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A contrast between Chinese and US trade negotiators has gone viral in China [Copy link] 中文

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(Quartz) A photo taken during trade talks between the US and China has gone viral on Chinese social media. Interpreted by many as symbol of the changing of the global guard, the picture reveals US negotiators looking far older than their Chinese counterparts.


The image, shared by New Jersey congressman Bill Pascrell, shows legislators from the House Ways and Means Committee on the right, and a delegation of Chinese officials on the left, including Chinese vice premier Liu He.

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Users on Chinese social network Weibo commented on the image’s similarity to a 1901 image of the agreement that ended the Boxer Rebellion, the New York Times reported. The turn of the century accord is remembered as an embarrassing episode in China, and preceded the end of China’s last dynasty.


This time, however, the older representatives of the Qing dynasty on the right have been replaced by US lawmakers. And the Americans in the 1901 picture are now the (comparably) younger looking Chinese officials.

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While not a perfect comparison, (the Times notes that Kevin Brady, the chair of the Way and Means committee is three years Mr. Liu’s junior) the picture still serves as a tidy icon of the larger narrative. More than a century since that first image was taken, China now appears to be a younger and fresher force in world trade, while greying US representatives struggle to make America great again.

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ceciliazhang Post time: 2018-7-4 03:35
While not a perfect comparison, (the Times notes that Kevin Brady, the chair of the Way and Means co ...

Round Up is good for developing the mind

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You Chinese may feel good passing such comparisons but it is naïve to pass such a judgement.

Being elderly means one comes with the necessary experience, wisdom and patience. You Chinese have a saying that in any family if there is an elderly member that's a family treasure. That's true as I believe any family unit who takes care of their old exhibits humanity, responsibility, respect, unselfishness and patience, including ability. If you will agree with this then the above comparison runs against this value.

During your Qing Dynasty, its not that your old aren't capable. It was because your national policy then was misguided. Such mistake happens to all the nations including the US, USSR and UK.

The success of a person or a country does not hinge on being correct all the time. In fact if one always try to project a perfect error image even when it is not, this will usually turnout a disaster at the end. Does China want to pretend to be perfect and fail at the end? bear in mind that the people will follow the country. It is better to acknowledge errors though it can be done in various ways to mitigate negative publicity and take corrective measures (which will produce positive views over time). Most of us have seen mistakes of our own every now and then, so too for those national leaders for all of us are only human and human make mistakes.

Perhaps for China it is time to see US in a different light although US is holding the view that China is a threat to it. As a business nation, China should not harbour excessive resentment towards US. This is not to say that China should hug and kiss US no matter what it does to China. Rather China should guide its people to view US objectively with the correct understanding. There will be something good inside US and its good to extract what's good without touching the bad. Prevent hatred between the two shores of the Pacific. Use wisdom to change the views of the Americans. This path may be arduously difficult but it doesn't cost lives. Resources on both sides will not be wastefully destroyed. Of course there will be times that China needs to flex some muscles or make decisions that aren't popular with the Americans especially when it comes to issues like Taiwan, trade etc. But all these can be done concurrently on two or three fronts - where at least one exhibits friendliness. Don't worry too excessively that China will vanish. As long as you all continue to polish yourselves in education, civilization, good personal values and virtues, you all won't vanish whether China wins or loses.

For China perhaps it is time for the people on both sides of the Taiwan Straits to come together via reunion and look at how to harmonize the China-US relationship to bring about a better world. All the people on both sides of the Pacific will reap and share this fruit.     

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tenith Post time: 2018-7-4 13:46
You Chinese may feel good passing such comparisons but it is naïve to pass such a judgement.

Being ...

What you say makes sense.

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