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The Mike Pence Speech on October 4, 2018   [Copy link] 中文

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markwu Post time: 2018-10-11 09:39
Out of respect for CD, i won't repost the missing post.

And yes, in using trade deficit as the US s ...

Hey mark:

My posts bite the dust all the time.  

So don't feel bad about it, and just remember that you ARE respected here.

Not too long ago I saw your remark that you wish you had more time to contribute to China.

Love is a many-splendored thing, and we shouldn't be shy to tell anyone that we are in love with China.

Love means you are not afraid of rejection.

Just keep telling her how much you love her.

How much?

This much....

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I am confident that if I write a book I can get millions of dollars.

The fact that I am writing here at CD and then get someone like Ted Fishman referring to my writings in his book (which I am sure grossed him a million dollars) as one of his sources shows that I love China without thinking of any compensation.

That is what love is, and I am very proud of it.

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True love exacts no conditions.

I expect nothing from China except

for the pleasure of seeing her achieve the highest that her peoples can achieve in the fastest and broadest ways on all cylinders.

And woe betide her enemies; may a thousand gnats invade their armpits.

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markwu Post time: 2018-10-11 16:29
True love exacts no conditions.

I expect nothing from China except
may a thousand gnats invade their armpits.

How does that work?

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This post was edited by wchao37 at 2018-10-12 09:30

So now Donald the Tramp is saying bad things about China again.

Anyone hobnobbing with that Navarro chap day in and day out talking about the mom's alleged bad experience in New York is bound to come away with such a sicko mentality.

That's why even his UN representative Hailey is quitting.  

No one can stand a pathological liar.

I just read through former law man James Comey's new book on higher loyalty detailing why he left the real-estate man.

It seems like Comey was a decent man who started out wanting to become a doctor, but got distracted along the way by a course on religion offered at his university.

Another victim of organized religion!

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A: (extracts a Marlboro, lights it, inhales, smoke issues from nostrils, puts pack back into shirt pocket)

B: (looks at the shirt pocket, whinces, pulls out a 中南海, lights it, inhales, looks across the waters of Hangzhou's West Lake)

A: Friend, my country's Kudlow said we may meet at G20 in Buenos Aires next month. He added China has shown no willingness to accept our US' demand to end the escalating trade war and has not provided satisfactory responses to our demands.

B: (thinks of Su Tungpo, the real genius, astride his neighing horse) Ah, yes. Kudlow. The one who said China has a lousy economy? If China is such a goner, why bother to talk? If a global hegemon like your US makes demands, which other sovereign superpower should kowtow to even listen in this day and age of cultured coexistential diplomacy?

Look, A. Ask yourself who started the trade war? Certainly not China. Who made demands? Certainly not China. Who listed 140 demands and those after firing two salvoes of trade tariffs? Certainly not China. And, who responded by generously agreeing on the spot to one-third of those demands, asking to discuss further the second-third but standing firm to deny the final third because they remain incongruous, unreasonable and unthinkable?  Only a nation as wise and justified as China. And your US is still not satisfied but remains oblivious to the nuanced messages?

Which sovereign nation can accept all demands that include demands which require another sovereign nation to slap its own face, shoot itself in the foot, tie itself up forever and keep quiet about it?

A: (hand trembles, ash falls onto pants) But our views on China are shared by Europe, Canada and Japan...

B: (eyes roll and roll). Oh, you mean this?

A: (amber falls on pants, burns hole size of nickel) So what you want us to do? Our trade deficit with your country is mountainous. We can't continue to bankroll the world. We have been taken for a ride for too long. Our workers are rusting in our rust belt. Our trigger-happy, opiod-generations have lost hope, direction and focus. If you were us, what would you have done?

B: If we were you? Let me see...One, accept that problems are better solved and more permanently at that if done cooperatively with others treated as friends rather than upfront as adversaries, rivals or enemies. Follow me so far? That is common sense, no? It is a counterproductive drain on teamwork energy and results if participants cannot trust one another long-term to solve problems common to all. No good can come or last from playing the zero-sum game that says i win only if you lose. This planet and its resources are not big enough for antagonistic hubris. Because if you do something bad onto someone, don't expect that person to just take it. If he just swallows it, that would be bad for the human right your lot seems to proclaim. And since humans make up a sovereignty, what more for sovereign rights.

