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Trade war??? [Copy link] 中文

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Just wowowo.

Now sit.

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Just to remind the wowo of what he said upon my return here back in April of this year and my response at the time:

  "1584austin Post time: 2018-4-22 17:21
    Good as if anyone will read line two and onwards!!!!

    As soon as you see authors name is Crakpot37 ..."

Then why are you clicking on my post?

A numskull that doesn't recognize the contradiction in his own argument.

And you are a mod at CD, Sir Austin?

Excuse me but I need to go to vomit at the latrine bigtime, loverboy.

I used to be a mod here too, but at the time I was in your capacity they wanted someone with a real gender identity, and not a transvestite with a pretentious or jealous disposition that predisposes them to argue with posters for no reason.

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Let's not let this vagrant mod sidetrack our discussion on the Trade War.

Please be reminded by the following passage:

The quotation by Boston sounds like a typical passage from that Navarro chap who is guiding the economic policies of the real-estate man at the White House), who had apparently been traumatized by his former childhood experience living with his single mom in New York.  

Little wonder there were rumors that his mom had an unfortunate encounter with an Asian intruder who did more than just burglarizing from the apartment.  This is purely reaction formation on his part talking about Chinese IP theft.  

China has done a better job at IP protection than most countries in the world, and this fact is even acknowledged by unbiased observers at the WTO and UN.  That denial of China's so-called IP theft by the WTO and UN is the reason why the real-estate man is threatening to withdraw from WTO -- he said the organization is unfair to his nation, while it is exactly the reps from his nation that propounded, approved and established all the major trading rules subsequently adopted and followed by all WTO members, including China (yes, after waiting 15 long years to secure approval from the good old USA, which goes to show that it wasn't haphazardly given to China, and that no one was taking advantage of the Originator of the WTO except the poor bloke himself, who had been getting lazier and less competititve as China thrived).

The situation is like a naked girl sitting on the sidewalk crying rape day and night and when asked by passersby why she didn't try to protect herself by wearing some clothes or carrying a weapon, kept on claiming that all men are animals and it was not HER responsibility to protect herself.

Your IP theft allegation implies that Americans are like that naked girl, who are all so dumb that they keep on allowing themselves to have their IP rights stolen (i.e. taken without compensation) or being molested from head to toe by the Chinese.

I think such IP-theft-accusers are grossly underestimating the legendary intelligence of Americans.  These folks sure know how to protect their IP rights from the very beginning, and I can assure you such allegations are nothing more than dirty gimmicks to extort an impossible deal from their Chinese competitors.

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Mr. Psycho Seneca

The only pseudo-anything is you.  Seneca is the name of an Native American tribe, and not the emblem of a self-admitted Z.  So should people call you a pseudo_Indian or what?

No use to try to gain notoriety by trying to engage in debates with me.  You are such a known bottom-feeding low-life that no one bothers to hear what you say.

I can also dig dirt about your Jewish women who willingly served the Gestapo every night at Warsaw succcking their ducks just to get a few crumbs of bread, and betrayed their own brothers in the uprising.  Every nation or people has its own non-mainstream elements.  The pregnant women who go to California counts for less than a drop of water in the ocean of humanity in China, just like the Jewish women who succked the ducks of Gestapos in Warsaw accounted for just a tiny portion of Jewish women in the world.  

The fact that in your tortured mind you seem to enjoy diversifying this thread into other irrelevant topics shows us that you have a despicable disposition towards the Chinese people and no relevant input into this incident at all.  

The fact that your Z_mod austin has used his credit to bail you out of your banned status means that CD is using Zs to monitor its own forums, which is a very interesting phenomenon indeed.  Like I said, if your Jewish women are good at succking the tasty ducks of Gestapos, your men must be good at doing similar things in China's media outlets too.  In other words, I am not surprised that we have pigs in our circus.

The issue of pregnant women getting visas for their myriad reasons is just like in the case of your German Jews begging the Chinese ambassador in Germany to get visas to go to China in WWII and conjuring up many faked reasons to do so, and those weren't poor Jews either.  

So people make their own choices at different times to suit their own fancy, and that shouldn't reflect poorly on the rest of the Jewish people, or should they?  Don't tell me your people is mainly a talented collection of coggsuggers.

So likewise these non-mainstream acts about the pregnant women has nothing to do with our issue about the Swedes here.  The Swedes issue has become an international one because of its GOVERNMENT'S refusal to do an investigation.

I have always told you to get lost and don't try to argue with me because you are so dimwitted and low class that everyone can tell you pull issues and facts from different epochs and circumstances and conjure up a false composite picture.  Your attempt to obfuscate issues and confound the audience has become the laughing stock of these forums.  Go back to Tel Aviv and leave Jerusalem before I even deign to let you lick my shoes.

