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The Mike Pence Speech on October 4, 2018   [Copy link] 中文

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Gentlemen, ladies, youths, toddlers and babies (strictly in that order):

The filtered posts have appeared in the thread about expelling the Chinese university student on pages 19-21 of the thread at China Watch.  

It is very, VERY important that you finish reading them to get the maximum benefit for yourself and your loved ones from this unique thread.

Thank you.

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At a time when American Vice President Pence found it expedient for him to slam China in an all-out attack on Thursday, providing yet the best proof that America's days as the Number One economy in the world are indeed numbered, we persisted in keeping our fingers crossed and our mouths shut.  The only retort I have heard so far from the Chinese side was a muted one.

It is indeed that much more counter-intuitive for our FM Wang Yi to stand there on the UN podium vehemently DENYING that China has any intention to substitute America as the Big Brother (Yi Ge) amongst the family of nations.  

While I can understand that it is almost second nature for Chinese diplomats to adopt a low profile in presenting China's image, it is quite another matter for Wang Yi to even imply in his UN speech that China is tired of war games and and that third-world countries should not expect leadership from China any time soon, and that it was best for them to follow America's lead in solving the world's problems even after Trump had until withdrawn from international platforms, shredding all multilateral material agreements that could have served to save the day,

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The drop in unemployment figures in the U.S. to its lowest in decades is nothing strange.

It is because of the Age Wave demographics.

When a large segment of the American population moves into the baby-boomer retirement age, they are not going to apply for unemployment benefits as unemployed workers.  

Instead, they are just going to stay home and watch their grandchildren or their pampered dogs.

So combining the number of retiring baby-boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) and the low number of job-seekers amongst them, of course the unemployment figure is going to be low.

But does Cheating Donald tell you that?


Does anyone in his cabinet tell you that?


That's because they want the public to think they have macro-managed the economy so well that unemployment figures are really going to reflect the current employment situation in America.

Tell that to the millions of skilled and trained white-collar workers who can't find jobs in their fields, and you know it is not the true picture.

Stop pretending and stop this trade war now!

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I am reviewing previous works by the three authors before presenting my own views.  Just be patient for a few days because I am waiting for some pertinent material to be sent to me.

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wchao37 Post time: 2018-10-8 14:01
Donald the Trump is in big legal trouble.

Manafort, his former campaign manager, was a protege and  ...

Talk about Cao Cao, and Cao Cao is here.

I was just talking about Zhang Yingying's case at UIUC, and all of a sudden there's news about the case.

The suspect's lawyer has asked the court to move the trial to Peoria, quite a distance from Urbana Champagne.  

If approved, this means many witnesses and other pertinent personnel involved in the case will be inconvenienced, not to speak of the added financial burden on the government.

Based on cogent reasons, Zhang's parents are appealing to the Illinois court not to move the trial to Peoria or anywhere else.  Let's hope that their wish will be respected by the court.


CHICAGO -- Prosecutors and the family of missing Chinese visiting scholar Zhang Yingying requested the US Illinois state judge not to change trial place for her alleged kidnapper and killer, Brendt Christensen, local media reported on Thursday.

Last month, Christensen's lawyers asked that the trial be moved to Peoria, from Urbana where the the crime occurred. They cited extensive media coverage, negative online comments and a poll showing 76.5 percent of respondents in the Urbana area were familiar with the case, more than 59 percent of respondents in the Peoria area.

According to News Gazette, prosecutors filed court motions this week, providing a statement from the family of Zhang Yingying, the Chinese lady last seen on June 9, 2017, entering Christensen's car near a bus stop on campus at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).

After three weeks, police arrested the 28-year-old Christensen, a former UIUC doctoral student, charging him with kidnapping, torturing and killing Zhang.

"We strongly hope the venue of the case against her alleged killer remains in the federal court in Urbana," the family said. "This would be most convenient for us, provide us with the most emotional support, and keep us close to the place our daughter was last seen alive."

"While we understand that Peoria is a nice place, it would not be able to provide us with the support we have received in Urbana-Champaign," the family wrote.

Prosecutors also argued that a trial in Peoria would be inconvenient for witnesses, most of whom live in Urbana-Champaign area.

"This is likely to be a lengthy trial, and forcing all of the witnesses to travel and wait to testify while far from home will cause inconvenience for all of them, and significant additional expense for the government," US Attorney John Childress wrote.

The trial for Christensen is set for April 2, 2019. He will face the death penalty if found guilty of kidnapping resulting in death.

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This post was edited by wchao37 at 2018-10-22 11:51

I am still waiting for some important material to be sent to me before I can fully assess the three posts.  If I don't receive all of them by Wednesday, I'll go ahead without it.

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