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Chinese tourists brutally treated by Swedish police   [Copy link] 中文

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  "zhiran Post time: 2018-9-23 22:50
    No surprise that Wchao declares everyone else to be barbarians. It is his MO,China is the supreme  ..."

Yeah, just keep on barking on non-existent scenarios and applying them on this poor old tourist who happened to be from China.

No use trying to wag the dog with your OWN tail -- the dog would have far more decency and dignity than what you are truly wagging -- you.

Unlike you Westerners, we Chinese are not hung up on race.  We are prideful of our superior culture but we do not go off on a tangent on race, although I humbly submit that our women are far prettier than your hairy and obese versions, and our men are far leaner, better looking and far less dimwitted than your hirsute types.  

Here I pause to rest my case, for no one should deign to thrust his/her own personal opinions down the throats of Neanderthals.

For the instant case, let's get the facts straight first, shall we not?  And please correct me if I am wrong.

FACT ONE: The family of three were first-time tourists unfamiliar with the local culture in a foreign land.

FACT TWO: They couldn't speak a word of the Swedish language, but could communicate with a smattering of English.  

FACT THREE: The Swedes weren't conversant with the Chinese language either, and miscommunication is a factor here, but still insufficient to elicit such a barbaric act.

FACT FOUR: The three tourists arrived a few hours before the room was ready for occupancy.  

FACT FOUR:  Some foriegn hotels wouldn't admit guests until three in the afternoon and this is not the norm in China, so obviously the three had different expectations and couldn't have arrived at the hotel earlier than the check-in time on purpose.

FACT FIVE:  The son asked to have at least his dad rest in the lounge under the circumstances and was willing to pay for the right -- his dad had a heart condition and was developing symptoms due to the stress, and needed to lie down on the sofa in the lounge.  

(COMMENT 1:  Your statement here about their refusal to pay for their stay at the hotel is incorrect and flies in the face of common sense.  Maybe in your country your folks regularly refuse to pay for their lodgings because they are simply too dishonest or destitutely poor.  Chinese tourists are generally acknowledged to be big spenders.  That is why they are prized around the world.  You wouldn't have expected them to have gained such worldwide reputation about their spending habits by refusing to pay for their stays at foreign hotels as you are claiming here, do you?

FACT SIX: They couldn't go anywhere else because the dad was developing symptoms and they wouldn't want to get into the cold outdoors again.

FACT SEVEN:  They weren't accustomed to such poor treatment (a fact substantiated by the photos of being dragged not to the station in the police car but to be abandoned at a site near a cemetery.

FACT EIGHT:  Even the Chinese embassy came out to support the three after ascertaining the facts, and the Chinese government asked the Swedish authorities to investigate the matter -- a request that was summarily refused -- again demonstrating the Swedes' embedded racial prejudice, or else why wouldn't they simply do an investigation?

FACT NINE:  The refusal led to a diplomatic impasse and plentiful indignation on the Weibo.

FACT TEN:  The Weibo discussions were divided with some discussants blaming the three for going too early to the hotel inconveniencing the Swedish hotel owner.  

(COMMENT 2: Were you one of them?  You know that some Western mfs learn to write Chinese just to be able to join Weibo discussions).

FACT ELEVEN:  A Swedish newspaper came out with a caricature of a Chinese tourist taking a dump in public and eating from a bowl.

(COMMENT 3: A typical racial profiling that they wouldn't have dared to employ against their erstwhile German conquerors raping their blonde girls.  So obviously some Swedes are used to submit to and prostrate naked before their Nordic conquerors without a fight, but wouldn't hesitate to trounce upon an old Asian tourist.  Their capital -- Stockholm -- should be awarding a Nobel prize for such unimaginable cowardice)

FACT TWELVE:  The police didn't bring the three to the police station and booked them, which they would have done had they had full confidence that they were in the right about dragging them out of that hotel.  

FACT THIRTEEN:  Instead, the Swedish police brought the three to a site near a graveyard and abandoned them right there -- knowing full well that the older man was suffering from a heart ailment.  

(COMMENT 4:  No use to justify such a barbarous act by saying the dad didn't have a heart attack -- you wouldn't know if someone had an heart attack unless you send him to a hospital and do an electrocardiogram (EKG) on him.  A heart attack is a diagnosis based on an EKG and not on symptoms alone  Symptoms are subjective complaints and signs are objective observations.  Not every heart ailment is a heart attack.  So your comment here "what heart attack" not only shows your lack of concern for the old man's plight, but also your total lack of common medical knowledge).  

(COMMENT 5:  Considering the fact that they did drag the Asian man like a bag of flour out of the hotel, much like that United Airlines employee who dragged another Asian man off that plane last year for refusal to yield the seat he had booked to another passenger -- something they wouldn't have dared to do to a German, because they knew nice, polite and civilized Asians aren't likely to sue them in court.  It would have taken their own Nordic Germans just one day to finish them off in the concentration camps, and that's the treatment they crave for in the depths of their slavish hearts).

I need to take a beer break and have to abandon you in a Chinese graveyard for a few icy moments.  

Obviously you'll enjoy mistreatment for all that I can tell from your unconscionable scribbles.

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    "BlondeAmber Post time: 2018-9-24 12:38
    The Family arrived in the middle of the night at the HOSTEL, not a hotel but a HOSTEL, which is mu ..."


I always thought that the Westerners' claim about 'dumb blondes' was a grossly unfair misnomer until today -- when I saw your post here.

Yes, you do deserve another Nobel peace prize from the Stockholm for your Blond Amber alerts.

Please take another look at your own comments.  