Second, your rustbelt workers without jobs. Did you stop to look for a creative, cooperative and accommodating solution first instead so that no one loses and you get to develop for the future instead? Nah, you just took out your colt 45 and fired at shadows. Let me give you an example. How about steel? Your steel mills closed because you import directly and indirectly the products from China, India, South Korea, Germany, East Europe and so on. But did you check why your steel mills could not compete? It is because of your union-locked wage requirements and the static condition of your mill technologies. While other countries have been investing to start their steel industry and therefore could adopt the latest technology, yours remain moribund. Your management was more interested in looking for personal perks while others were lean and green. Then you say the imported steel was dumped onto your market. They were not dumped. They were just surplus production owing to competition by mills in different places which had opened up for the first time because your capitalists insisted the countries open up their markets but forgot that in order for open markets to pay for imports, the peoples must have jobs to buy them.

A: Ahah! Exactly the same reason we faced, don't you agree? (fumes emit from hole in pants)

B: (eyebrows rise a centimetre) Patience. Let me finish what i am saying.

In this case of your steel workers, the solution would have been simpler and overflowing with more finesse. Let's say it's between us. First, you ask us to help solve your problem of your own capitalists offshoring your industries, leading to less work for your workers. You must be honest, contrite and humbled that the problem is of your own doing. In fact, you can set the pace and mood of the consultation by admitting those facts upfront. There's no loss of face. If you do well, so will I since business must be long-term for both just as talk must supercede unnecessary acrimony.

Next, i will respond to try to help. I will suggest why not you let us take over your steel mills; we will pay market price for part of them, perhaps as joint-venture partners. We will retain your workers, and may even give them better wages than they have been getting. Then you and I will sit down and work out the value-chain of each mill to see how our products sent over from our mills can be the inputs for your mills to upgrade, thereby speedily raising the competitiveness of your mills' output so that more funds will be available to develop better steel products not just for your local market but also for us, even the rest of the world.

And as that happens, our mills back home here can develop higher value adds because they have been able to export to you so that the steel mills of both countries work in tandem to cooperatively raise each other's bars and more importantly, without either losing out in any way.

You may ask - but yours over here will steal our technology - and then bypass us globally. Let me respond beyond your thinking mode. If that were so, the entire suggestion will collapse for steel. And therefore not be sustainable for other industries as well. Which is exactly what is happening now. Can you see where i have been coming from? Holism rather than tit-tat trivials is what will make whole bigger than sum of parts in a world of shrinking resources.

You see, A, what is important for the world of trade and progress these days and into the future is not about competition that those kiddo's of yours seem to bray and echo thoughtlessly despite their education. What's important is cooperation to lift production value-chains everywhere so as to prime continuous innovation for all. Because that's how civilisations can progress.

And in the case of steel, aluminium, tyres, plastics, generators, cranes, tractors, machine parts, and what-not, your own engineers association has labelled the US infrastructure (which need them) as bucklingly subpar. The last time i was over, i thought that somehow the US must have liked its '50s so much it decided to remain there. So that because of the neglect, your industries can't progress faster but there's also the problem of funds which means you got to source cheaper materials. And in most cases, that's from us. Because we have the supply chains and scale of local demand that you need and can't reconstruct.

Notice that your White House has left to each of your states to solve their infrastructure problems? That's surrender of the matter, isn't it?  In fact, putting tariffs on those products needed for your infrastructure rehabilitation is a sure way of growing the problem faster and bigger instead. Besides their impacts on your treasury and thus yield and thus stock market and thus interest rate and thus national competitiveness. What were his transcript grades from Wharton?

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A: (squashes ciggy under foot, lights another, sips a coke to salve the dryness of throat) Look, steel is a national security imperative. What happens if we go to war and find you as our enemy owning our steel mills to prevent us from making more battleships to go to Asia? Hah, what then?

B: (eyes darken thunderously) War? Again? Wow, i didn't realize US technology is so superior that your steel mills can grow legs to swim the Pacific Ocean back to their owners. For that matter, automobiles that can drive off your continent. Or microchips in handphones that will explode to kill the consumer who is however only prized for the next upgrade.  Or antenna-less CCTVs that can transmit to the other side of the globe. Come on, Signore Marconi, gimme a break.

