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The Mike Pence Speech on October 4, 2018   [Copy link] 中文

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markwu Post time: 2018-10-31 09:45
If we read Pence's speech between the lines, the US objective is to remake China.

Martin Wolf at  ...

Waiting...well, all I was saying can be repeated in two sentences here:

Martin Wolf is the only wolf that has sharp teeth but doesn't bite unless he has to.  

He is usually good on this kind of analysis and is right on the nose on the point about China being an essential partner of the west to maintain the stability of the world economy.

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The century-long conflict between China and Japan is not a lovers' spat, and there is nothing to 'get over' between the two countries just as there is nothing to 'get over' between Superman and Voldemort if they happen to be neighbors in a Harry Porter story.  

The two simply have to adjust to each other as best they can for survival.

In the case at hand, of all major nations in our world, the one least willing to see China's rise is Japan.  

The Japanese are struggling within themselves over two agonizing realizations -- one of historical acknowledgment and the other of their own behavior during WWII.

So their first realization is that they owe the origin of their civilization to China.  

To be precise, it was in the year 702 A.D. that Japan first changed abruptly from a tribal society to a dynastic political entity.  

From hairdos to living quarters, from horse stables to royal palaces, beginning that year the Japanese began to pattern themselves after Tang China in every conceivable detail.

Even today you can see replicas of Tang Dynasty architecture in Kyoto and depiction of Tang life in the eighth century.

The Kanji in the Japanese alphabet is composed entirely of Hanji (regular Hanl Chinese characters).  Kanji is symbolic in Japanese language (or logographic), and the other two components -- Hiragana and Katakana -- are both phonetic symbols, many of which were borrowed from the running style of the Chinese language.

The second agonizing but deep-seated Japanese realization is that despite all the displays of public denials they understand full well the exceptional cruelty of what they had done in China during the 1931-45 war, including but not limited to the vivisection and germ warfare experiments with living subjects at Harbin and other places.  

The Nanjing Massacre was entirely unnecessary as an instrument of war because the KMT government had already vacated the seat of government at the capital and no one was resisting the occupation.  The only reason the Japanese competed to chop off heads or bury civilians alive was to get rid once for all the inferiority complex they had carried for 1235 years since 702 A.D. during the Tang times.  

The other major reason you need to understand why the bilateral relationship is so difficult is that the Japanese not only had a superiority complex over the Chinese in technological feats, but racial superiority as well.

You might feel strange to see how it was possible for a Mongoloid race whose average height for men was much shorter than that of an average Chinese to feel superior over the latter, yet it is true that the Japanese felt RACIALLY superior to the Chinese.

The eerie spectacle of Japanese RACIAL prejudice against the Chinese is due to their mis-interpretation of Social Darwinism, upon which they built their concept ascribing the temporary difference in technological prowess between China and Japan to permanent markers of genetic difference between the two peoples.

That's why they didn't feel guilty in slaughtering the 35 million Chinese civilians and conducting dissection experiments on live subjects without anesthesia.  To the Japanese, those subjects were merely marutas -- wood logs -- and not humans.

So they are so taken aback by Chinese advances in the last four decades -- as witnessed by the fact that Sony is now merely a subsidiary supplier of Huawei -- that they are now feeling compelled to work with Chinese as equals -- and this is the hardest part of the equation they have to adjust to if Sino-Japanese cooperation is to bear fruit.

Trump's plan is to fleece both China and Japan with the same MAGA chant, not realizing of course that he might just have unleashed the tidal wave that will push hitherto implacable foes into the deadly Superman-Vordemort embrace that, if realized in practice, will surely smash his MAGA dream to smithereens.

Abe is now in possession of a historical opportunity that won't knock twice at the same door.

Whether he truly understands the opportunity and the underlying psychology of the two East Asian neighbors will determine the destiny of his nation.

With or without Japan, China will reach her new rejuvenation destiny.  

Abe simply needs to understand that China's weakness in the past was not due to the lack of ability but because the Manchus needed to keep the Han Chinese backward to facilitate their own rule, and once the Chinese people has broken those shackles of the mind and develop their nation along the path of renovation-based scientific advancement, there is no force that can stop the Chinese people from realizing their dream for their beloved nation.

Willy-nilly China will be at the forefront of science and technology by 2025, and it is best for Japan's own good to keep her promises, culminating in prosperity for both nations.