Don't they sound so innocent that they do not deserve two hoots?  So why all the fuss and so much ado about nothing?  Let's go one by one according to your reasoning process:

Your argument basically boils down to the following:

1.  The hotel was a hostel, and so your much-ballyhooed human rights manifesto should be scaled down because it was cheaper for the three to stay there.

2.  The hostel residents were all asleep and so the son shouldn't raise hell when he sensed that his dad was not given the right to rest in the lounge.  

COMMENT: Did you know that the three couldn't stay in the lounge even when the son offered to pay extra for it?  That's the sign of a pious Chinese son, not that of an unreasonable troublemaker trying to wake up the whole neighborhood -- which seems to be your emphasis here.  if you own dad were gasping for air or having chest pains, would you be caring more about your neighbors' sleep or your dad's medical condition?  The son was provoked because of his dad's heart condition secondary to the stress induced by the incident.  I am sure the three would have left had they known a better alternative or if the 'hostel' had offered them help to get to one nearby for the few hours before the booked room became available for occupancy.  It was because no such help was offered while they were only told to leave that raised the ire of the younger man.

3.  The family didn't leave when 'asked' to do so.  Of course they did not leave.  They had booked a room there and weren't intruders.  Why should they leave when the dad's basic need for warmth and safety hadn't been met at that hour?

4.  The family began 'threatening' the staff, you say -- threatening with what?  With Bruce Lee's sticks?  The son probably got angry because the staff was not taking their job of accommodating his ailing dad as the top priority.  You should have raised hell too.  A true-grit American would even have sued them in their own court in America and won ten million dollars, and then asked the real-estate man to sanction the hostel owner and the Swedish police too.

5.  The police were called and so you are claiming that they did the right thing by dragging the tourists  off to their prowl car and kept on asking them if they were immigrants.  FYI, no dragging could be deigned justified just because you judge it to be 'gentle,' my blonde pal.  Would you let me drag your dad or your girlfriend into my bedroom like any good German should have done during WWII?  So If I am 'gentle' that would justify the dragging act and you would let me do it to you?  We are talking about tourists new to the country here, not some drug traffickers hoarding a ton of heroine.

6.  Just because they were dragged to a UNESCO site justify the dragging, interrogating and abandoning them in the dark and cold Nordic country?  Why weren't they taken to the warm police station and booked for disturbing the peace, if the officers thought they were making a rightful arrest?
The three could see that it was near a cemetery -- that's the scary part -- and they were abandoned there for at least half an hour before a passerby lent a hand.  

7.  You should be ashamed of yourself to downplay the abilities of female Swedish police officers -- that they cannot commit acts of barbarism just like their male counterparts can.

8.  You think dumping foreign tourists at a graveyard ten minutes away by driving from the hostel justifies the barbaric act.

You can keep your hypocritic Nobel and Godwin/Godlose prizes and stick them up your own hot arse.  We Chinese do not subscribe to your fake gods who have the indecency to allow you to repent your sins every seventh day to justify the evil that you do the other six days of the week.

The last question is all the proof that you need that this was indeed a barbaric act.

The Swedish government was asked to investigate the incident, and it refused.  Why would they refuse if everything is as innocent sounding as you are depicting them to be here?

Instead, a Swedish TV station added salt to the wound by bringing up an ad insulting the Chinese people, and no apologies were given.  

No wonder 80% of the Swedes were born outside of wedlock as late as the nineteenth century -- they are simply too cowardly to take up the responsibilities of life while too ready to take advantage of people who find themselves in an disadvantaged position -- like the old man in this incident.

And you are on their side?

Congratulations on your blondness and the stigmata with all the glory that accompanies it.

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You called that a question?

Where is my spittoon?

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seneca Post time: 2018-9-29 00:51
My old country is a civilized place, old cow; they don't kill people. It's so much ahead of China. ...

you can't explain that to not civilised people.

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Still at it ?
Round Up is good for developing the mind

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Since apparently no one wants to be reminded of the incessant killing of unarmed Palestinians by the border guards of his very very very civilized Jewish nation, we'll just leave the clown sulking in solitude.  Let's not be sidetracked and continue by bringing up the pertinent issues on this topic:

How badly could an old man suffering from a heart attack in the wee hours of the day be behaving to deserve this kind of barbarity?

So three arrested tourists got thrown out of a police car near a graveyard in the middle of the night and not brought to the police station for booking!

The group of three arrived a few hours earlier than planned in a foreign land, having already booked a room for the day.  It would not be possible to try to find another place to stay for a few hours before their booked room was ready for occupation.  That hotel was the only place under the circumstances.

The least they could expect is humane treatment.

The police arrived and dragged them off like a bag of flour  -- such barbarism only brings derisive scorn upon the Swedes from the rest of the world.

In all my globe-trotting years I have never seen or heard such barbarism -- remember we are talking about a sick old man here who could hardly defend himself like Bruce Lee could.

The Swedes pride themselves in championing human rights and so on so forth.  

Year after year a Nobel Peace Prize was offered to those who supposedly contributed to world peace, including separatists, extremists or just plain mfs.

So is this what they mean in upholding such rights?

If that's the case then  I guess the real-estate man deserves such a prize from Stockholm this year.

But the refusal of the Swedish government to investigate this matter shows unequivocally that it is not an isolated case of misbehavior by its citizens.  

It is perhaps how the Swedes view and treat rich Asians -- people of whom they harbor a morbid fear because of their own hidden sense of inferiority and insecurity.

They only people they kowtowed to were the likes of Herr Hitler -- to whom these cowards gave up their country without a fight.

Yes, the Swedes are a uncivilized and cowardly people -- as late as the 1800s as many as 80% of the people in that nation were born from unwedded mothers.

They dared not even marry their shrews.

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