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The Mike Pence Speech on October 4, 2018   [Copy link] 中文

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Just as Pence finished his statement, Pompeo said there were significant differences over the South China Sea, Taiwan and human rights. And Navarro elsewhere lambasted US globalists as unpaid mediators who were trying to defuse the trade situation. Meanwhile the US potus has just publicly tarred three Afro-African journalists as stupid and his White House was exposed as changing a raw footage of his press conference in an attempt to demonize a CNN reporter.

Trump is unsuited to his role as the leader of a superpower.  Period.

I mean who else openly fights with a reporter in his own press conference, to the extent that he revokes the latter's visitation rights at the White House?  

And to fake that raw footage of the CNN journalist Acosta as if the man had forcibly tried to ward off the forearm of the woman in the latter's attempt to grab the microphone away from him -- that really tops the list as niggardly absurdities from the White House.

So, we have this messed-up cauldron of:

1. Pence selling to India, Japan etc some scheme of Indo-Pacific funding for infrastructure but with the US already on record elsewhere threatening it will withdraw funding in other areas if its personal interests are not protected which means US funds recipients will be forced to toe US lines of interest; furthermore, the US had never made such a suggestion before until China came up with its BRI/Obor initiative to lift up the region. Therefore can China ask for copyright payment from the US on the initiative?

That depends on who's making the funding proposals.  

From the way the plan is presented, it looks like it is nothing more than hollow gestures from a miser who had withdrawn from nearly all major international commitments and engagements.  Fat chance that anyone is going to fall in line with a leader-wannabe who nonetheless refuses to fulfill its financial obligations.

2. Pompeo reviving divisive and confrontational matters even before he finished saying the US did not want a cold war or containment policy on China, and without explaining how bringing up Taiwan again, now as a "significant difference", could possibly serve the US One-China policy that has been a bedrock of bilateral relations of both countries; as for the matter of human rights, maybe Pompeo should check first what his Potus has just done that reeked of racism while on the grounds outside his office, soon after which he threatened to pull federal funding from California on grounds of 'mismanagement' - while it was burning;

There are quite a few 'spokemen' or 'spokewomen' from the White House each giving a different message according to the needs of the moment.

As you are saying here, the world is getting accustomed to hearing its lies and pretensions.  To put it in simple English -- they simply don't have the necessary wherewithal to do the things they want to do any more, but still want to stay in that  high pedestal giving orders to the rest of the world.  So the whole situation looks like a pantomime, but no one would dare to chuckle too early because there's always Donald the Tramp to spoil the laugh by wielding his nuclear options.

3. Navarro, a failed politician, opportunist armchair academic, and virulent anti-China trade advisor to his Potus, has subsequently been whitewashed by his own boss' White House office as a mere freelancer for telling US multinationals and Wall Street not to try and mediate in the US trade dispute. After all, US global businesses will find it hard to explain to their shareholders why the US President is still allowing a racist lapdog to shape his relations with China.

Rumor has it that this Navarro chap never succeeded in either politics or academic career because of a psycho-social barrier in his personality secondary to a traumatic experience he had had living with his single mom in New York City.  There was an Asian intruder who did youknowwhat in addition to burglarizing the apartment, and he had since sworn to exact revenge when he got the chance.

As far as could be discerned, the intruder might have been a Vietnamese or Filipino, and it was most likely a case of mistaken identity.  But he seemed to have made up his mind that the intruder was a Chinese.  So despite the fact that he had seldom if ever visited China before writing hate-mongering books on the country, he is now heading the China Trade Department.  Even Kissinger looks down upon this guy.  Have you ever seen a photo of the two together? I haven't.

Now, how can any country, let alone China, respond to such flim-flam antics? In just a week, three of the US so-called top officials and advisors have just exposed themselves and the self-immolating hidden agendas behind US policies towards China.

All this confusion and double- or triple- talk simply tell us that the country we know as America today is a far cry from the one we knew as late as the turn of the century.  It is trying to cure its own disease by letting others take the bitter medications for her -- which of course is an impossible task -- and despite its outward appearance of calmness, is actually experiencing a shearing force of great disparity between its goals and its capabilities.  Torn between the will to continue this trade war with China and letting it go momentarily to avoid impending disaster, the country is unsure which road she should take in the aftermath of the Midterm Elections.

