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The Mike Pence Speech on October 4, 2018   [Copy link] 中文

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It was billed as the start of a new Cold War between China and the United States by the American media.

Yes, the speech given by American Vice-President Mike Pence on October 4 -- right in the middle of China's National Holiday festivities -- was merely a retrospective confirmation of the emblems of enmity that have existed between China and America since the beginning of the year 2018.

Such enmity has been prompted by the phenomenal success of the Chinese economy since that unprecedented political turnaround in 1978 -- the kind of success that has further driven Americans to madness after the announcement of China's 2025 Plan during the CCP's Ninth Congress.  Indeed, the antipathy China's success had aroused in America in the course of the last forty years has no historical parallel in the entire bilateral relationship.

That China's burgeoning coffers are welcomed by all righteous peoples the world over and especially those in the Third World is hardly a hyperbole.  It is the greatest make-over story of our contemporary world, and that’s why you see so many celebrations and festivities in China during the current October festival – the Chinese people know they are on the right path.  They do not have to be reminded of who has done what to whom by the vice-president of an obnoxious hegemon.

The Chinese success story is maligned by the White House occupant because it has upset his political base’s only applecart.  

Never in history has a non-white nation succeeded in taking over the reins of economic and political leadership from the hands of a white nation in the modern era, and that's why clouds of jealousy have been gathering not just on trade issues, but in all other areas.

That’s why the real-estate man sent his vice-president to slander the Chinese people and their government on this prideful day in October because he and his folks are sore losers who wouldn’t look into themselves for the reasons of American decline but would instead take the easier path of smearing Chinese morality and belittling Chinese accomplishments by putting labels such as “theft,” “forced transfers,” “stolen property rights” etc. to describe the tools with which the diligent Chinese people have used to build their nation.

That this is blind jealousy can be seen from the fact that the American vice-president merely read from the teleprompter without seeming to understand what he was saying.  He was starry-eyed, looking lost and bewildered by his own speech, the content of which he had obviously barely started to digest the night before the delivery.

The starry-eyed man did not seem to understand that by making such Peter-Navarroish charges of IPR thefts, forced transfers of technology etc. against China, he was also painting the white people in America as gullible fools who are so dimwitted that for over forty years they had been hoodwinked into handing over every imaginable benefit to China without compensation.

I mean I could believe your sister has been raped once or twice in her drunken days, but raped repeatedly every day and every night for over forty years by the same ‘Chinaman’ according to their own racist parlance?

Gimme a break!

Remember that it took China fifteen years of arduous negotiations just to join the WTO under rules established by the Americans themselves.

So is it even logically possible, knowing the history of American Exceptionalism and Manifest Destiny, that they have been duped by the Chinese while they are simultaneously pursuing a policy of international hooliganism, terrorizing every country on earth including their own allies under the present administration, and continuing to bully other nations through sanctioning and other means empowered by their Dollar and Military?  

So the speech is just a form of scapegoating to explain away their own incompetence by blaming everything on China, that for over forty years they have been fleeced by some laundrymen from Cathay, the lookalikes of whom they thought they had already exterminated  in their genocidal campaigns against “Native Americans.”  

Have they not read about the demise of these Native Americans, who had buried their hearts at Wounded Knee, from their WASP-authored school textbooks?  That they had literally gotten away with murder in their homicidal warfare against the Original Settlers of the Americas should be repeatedly emphasized in China's policy statements as soon as the Americans bring up the subject of Taiwan in an attempt to interfere in our internal affairs.

It is useless for China's spokeswoman to admonish them that they are interfering in our internal affairs through their incessant misbehavior around our offshore islands, the largest of which is Taiwan.  Just reciprocate the insult by repeatedly reminding them that they are living on someone else's continent-sized land.

It is obvious to every unbiased soul that Chinese accomplishments in the past forty years resulted from the hard work of its highly-intelligent people and not on anything else.  Only a fool, a total liar, or an incorrigible scoundrel would subscribe to their VP's contrariwise line of argument.   

Yes, the world could feel the presence of the real-estate man leaning on his starry-eyed vice-president to read that teleprompter in front of the world’s cameras.  He knows it is a foolish speech and that’s why he’s letting the vice-president read it, and not he himself.

