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The Mike Pence Speech on October 4, 2018   [Copy link] 中文

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markwu Post time: 2018-11-1 13:07
a small correction to a reply that will however not see the light of day:

west of'

I am on a trip now.  Will talk to you later.

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LuvChinaLuv Post time: 2018-11-3 12:31
In your opinion wchao37, how could China & Japan get along each other/adjust to each other for bet ...

You are "new" appearing right on the heels of several ghosts of the Abominable Snowman.

And right on your first visit you ask me a barrage of questions unrelated to the topic of this thread.

So that raises a flag, especially at a time like this.

What can I say?  

Thank you for asking, but you first need to prove yourself in future postings in other threads.

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"We believe that we can expand our market horizons in China. We are talking about 1.3 billion people, and even if we can get one percent of that market, it is very huge. So everybody is looking to China," Aidoo said.

That's what Coca Cola's president said when Nixon's visit on February 21, 1972 was announced by Henry Kissinger in late 1971.

Now refocus the lens to November 4, 2018.   Still the same words, but an entirely different scenario.

Back then the average wage of a Chinese worker was Y36 (equivalent to about US$15) a month, and so even though that could buy you a few cases of coke, nothing else was truly affordable.

Chairman Mao, together with his colleagues such as Premier Zhou En-lai, was instrumental in ensuring that the foundation to build a comprehensive industrial base was established in China during his rule.  

China's original capital accumulation for industrialization had to come from agricultural expansion -- the work at this stage of China's economic development could only be described as arduous, and the task that the party's leadership had assigned for itself could only be characterized as gargantuan.

Then came the forty years of China's Gaige Kaifang that enabled today's first import event to be held in the first place, now that we have enough money to attract 172 countries to come to Shanghai to sell their goods and in the process learn more about China -- the nation's imported goods and services has been projected to exceed 30 trillion U.S. dollars and 10 trillion U.S. dollars, respectively, in the next 15 years.

As proof of the feasibility of this projection, it is an established fact that China has been the world's second largest merchandise importer for nine consecutive years.

So anyone who has watched today's broadcast would have noted the pervasively optimistic demeanor of the world's exporters gathered at the CIIE, which is projected to be an annual event not only for the purpose of letting the world's premier sellers and buyers get together to talk business, but also through their TV cameras to showcase China's alluring charm as exemplified by the rich resplendence of Shanghai's Bund or Waitang.

Just enjoy the Exposition for this will be the in-event for the next century as Shanghai rises like a phoenix to take its rightful place as the economic hub of the East Asian heartland.

Finally, of all of China's dialects, I speak Shanghainese the best.  So as the Shanghainese will tell you -- "A la huening nong" -- we welcome you all!

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This post was edited by wchao37 at 2018-11-10 20:44

The examples invoked here are factual and they do reflect what parcher has labeled in post #21 as supporting the phenomenon of "the new kid on the block."

Naturally I am aware of these facts and the attention Mandarin as the "new kid" has attracted from around the world, but my feeling is that the two situations are fundamentally dissimilar, and the key difference here is PRIORITIZATION.

Every person on earth has 24 hours, and this five-year old is certainly no exception.

His parents are presented here as executives of a waiqi-- American-owned Ford Motor Company in Shanghai -- who presumably as BUSY individuals aren't given to having much time teaching their son themselves.

So it is reasonable to assume that the task of providing their son with an after-school education has befallen upon someone else, and whoever is responsible for teaching the son English is not just reading selected paragraphs from the book to him, since we are told here that this is the kid's "English reading list" and not his "read-to list," but is also making sure that the kid actually reads and understands the content of the 500 books.

And that's just a small part of the kid's recorded 'achievements.'  

If that's not a tall order, what is?

Even if we take a thousand steps backwards and believe the parents' claim, note that the braggadocio on the 'reading list' doesn't include any books in Chinese, and therein lies the problem -- the parents are not teaching their child to take more than a lukewarm attitude towards Chinese studies.

On the other hand, the examples we are given here do not allude to the kids' prioritization of studies.  Yes, Ivanka's daughter and the British royalty's kids are being taught Chinese, but these are normal after-school activities whose parents happen to be in a position to see where the world is heading, and that's why the element of surprise is non-existent.  The main emphasis on their education is still their own mother language -- English.