Is the US foreign policy and trade tirades some drunk man's random brownian motion? Which country can be blamed for thus concluding that insincerity and dishonesty in relations - whether international or personal - will soon enough expose their own perfidy, such as being seen just this week? DPRK and Iran must have seen the same and thus cannot be blamed for exercising caution going forward if they want to avoid a bar-room cards game brawl at the hands of a trigger-happy half-drunk cowboy stoned on some weed of superiority.

At this stage of the game, it is fist-fighting against a shadow in that bar-room brawl you're talking about here -- whether it be Iran or the EU, China or Russia.

That's the trouble you make for yourself when you earn a diploma from U Penn Business School but forgot to take any classes in International Politics or management as a minor, and then decide to run for president at 70 just to see how the American sunset looks from the White House.

Is the US Word trustworthy anymore from now on?

The real question should be -- is his own word believable to himself looking into the mirror?

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"Pence: It’s up to China to avoid a cold war" (Washington Post)

Now how did that happen?! China never started the trade war so how did that suddenly next escalate to a cold war scenario?

Quiz: If Pence's boss has an IQ of a carrot, what IQ does Pence have?

Answer: ?

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markwu Post time: 2018-11-14 16:12

"Pence: It’s up to China to avoid a cold war" (Washington Post)

"0" as in Zero.

His boss's 1 plus his 0 adds up to 10.

That's too smart for being an American VP.

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Let you tell you a bit about American history.

On November 2, 1791, American general Harmer fought a battle against Chillicothe, during which 300 Americans were killed.  The next year at St. Clair another Native American force surrounded the Americans, resulting in 800 American casualties.  It was called the Victory with No Name, because the whites didn't want to acknowledge the fact the natives could be smart and resourceful in battles.

But what happened subsequently was that a congressional investigation was called, and the blame was put on the poor soldiers (so as not to credit Indians with brain and brawn).

George Washington then got funds from the congress to build a professional army to be trained by Matt Anthony Wayne (some say he was Actor John Wayne's distant relative?).  Ever since then the U.S. military had its sights set on the West -- the "Manifest Destiny."  

After wiping out the natives in the west, these professional soldiers weren't stopped until the Korean War in October 1950 when Chinese soldiers entered North Korea on behalf of Kim Il Song and defeated the U.S. marines who had landed at Inchon.  This led to the longest retreat (250 miles) in U.S. military history.

And the French encountered ultimate defeat in Dien Bien Phu at the hands of China's general Wei Guo Qing (who devised all the battle plans, but credit was instead given to Vietnamese general Vo Nguyen-giap for political reasons -- to boost North Vietnamese morale), and the Americans had to withdraw from Vietnam after suffering their last defeat in 1975.

These negative experiences taught the Americans that they should never underestimate the resolve and capability of the Chinese PLA, or else they would have gone in to occupy all the islands in the South China Sea by now.

This part of U.S. history is important for us to understand why the Americans have failed to understand China -- because their genocidal success against the Native Americans had taught them that might is right, and that it is possible to get away with murder.

So it is not that they are incapable of understanding China -- it is just that they believe in their Manifest Destiny to rule the world by pushing westward from the thirteen colonies, and they don't believe China could be any different when it comes to empire building.

Therefore conflict leading ultimately to war is the only possible outcome in the long run -- the only thing stopping them now is how high a price they are willing to pay.

If they feel they have the absolute upper hand they will launch a war and I guarantee it.  So the only thing China can do is to build a military more powerful than that of the Americans.

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The brutal subjugation of aboriginal people was an inevitable occurrence. This happened every time a more-advanced culture encountered a less-advanced one. In all parts of the world - not just in America. Nowadays there are higher moral standards that reduce the cruelty to aboriginals. But the victory of the fittest has been the rule ever since homo sapiens defeated the Neandertals. It is not really relevant to US China policy. Of course the current US China policy is wrong because it involves a resistance to the reality of China's great power status.
What's on your mind...

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