Wei Chao, M.D.

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Donald the Trump is in big legal trouble.

Manafort, his former campaign manager, was a protege and advisor to Yanokovich, the former pro-Russian Ukrainian leader.  

Both Manafort and Yanokovich escaped to Russia when American-induced violence broke out in Ukraine, with Manafort later sent by Kremlin to help Donald win the election.

So the trail of Manafort, who was found guilty of criminal charges in a New York court a while ago, could be traced directly to Russia, and yet we are told that there had been no Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Manafort's fate is tied to that of the Donald because his conviction could conceivably lead to the impeachment of the American president.

So the real-estate man's strategy right now is to shamelessly blame everything on China in the hope that the American public would bail him out of any legal difficulties.

Just as in the case of the southern illinois murder trial of the suspected killer of Chinese graduate Student Zhang Ying Ying.

I mean the facts of the case are quite clear and there is even a videotape of the victim getting into the suspect's car, and yet the male Caucasian suspect denied that he ever saw Zhang in interrogations before the damaging evidence was shown to him.

If he weren't the killer, why would the suspect deny ever seeing Zhang at all in his initial contact with the police.

Yet the case has been prolonged again and again not because of lack of evidence but because it was a common tactic employed by lawyers to delay the trial as much as possible especially now that there is an anti-China feverish pitch whipped up by the likes of the real-estate man.

You might read one day that the suspect is freed due to insufficient evidence as ruled by an all-white jury, which is very likely to happen in this case.

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You will see more and more provocations leveled at China in the near future.

The real-estate man's Plan B is simple: if it is clear he will be impeached he will simply start a war with China over either the Strait or the Nansha Islands in the South China Sea.

I wouldn't be surprised if the war should come tomorrow, but chances are he will sill try to let others (e.g. Indians or Japanese) fight any skirmishes with China while he stays on the sideline goading them on..

Remember that it was his own staff who leaked to NYTimes that there is an ongoing factional fight inside the White House.

I can almost tell that if he is about to be arrested by Robert Mueller or impeached by the Congress, he will press that button.

Cavanaugh's win has helped him though, because if he is convicted in a criminal case, he can always appeal the guilty verdict all the way up to the Supreme Court where his friend Cavanaugh sits.

Talk about fair trials and conflicts of interest......hehehe

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This post was edited by wchao37 at 2018-10-8 14:40

Whenever I hear one of our spokespersons say that China wants to remind the U.S. that ours is a heavily-interdependent relationship, and that China wants a mutually beneficial win-win relationship, I can't help but chuckle until I feel like choking again.

I mean these are good and sophisticated men and women speaking on our behalf and all that, but are they truly serious in believing what they are saying?

I can understand and appreciate the sincerity shown by these remarks from the foreign ministry spokespersons, but I truly deplore their inability to see that the real-estate businessman, as described by his own people who had since quit their jobs at the White House, is a total liar -- "amoral" is the word they used to describe him.

So we cannot use ordinary yardsticks to size up this man or to report on him.

Knowing that he is keen on provoking a fight with China in his attempt to use war to shed America's financial debts to her creditors - the largest of which is China -- we should be keenly watching his every move from now on and not just listen to what he's saying.   

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Pompeo is in Pyongyang attending a reception by Kim Jr.

The generally calm atmosphere in the Northeast corner of China's periphery is leading towards a peaceful settlement, especially with Kim's offer not to equate a peace treaty with the withdrawal of American troops from the Peninsula.

All the more reason to suspect that there will be continued trouble in the South China Sea, especially since the real-estate man is in deep legal trouble and desperately needs a distracting issue to refocus the world's attention.

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Let's hope that there will be no more intrusions into the South China Sea.

But I know that's impossible.

There will be continued probes and reports of ramming the intruding ships.

Then it takes only one spark.

And the one to light that spark would likely be that someone about to be impeached.

Rather than stepping down peacefully like Nixon did, he would just muddle along and provoke China into a war.

That selfish man is going to light that sparkle at the worst time possible.

Just wait and see.

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