessions with the leaders of most other G20 nations had been duly recorded and broadcast immediately thereafter, it was an entire day after FM Wang Yi had spoken to journalists gathered for the occasion that the handshake with Donald Trump was finally shown on CCTV.

The Chinese have a saying, "It is easier to move mountains than to change a person's character."

No one believes that "no tariff" is the end-game of Donald Trump unless he/she is afflicted with pre-senile dementia and doesn't remember how many written agreements the untrustworthy man has already fed into his paper-shredder, let alone the oral ones.

It is easy to see why.

Nothing solid except a vague promise of "no new tariff" has come out of the new round of Sino-U.S. trade discussions at the G20 meeting, a session that has come in the wake of Trump's personal phone call to Beijing a few weeks back.

If his past record is any guide, the U.S. president can instantaneously end any consensus reached during the meeting.  The Chinese side has already made the general promise that we'll buy more American goods to reduce the so-called trade imbalance, without any corresponding return promise from the Americans that they would open up their high-tech export market of things we NEED to purchase.

So that means we're on notice to buy Maine lobsters for every boy and girl at CD BBS at least once a week.

Just remember the history of their total genocidal war against Native Americans -- our genetic brothers and sisters -- after the Lewis-Clark expeditions had made them choose eternal westward expansion as their Manifest Destiny.  This aim will never change as long as they are our fellow passengers on Planet Earth.

Just remember U.S. Vice President Pence's anti-China rhetoric during the OPEC meeting which occurred barely a week ago -- a meeting ending on such a discordant note that for the first time in OPEC's history no consensual statement was issued thereafter.

Just remember how Trump had started the Trade War unilaterally against China immediately after he had ascertained that we had helped him coerce Kim, the North Korean leader, into the Singapore Meeting and unilateral disarmament.

This time he again is talking about his impending meeting with Kim -- in the coming January or February -- while giving the hope about withdrawing bilateral tariffs in the foreseeable future, and this time we again have promised to help him achieve his goal of meeting Kim Jr.

What's to come after the meeting with Kim?

Upon implementation of a third of the promises Trump made during the meeting -- including the withdrawal of ALL tariffs between the two nations and the observance of the Three Communiques regarding the issue of Taiwan, the Sun will rise from the west sometime next year.

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