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wchao37 Post time: 2018-11-1 09:26
The century-long conflict between China and Japan is not a lovers' spat, and there is nothing to 'ge ...

a small correction to a reply that will however not see the light of day:

west of'

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markwu Post time: 2018-11-1 13:07
a small correction to a reply that will however not see the light of day:

west of'

I am happy to see your posts -- invariably I read them first but not necessarily answer them first because they usually require more thoughtful answers.

And they don't always appear either.

So I have learned my lesson and tried to save the longer posts for modification..

The posts on the Cold War theme are taking longer than I expected because so many tasks are awaiting completion -- I have to answer a lot of the inquiries and comments like you do.

So let us just encourage each other as friends.

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markwu Post time: 2018-11-1 13:07
a small correction to a reply that will however not see the light of day:

west of'

Don't worry.  A typo doesn't subtract more than a comma from a great post.

I want to get back to the issues at hand before I launch those three answers.

Beijing needs to handle things differently from Washington, both for practical and cultural reasons.

First the practical reasons.

Suppose we send in marines (we are already strong enough to do that militarily) and occupy any small country that is in conflict with us, or even arrest its president like the U.S. marines did with Panama's Noriega (he is still in a Florida prison) during George Bush Sr.'s term, that would have given the West a perfect excuse to join their hands against us.  

Right now they don't have such an excuse and that's why there is still peace and quiet because a Western consensus cannot be reached in the face of China's strength and global community (datong) proposals.

So China has to make sacrifices on the practical level with the Philippines and now possibly with Japan too.  The worst troublemaker is Vietnam because it is physically proximal to the Xisha and Nansha islands.

Another practical reason that tips the balance against our use of force is that we are developing economically-feasible technology to explore environmentally-clean resources such as Flammable Ice which is within the reach of very few other countries, at a time when every nation should be environmentally responsible to the global community.

On the cultural side, the most important reason is that Chinese culture itself advocates peace, and that's why it has survived without interruptions since its inception.

Anthropologists did extensive studies on high primates' social behavior and they found that chimpanzees in general enjoyed a far more peaceful social network than other primates and they had performed the best on the survival-of-the-fittest scale, and their collective harmony with nature accounted for the fact that one of their genealogical branches evolved into humans (Homo sapiens).

As far as nations go, aggressive use of violence -- especially the kind used when a nation has the upper hand and feels most tempted to do so -- is counterproductive because such violence is logistically non-sustainable.  

Just look at all the conquering armies of Assyrians, Athens, Sparta, Romans, Ottomans, Portuguese, Spaniards, Dutch, French, British, Germans, Japanese, Soviets and now the Americans -- historically any nation that uses aggressive violence to enforce its hegemony had ended up in failure.

That's because there is this intrinsic physical law in our universe that dictates against Hegemony Without Honey.  The days when Americans could take a joking stab in the ribs and laugh at themselves are gone.  Those were the halcyon days when Americans could call themselves "Ugly Americans," worked hard and were at least gracious to their ladies.

They were the most innovative and most globalized in their aspirations, and for about five seconds they were on the right side of history -- remember that the first transnational company was American.

Now they have shootings almost every week, try to hide from their debtors at the UN, withdrawn from nearly all major international engagements and are beating up their ladies when they are too lazy to work at sweaty manufacturing jobs.  America is sick to the core and expects China to foot the bill for the medications through levying tariffs against the latter's nominally "unfair" trade practices.

The only thing unfair about China's trade practice is that for far too long her industrious, highly-intelligent workers have made too many personal sacrifices (like left-alone children and many other social problems) to manufacture affordable goods for average American -- in the process enriching America's transnational companies while still getting blamed for their back-breaking efforts.

So now this army of WASPs have crossed the Lubricorn and reached over to the other side of the Moral Divide.

Such a side-switching deal with Great Satan is sweetened by the latter's promise that America doesn't need to care about Mankind's shared goals any more.  

It has withdrawn from nearly all the consensual treaties in the name of MAGA and the underlying message is "Let our lazy, selfish WASPs thrive even though we know we don't deserve It ."  

They are fixated in this anti-immigrant thing because they are not searching within themselves for the reason for their descent from their high pedestal, but are still blaming it on both foes and allies.  It is not even the Imperial Overreach of yore but the "Incredibly Shortsighted Mr. Magoo" at core.

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How's the weather today?

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