And if you want to talk about Asian waters, how about telling us what with those islands nearer our coastline than your Japan's southernmost tip? Your excuse of US protection of free navigation to maraud Asian waters is so the specious, isn't it? China has a greater claim to that objective than ever the US which is geographically separated faraway by the same Pacific Ocean that you want your steel mills to make battleships for if and when the time comes. Why, you already planning to wage war? Didn't you learn Geography in school, for that matter the history of the 1949 US Yangtze Patrol?

A: We must act our part as the global superpower. We owe it to our allies.

B: Who, as you can, are already our esteemed trade partners. Now, why would we invade suppliers and buyers of our products?  Look instead at the facts. Your US stations 138,000 troops in 800 formal US military bases in 80 countries. Your Defense Department spends more on arms than Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, France, UK and us. The record of US military intervention has been horrendous in the Middle East, Asia, Afghanistan and even East Europe and let's not waste time elaborating them. What was it the helicopter troops were blaring from loudspeakers as they swept from the skies to mow down Vietnamese villagers in Coppola's Apocalyse Now? Bach or Beethoven? By the way, that's what the Leibstandarte were asking when listening to the Jewish pianist in one ghetto scene of ethnic cleansing in Spielsberg's Schindler's List. See the correlate?

A: Those are just movies, B. We don't kill needlessly.

B: Then My Lai must have been a myth. But WMD in Iraq certainly wasn't, was it now? If you lie every time, people will believe anything after and therefore nothing in the aftermath. Why not stick to facts - whether about history or trade. Tell your President and his hangers-on that for us.

A: You people mess around with our electorate.

B: Is that now your best remaining shot? (Turns cheek to one side). Go ahead, throw your best punch, but be forewarned pugilistics started here while your people were still in barks in the Dark Ages. Look, A, why should we try to influence your country's electorate when your own citizens are doing a damn good job at it themselves using the discussive freedom offered by your forefathers' constitution? I am more concerned that tilting your Supreme Court composition towards neocon Republicans will only reinforce the geo-historical conclusion i have already drawn about the US.

A: Oh, and what's that?

B: That your US political system is actually a wax-wane and ebb-tide of Republican-Democrat sentiments; you see, your Republicans execute means, and then your Democrats try to justify the ends to those means, as applied to other countries. Then the cycle repeats ad nauseum. Sin-eaters, i think, was the term used in one of your Bourne movies.

A: But we don't imprison our citizens by the thousands in re-education camps.

B: Ah, i was wondering when you would raise that. So you want to sanction the officials who did so because they had to in order to stop more of those murders where groups of eight could enter a railway station and knife to death another thirty one innocents all because of religiously-motivated ethnic disagreements? How about you walk the talk instead and let us ship them all to Washington DC as refugees? How many thousands can your district take? Do you need more CCTVs? We can supply them on attractive commercial terms.

A: (grins sheepishly). Errh, we were just looking for an excuse to lambast China on human rights as part of our total cold war campaign to globally put China in permanently bad light.

B: (scowls). Why am i no longer surprised? The sad and sick tendency of philistines, i presume?  But then again, if your people can hypocritically stop a car just because the driver nanny was an African-American and his charges in the passenger seats were White kids, then don't - come - talk - about - human - rights - here. Those 100,000 Iraqi peoples blockaded and sanctioned from food and medicine - and died by just one stroke of your presidential pen - are now forgotten, aren't they? Their children munificently received for Christmas what yours didn't - the best depleted Uranium shells money can buy. And your government now wants to do the same onto Iran?  Now why didn't Alfred Nobel start a Nobel Prize for War and Destruction since he invented nitroglycerine? No guesses which country will receive most of 'em.

A: (finished drink, tries to change the subject) How about a game of ping-pong?

B: I must caution you i am dangerous with my backhand strokes and totally devastating with my forehand smashes.

A: I am not worried. If trade wars are easy to win as i believe, then a game of ping-pong will be easier to win, a piece of cake for us in fact.

B: Really? Remind me then to put up a giant photo of our Great Helmsman to face you at the table. Deal or no deal, HE will see right through the whole lot of you. What was your Trump thinking when he started down this global road of madness?

A: (squirms, a bead of sweat drips down neck on autumnal morning). Stormy Daniels?


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