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Chinese tourists brutally treated by Swedish police   [Copy link] 中文

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petera Post time: 2018-9-24 17:47
Olof Palme

Olof Palme was liquidated on Feb 28 1986 by the usual suspects with the collaboration of ...

More of your anti-semitic  tr0lling.
Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. Mark Twain

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petera Post time: 2018-9-25 06:48
Heavily Censored

I am being heavily censored on this thread.


Everyone is at this moment on every thread.

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aziz Post time: 2018-9-17 18:57
Sorry to learn that incident.

I am getting one side messege but if I could read the Swedish side st ...
  1. They might remember they are not PRINCE of KSA sleeping in the Riz lobby.
Copy code
What relevance this "wise" comment has with the subject ?

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wchao37 Post time: 2018-9-25 14:05
Mr. Psycho Seneca

The only pseudo-anything is you.  Seneca is the name of an Native American trib ...

That ol'chap of mine had it coming

  Not that it'll change him, He got the protection of certain lads within this forum...

  But fuming he is

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Saul Post time: 2018-9-25 18:39
More of your anti-semitic  tr0lling.


The trail of blood goes on and on - the Czar, Lord Moyne, Count Bernadotte, the Kennedy's, James Forrestal, the Nehru/ Gandhi families, Olof Palme, Anna Lind, the Bhutto's and who knows who else.
9/11 was an inside job.
No second plane.It was a bomb.Bomb in the other building.
You KNOW without a doubt the videos are fake,right ?!
Planes don't meld into steel and concrete buildings.They crash into them !!!!!!!
It's amazing how the building ate the plane !!!
Imagine those fragile wings cutting slots in massive steel columns !!!!!
How STUPID can they think the people are to believe that crap ??!!

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emanreus Post time: 2018-9-25 20:47
That ol'chap of mine had it coming

' Not that it'll change him, He got the protection of certain lads within this forum...'

Many have the same suspicion, that he is protected by someones in Forum; that's why he gets away again and again with his trangressions of Forum rules!

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Saul Post time: 2018-9-25 21:06
You chinese have quite the fascination with the anus.

Just play into the stereotype of gay little ...

Nope, wrong observation, Saul.

As one of Jesus' presumed disciples, you should have known that the reason why Jewish-tribe sizes have remained so small in spite of their thousands of years of history is because they are so inward-looking.

For example, Judaism is much older than Christianity or Islam, and yet the number of followers of Judaism can be counted on the spokes of a small abacus.

And you guys have such a fascination with things Chinese that you are all congregating here in this Chinese forum -- from the previous "chairman" on down.

So the ones truly held spellbound by Chinese annnuses are the likes of Z_you.

You are reminded that "up your arse" is a Western expression that is a figure of speech and not a physical act.

So your attempt to confound the readers by mixing the two is fruitless.

It might just be a Freudian slip that it is actually you guys that prefer the physical act over the figure of speech.

Listen, I wouldn't go there further if I were you simply because I don't know you from Erehwon -- nowhere spelt backwards -- and I still want to think of you in friendly terms, unless you give me cause to do otherwise, and then you will find that you have picked the wrong Chinese annnnus to sniff.

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