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Trade war??? [Copy link] 中文

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Its not a war folks. Its an old tatic by our leaders to drive up the costs to everything.
Certainly all these ''tariffs' will hurt everyone. IN the end nobody will win.

this kind of action by all parties embarrasses me.  In fact I think the world leaders are just laughing their butts off because they are the ones who make all the money.

Trump isn't smart.  I left America 20 years ago because my country just has a bad track record.

I don't care about CHinese politics because its boring.  ANd the truth is that none of it is going to matter in the end.

You can't take your money with you when you die.

so enjoy life.

money can't buy happniess or health.

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Medal of honor

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Medal of honor

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happiness comes from within.

if you have aids or cancer u wouldn't be cured evenif you had all the money inthe world.

when you die. your money can't go with you.

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Looks like the trumpians are hellbent on finishing off China no matter what China does.

What can China then do?

In the coming months, consider the following:

- defer the OBOR projects by two years; at the moment they are tying up funds and manpower and not returning any revenue; two years is a good amount of time to weigh the final outcome of the US trade travesties without rusting the OBOR assets besides redeploying the funds for more domestic activities;

- by the same token, reduce or stop the purchase of US treasuries; if the US economy is humming, their businesses can well afford to finance their own foreign purchases of goods and services; their interest rates and dollar value will then rise which will add to more yuan when the present reserves are cashed on maturity; right now, the trumpians are playing on China's need for US buyers in order to destabilize China's plans for her own development;                       

- swing all SOEs to support the domestic SMEs exclusively; a new economic development model may be needed, one never seen or attempted before; doing so will phasally rechannel parts of each SOE to apply their resources to support the SMEs, provide relief to the SMEs presently suffering from US trade protectionism, win state popularity from the millions of these small to medium scale enterprises which form the backbone of the national manpower and free them into total entrepreneurship besides unloading and derisking the SOEs from their legacy issues; the model must however at the same time optimize sovereign ratings and creditworthiness with view to more inbound investments can be maintained in the near future; part of the swing can also rope in support and joint-ventures with the European Community, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, India and the Balkans while enhancing the African economies as new supply chains;

- reshape and sharpen the military defense spear; at the moment its modernization takes up a large part of the GDP; the same objective can be maintained by a careful and strategic focus on the right tools for the plausible situations that can arise from any US or alliance military adventurism in the near term; such can specifically include nuke hyperjet missiles for fleet total destruction, satellite imaging defacement techniques, and fast deployment response to any Korean or Formosan conflict; at the same time, consider a new diplomatic initiative for a China-Japan-DPRK-ROK roundtable consultation whose frequency of meeting will be pegged to a mutually pre-agreed index that measures regional tensions;

- deepen China2025 programs by an accelerated global recruitment of best experts to either work in China, or with China from wherever they may be sited; the conditions of employment or engagement can be made more creative; design, innovation, prototyping and market testing need not be in the same geography; they can be each done at different places and the results brought together convergently; quantum computing holds huge promise in all fields including AI and 5G; similarly ask if not silicon or germanium, anything else that can open a new pathway to microchip making that bypasses present constraints and limitations of semiconductor equipment and photolithography techniques.

At the end of the day, what the trumpians have done is to increase China's resolve to be self-reliant and resilient which her peoples have shown since the beginning of time; maybe this is tianxia's final test.  China has enough confidence to score straight A's no matter what.

Incidentally, the first book on the US White House under Trump was titled Fire and Fury, and the second book just out is titled Fear.  So we have fire, fury and fear; coming out of the caves of Washington, this doesn't bode well for the World.

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- dry up China's tourist spendings in the US; from a trade standpoint it is a US service export which the trumpians have conveniently omitted to take into account when summing its trade deficit figures; in short, ban China tourism to the US; that will roil and rail their hospitality industry growth and employment figures so that they will then push to strengthen their city-based Democrat voice in the US congress which will in turn raise the stridency of their mainstream media against a sixth grader presidency easy to take offense for imagined slights but hard to reconcile personal mischief at expense of global destructiveness;

- accelerate China's co-development of the African oil palm land-bank; the hardy tree takes but three point five years to start fruiting; if China has enough soy futures until that first harvest, it will decisively wean off any future dependence on US soy while creating more jobs for Africans; if the shipping time is longer from Africa-China than from California-China, start rumbling about creating the second Suez Canal with Thailand at its Ithmus of Kra; that may also temperate and realign that part of the region; and

- reconsider whether it is worthwhile to send China students to the US for further studies; except for some institutions (eg MIT, JPL, Carnegie-Mellon and Stanford), the rest are overrated and with a bias towards the liberal arts. Besides, China students get killed now and then on US soil just for driving or walking past...Get over the pedestrian belief it is prestigious to study in the US if only not to have to pay a ransom sum for some overrated curriculum. Better save the money and reproduce the environment locally with some academic imports; maybe some Tokyo University electrical engineering retirees can help.

ok, done for today..

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I am not going to repeat what I have been saying all along....

Just understand that you guys need to read every single one of markwu's pieces carefully for obvious reasons -- including of course the fact that he always does his homework before he writes them.

That's rare in a poster and it indicates that he has an unparalleled sense of responsibility when he writes.

Guys! You owe him one and do read the posts carefully.

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