The problem with this 5-year old child's parents is that they are not giving their son the proper linguistic orientation during his most formative years as far as language development is concerned, and since language is the fundamental carrier of one's cultural heritage, it seems that they have failed their son in this respect.

For those that read Chinese, please note how the parents advertise themselves by self-aggrandizement -- their jobs/titles/positions, how great the parents are, etc.  So this whole thing is likely to be nothing more than a blatant attempt to attract more curious customers to the Ford Dealership to look at its gas-gustlers.

That's also why I asked if this is an atypical case, or if Shanghai has allowed itself to be contaminated by the ill winds from Hongkong and Taiwan to a point of no return -- now that there is little if any barrier to cultural exchange amongst the three Chinese communities.

If you ask me, I would tell you that flowers that open early do not blossom.  

This is because the child's natural inclination to learn is unlike that of a mechanical robot.  You can't force a child to forego his playing activities and expect him to develop his mind at his most vulnerable developmental stage.  

Life-spanning high academic achievers are always those who have developed unquenchable thirst to study at their own initiative at their own pace and according to their own needs at specific moments of their lives.

By enforcing strict discipline upon a 5-year old child to 'read 500 books a year' in a foreign language is a criminal offense punishable for child abuse by being locked up in a Shanghai penitentiary instead of being allowed to woo credulous customers through false advertisements into their Ford Dealership showroom.

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Pence just made another statement.  Something about the new US Build Act being for Indo-Pacific collaboration.

But how come he ne'er mentioned what his Potus and Hailey had stated before on the matter of US funding? Namely, they threatened to sanction countries and pull out from international agencies which have received US funds if they did't support US interests and agenda.

Maybe India, Japan and Australia should ask him that.

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markwu Post time: 2018-11-10 17:05
Pence just made another statement.  Something about the new US Build Act being for Indo-Pacific coll ...

At least India and Japan should ask him that.

The Aussies are fawning all over Trump and I don't think they would even ask him that.

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wchao37 Post time: 2018-11-11 04:09
At least India and Japan should ask him that.

The Aussies are fawning all over Trump and I don't ...

Just as Pence finished his statement, Pompeo said there were significant differences over the South China Sea, Taiwan and human rights. And Navarro elsewhere lambasted US globalists as unpaid mediators who were trying to defuse the trade situation. Meanwhile the US potus has just publicly tarred three Afro-African journalists as stupid and his White House was exposed as changing a raw footage of his press conference in an attempt to demonize a CNN reporter.

So, we have this messed-up cauldron of:

1. Pence selling to India, Japan etc some scheme of Indo-Pacific funding for infrastructure but with the US already on record elsewhere threatening it will withdraw funding in other areas if its personal interests are not protected which means US funds recipients will be forced to toe US lines of interest; furthermore, the US had never made such a suggestion before until China came up with its BRI/Obor initiative to lift up the region. Therefore can China ask for copyright payment from the US on the initiative?

2. Pompeo reviving divisive and confrontational matters even before he finished saying the US did not want a cold war or containment policy on China, and without explaining how bringing up Taiwan again, now as a "significant difference", could possibly serve the US One-China policy that has been a bedrock of bilateral relations of both countries; as for the matter of human rights, maybe Pompeo should check first what his Potus has just done that reeked of racism while on the grounds outside his office, soon after which he threatened to pull federal funding from California on grounds of 'mismanagement' - while it was burning;

3. Navarro, a failed politician, opportunist armchair academic, and virulent anti-China trade advisor to his Potus, has subsequently been whitewashed by his own boss' White House office as a mere freelancer for telling US multinationals and Wall Street not to try and mediate in the US trade dispute. After all, US global businesses will find it hard to explain to their shareholders why the US President is still allowing a racist lapdog to shape his relations with China.

Now, how can any country, let alone China, respond to such flim-flam antics? In just a week, three of the US so-called top officials and advisors have just exposed themselves and the self-immolating hidden agendas behind US policies towards China.

Is the US foreign policy and trade tirades some drunk man's random brownian motion? Which country can be blamed for thus concluding that insincerity and dishonesty in relations - whether international or personal - will soon enough expose their own perfidy, such as being seen just this week? DPRK and Iran must have seen the same and thus cannot be blamed for exercising caution going forward if they want to avoid a bar-room cards game brawl at the hands of a trigger-happy half-drunk cowboy stoned on some weed of superiority.

Is the US Word trustworthy anymore from now on?

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