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The Mike Pence Speech on October 4, 2018   [Copy link] 中文

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The following is not that edited post (which remains missing) but....

US companies invested USD250 Billion into China and have been reaping USD500 Billion in sales annually.  

Most of China's exports to the US are actually made by those US companies with plants in China which means the portrayed trade deficit is an inflated figure in reality.

So, in raising tariffs on imports from China, the trumpistas would actually be hurting those US multinationals directly and many of the US local industries which depend on imported semi-finished parts or processed materials in order to make local goods to replace those imports whose prices are now raised by the tariffs as a consumption tax to be suffered by the US masses.

As for IP rights, China has been paying for IP no less in amount than Japan while progressing its legal development and enforcement; the issue was because there was a gap between what was enforced at provincial from federal levels, and the process has been ongoing to redress the catch-up so in rankling about it, the US has jumped the gun on what was being done anyway.  

As for JV sharing of IPs, the US concerns must have agreed to do so in exchange for access to the China market otherwise they could have walked away but that would mean most would have missed out on profits which in reality have saved many of their bottom-lines beyond IP earnings and paid for new R&D innovations back home besides uplifting their share prices.

It is also instructive to note that the French and Italian luxury brands which had railed against copycat items of yonder days no longer make a fuss because the Chinese consumers now in the millions can afford to buy the real stuff and actually have become the biggest global spenders on luxury items.

As for the US attempts to stop China2025 and China BRI (OBOR), that is just pure hegemonic hubris tantamount to telling another bona-fide national sovereign state they are not allowed to make progress.

Realizing it is an impossibility to stop another state from modernizing, the US should instead have encouraged its multinationals to strike their own technology transfer deals in such a way that the market for new products jointly made-in-by US+China can be global, tapping advantage from China's big-data supremacy to try out new products for the world.  

Now that the US is virtually starting another cold-war in all but name, that opportunity has passed and one may expect more anti-US sentiments in the world's biggest market. Even if in the short term the US partially succeeds in decoupling from China's final-assembly segment of the global supply chain thereby ending all prospects for a chinamerica vision, the long-term reality may be telescoped from considering a single Asia-centric fact on ppp: Asia/World population is 58% while North America/World population is 8%.

And if the US' answer is to bilateralize the trading world to its own protectionist exclusivity, the other countries may play along for a while but soon enough will realize they will be under the thumbs of the US - because what against China now, too against them one day - so that to hedge against future risks of such an eventuality, they may want to trade in renminbi, thereby softening sovereign monetary risks from servitude to the exorbitant privilege of the petro-dollar, and that will be a safeguard especially germane in the light of the no-turnback, flash-point of global climate crisis only a dozen years away.

All these besides the remaining tariff point to save/create some medieval industry US production jobs but at expense of losing millions of other ancillary and downstream US jobs that had come about from China et al imports

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This post was edited by wchao37 at 2018-10-11 14:29
markwu Post time: 2018-10-9 19:29
Sensed so too within the first three seconds.

Thanks for confirmation. Maybe i should move on to  ...

Yes, I think you should too.

I am going to expand on some of the arguments made here in this thread.

I'd be proud to have you join me in the discussions whenever possible.

If Donald Trump survives the mid-term election test, there's going to be a lot of hand-wringing anxiety around the world, and Beijing is no exception because no one knows what he's going to do next.

I don't believe uncertainty represents his negotiation style, as many seem to believe these days.

He is simply by nature that kind of person.

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markwu Post time: 2018-10-9 23:39
The following is not that edited post (which remains missing) but....

US companies invested USD250  ...

Nice job, mark.

Thanks so much for putting your thoughts here kicking up a cloud of electrons.

Please go to the Opinions Section of CD and see if you agree with the three writers on the subject.

I don't, and I'll explain why when I actually get to them one by one.

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wchao37 Post time: 2018-10-10 14:16
Nice job, mark.

Thanks so much for putting your thoughts here kicking up a cloud of electrons.

I am still puzzled as to why your edited post hasn't arrived.

So you did talk about Fan Bingbing's dog.

Nah....that post of yours really got me curious, and I don't think I am the only one.

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Trump is at it again, and the spokesman from our foreign ministry just told the world that the man is essentially a liar -- which he is, no doubt about it -- but why let him get away with the lies without labeling them as such in no uncertain terms.  

The man's skin is rhinoceros-thick and wouldn't mind being scolded upfront.

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Out of respect for CD, i won't repost the missing post.

And yes, in using trade deficit as the US sledgehammer on China, Trump has rapidly within one month expanded his malfeasance to other matters as well, thereby posing an existential threat now to crush China. Is it because November on his neocon populist ticket is coming up, one no longer wonders.

Basically, he wants to finish off China in its present form, and in his Pence's (articulate that name roughly as "pen..") speech, all that bile was spewed out.  

But as we all know, it will be his most colossal mistake to ignore that China's culture and history have alloyed in a transcendental crucible of national will to create a new steel of resolute strength to rebuff his simian tricks.