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Ethics is for the birds as far as the Zs are concerned.

The only people they admire in this world are Der Fuehrer/Herr Hitler (the Father of Israel) and his goose-stepping troops.

There is nothing they want to do better than to spit on Willy Brandt's grave.

Yes, Willy the German chancellor who in 1970 had the uncontrollably impulsive urge to kneel in front of the Jewish Ghetto where the Warsaw Uprising took place in 1944.

Willy actually didn't mean to kneel -- he was suffering from a urological problem called urinary urgency, and so instead of wetting his pants in public, he simply had to kneel down to do it to make it invisible.

That's why the smart Zs who found out about Willy's urological problem spit on Willy's grave for peeing on the premises of their sacred uprising against the Germans.  No wonder the guy was later forced to resign as German Chancellor because he was found to have an affair with a East German spy who didn't have a urological problem.

They are seizing the lands from the Palestinians and killing them off every day just as the Americans had successfully seized lands from the Native Americans and killing them off in their campaigns of extermination against the original settlers of their land

No wonder the pair of outcast nations -- one big and one small -- are so chummy because they think and act alike.

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Abe and others now in Trump's bilateral sights should understand the US is ultimately setting a sanction trap on them.

Trump is using his anti-China strategy to try and galvanize support to change the world order which was built on economic comparative advantage and which has spread prosperity to US corporations as investors and to emerging countries as producers working to earn those investments.

If it were not so, both investors and producers around the world would not be complaining against the US tariffs so much and the complaints are avalanching by the day; the US tariffs are only blunt instruments used as diversionary excuses for the US manufacturing sector not doing enough to upgrade itself over the years when other countries were growing theirs in order to provide employment for their many poor masses while the US was merely beefing up its own financial services sector as its banks marauded the world's stock and currency markets.

If Abe and others relent thinking they can adopt the EU strategy to strike up a moratorium on tariffs with the US pending discussions to avert Trump's threat to impose tariffs on Japan et al, the US will thus next have a blackmailing influence on the entire spectrum of sovereignty matters of their countries on threat of future tariff enactment en-route trade sanctions. Moreover, if the US tactic works, it will be maintained even post-Trump. Why else would any US administration give up something which has exclusively worked on its behalf - international hegemony from post-cold war military extension to now economic sanctions and tariff threats to next currency and thus interest rates and yields exclusivity?

Furthermore, in the case of Japan, its automakers are already making cars in the US so any threat of tariffs can be blunted in any bilateral trade negotiation. Which leaves agricultural produce and electronic white goods but US counter-tariffs on former will affect farmers as vote-swingers in Japan while the tariffs on latter will be no different from those on similar goods of China, many of which invested by Japanese concerns.

Furthermore, with the rise of oil prices, Iran and therefore the Middle East configuration falling under an existential threat, and the US now as a major oil producer, these issues will make it harder for oil-dependent countries like Japan to stay out of the US orbit of geo-economic influence just so to maintain their hard-earned market-shares now themselves under threat of MAGA which won't make that people OUTSIDE the US can afford, or even want.

There is another aspect. Bilateral agreements in a globalized international trade arena are a Bannon-Navarro attempt to balkanize the trading world as an antidote to Japan's flying geese formation that had counteracted US trade quota protectionism of the past.

If goods from one country are tariffed, their producers will offspring production in other countries. The US must have realized that tariffing those countries as well will only ultimately mean it has to tariff the entire world, ergo the members of the United Nations, since production can be made cross-border porous. Hence, the attempt at bilateralism to reconfigure the global free market to its own design.

But what is the motivation of that if not for personal interest over and above the growth of emerging markets for that matter the continuation of existing political administrations which should therefore ask whether they won't be getting a bad bilateral deal, furthermore delivered with a bayonet at the throat?

If such US-centric bilateralism takes root and becomes a norm in the near future, countries will still work around it in order to give their own peoples a chance to rise and carve their own destiny.

Doing so will however only complicate trade and therefore monetary policies which as one remembers from the subprime crisis only less than two decades ago will only lead to financial crises which have sundered and tottered most economies, and washed out gains accumulated from years of strive and hard work. After all, the world order works because countries didn't put all their eggs into one basket only. Instead they had practiced trade multilateralism which has enabled them to compensate for risks in one country with rewards from another.

Now chaos impends. All because the unstable dotard raining fire, fury and fear thought he was a stable genius.

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markwu Post time: 2018-9-27 10:15
Abe and others now in Trump's bilateral sights should understand the US is ultimately setting a sanc ...

Worth thinking about.

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