It is a mark of wisdom that China did not respond to his trade tariff ramps except by a grudging proportionality designed only to make him reconsider his foolhardiness.

If China had caved in then, the true objectives of the trumpistas would have been revealed piece by piece - they would have demanded for the next thing, and next, and next, on the mistaken psychological belief that China would have to relent if not to lose any concessions received in the first stage. If it already has not, DPRK should therefore take note now.

In sum, who in the world will thus not conclude let alone accept the US has been merely exercising blatant, outright and devious blackmail executed through a schoolyard bully pretentiously believing he is a globally stable genius come down from the Mount?  And which nation will suffer such a toxic and baboonic buffoon?

Events of the past one year have shown that the US has finally shed its pretentious garb of righteousness to reveal a roller-coaster wrecking-ball monster hellbent on personal might above global right.

Don't those around and under Trump feel a sickening sense of outrage enough to do something about this character besought with moral turpitude? But one forgets, many have resigned including his Haley so soon after the collective guffaw by the UN at his eye-popping speech before the global congregation of leaders.

Moreover, in inserting a sinophobic poison pill clause into his bilateral trade agreements with Mexico and Canada, Trump is showing himself as the ultimate resurrection of his country's misanthropic Archie Bunker, however now with a bigger headpiece.

Other countries in his line of cross-sights must therefore take precautions with regards US bilateral deals. After all, poison pills can only and always be poisonous. And unlike OTC meds, they have no expiry dates.

This conclusion must have been inevitably shared by the thirty eight thousand (and growing) US companies which have already applied to their own government to be exempted from Trump's mad tariffs. Why did they do so if US tariffs are not resultantly bad for US industries?  

Furthermore, taking comfort that the US economy has momentarily sprung up is just inexcusably conflating more funds repatriations with presumed effect of tariff impositions.

Furthermore, wrecking the global technology supply chain with more Cfius restrictions will only serve to degenerate prospects for a more integrated, less balkanized and pro-modernized world; minutes after the announcement, Nasdaq dropped four percent in tandem with the fall of most US tech stock prices.

Look, multi-lateralism bespeaks natural diversity bespeaks different strokes for different folks so that all can contribute to uplift consumer masses throughout the world to partake from cooperative innovations at the doorsteps of realization because only then can they combine savvy cost-effectiveness, mass-oriented innovativeness and whole-scale distributiveness as a combination of multi-lateral characteristics and effort.

No Made Only In USA product will sell well in any Asian, pro-European or Latin American country because peoples can't afford them or don't want them. In clouding the global trade system, are those peoples therefore to be now deprived of other cheaper but equally good products whose production bases are nefariously being roiled by the US trample of might by personal glorification of the US way as the only way?

The trumpistas want it all for themselves - the exclusivity of the old white-man anglo-saxon empire revived as the alpha man sahib's to bestride the new world since the old one they had already denuded and thus made dependent.

The pace of their doing so has quickened because they must have become painfully aware there is an intrinsic self-destructiveness in their so-called 'democratic' capitalist system which has only a singular characteristic to reward those who have at the net expense of those who don't. It seems being an American must have some exclusive privileges in today's world.

Therefore they want to find whipping boys and bogeymen to deflect attention of their own masses from the folly of their administration which at the same time wants to monopolize inventions and discoveries in some exclusive club of first-to-patent, a rule they wrote without any prior consultation with those who matter so that they be the only ones to determine how much to extract, failing which punish.

And today, as you read this, they have decided China is da man to tar, not knowing that China is in reality 大门  for all for the rest of this century.

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Another post awaits approval even as the earlier edited one has bitten the dust.  Sigh. Wei Chao, i should leave this place and maybe hibernate now that winter is around the corner.


"We triumph not so much over other people as over our own self-imposed boundaries."

The US people should think about that. Trump of course can't see its wisdom.  With more than one bride and a slew of bankruptcies under his belt, he just wants to be unbridled.

IF the US delegation comes to Beijing again for talks, those talks should be preceded by a round of ping-pong.  

If the US insists on resetting 40 years of personal relations, a new round of ping-pong diplomacy may be needed to remind them it is infinitely easier to engage than to contain.

Note the Asian waters had been relatively quiet and stable. The moment the US navy prowled it again, Tsai suddenly became emboldened to vocalize even when so many of the industrialists from that island were making big bucks over on the Mainland. Did she even give a thought what would happen to the island's economy if any future US incursion sparks a conflict?

Let's call a spade a spade. Whoever occupies that Oval seat in the US white house has never had a conscionably sustained and honest intention on China.

All of those US presidents, too hasty. None, wise enough to see it is a characteristic of the old culture to see if the outsider will invest enough trust long enough to build a really honest relationship that will enable both to individually 'triumph over their self-imposed boundaries'.

Should i visit Wuxi instead of writing invisible posts here, wchao3"8"?

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