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Qingyang teacher barred for harassment [Copy link] 中文

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-- Qingyang teacher barred for harassment

-- Two held for cheering as girl jumps off building

-- Suicide sparks online soul-searching

-- Father blames school sexual assault for teen's suicide

Li is seen sitting on a ledge for hours. [Photo/Beijing Youth Daily via Sina Weibo]

Two people who applauded as a 19-year-old female student committed suicide by jumping off a building in Qingyang, Gansu province, last Thursday were detained, according to Qingyang public security bureau.

The police are investigating the cause of the girl's death and have called on six people suspected of filming and cheering to surrender, the bureau said.

Sources said on social media that the girl, surnamed Li, was suffering from severe depression after she was molested by her high school teacher. The video posted by netizens showed Li hanging from a window of a tall building with a firefighter trying to pull her back.

According to the bureau, Li had attempted suicide four times since 2016. She first took drugs in October and December 2016 and then attempted to jump off a building last May before being saved by the police. This January she tried again by taking large amounts of anti-depression drugs.

Li reported to local police last February that her teacher, Wu Yonghou, had sexually assaulted her. In the report, Li said she had stomachache and was told by the school nurse to rest at a dorm where Wu was in charge.

When Wu came in to check on her, he suddenly held her and touched her face. "Then he started to kiss my face, lips and ears," said Li in her report. "His hands were rubbing my back, trying to tear off my clothes.”

"I only felt endless darkness and fear. I was disgusted and ashamed and barely slept that night."

The local police detained Wu for 10 days last May but Li's father found the punishment not harsh enough and filed an appeal to the local procuratorate. After hearing the case this March, the procuratorate released Wu without charge.

Last Thursday afternoon, police received calls saying that Li had climbed out of the eighth-floor window of a local department store and was going to jump off. Police and fire brigade arrived shortly on the scene but failed to stop her.

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File photo of the girl

Qingyang teacher barred for harassment

The Qingyang education bureau will revoke the teaching credentials of Wu Yonghou.

Wu will also be banned from working in the education system again, an official from the bureau told China Daily on Tuesday.

The bureau had given Wu administrative penalties and removed him from his teaching post in July after he was accused by the girl’s father of sexual harassment.

Harassment victim's suicide sparks soul-searching

The suicide has sparked online anguish about social decay, particularly because some onlookers egged her on and clapped when she jumped.

Footage of the teenager's suicide was widely shared on WeChat and other social media.

Videos showed Li sitting on a ledge for hours while rescue workers tried to talk her down. Some passersby on the street below heckled her, shouting "How come you haven't jumped yet?"

When she jumped, some people clapped while a rescuer worker screamed out in distress.

Online commentators lamented the callousness of the crowd.

"How cold is society that people will ask her to jump?" one person asked. "The sound of the rescue worker's heart being torn reflects the evil of humanity."

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Father blames school sexual assault for teen's suicide

The father of Li has said his daughter was struggling to cope after being sexually assaulted by her high school teacher, the newspaper said on Monday.

Her father said his daughter was a senior at Qingyang No 6 High School in 2016 when a male teacher initiated unwanted sexual contact.

Doctors at Beijing Anding Hospital had diagnosed her with post-traumatic stress, he told the paper, adding that she had attempted suicide multiple times.

An employee in Qingyang's publicity department said Li's depression began before the alleged encounter with Wu. "However, the teacher didn't maintain proper behavioral standards," they added.

Li left a handwritten note saying, "In an age when I should have lived as a shining flower, I actually don't know why I should stay alive."

The parents were offered 350,000 yuan ($53,564) in compensation by the school but they declined it as that would have required withdrawing their complaint against the teacher.

"We could not sign that humiliating agreement," the newspaper quoted the parents as saying.

The Qingyang education bureau had disciplined the teacher at and organised the compensation package, the paper reported.

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"Li had attempted suicide four times since 2016"

Now see succeed, is life so bad to kill yourself...I don't think so.
Human lives mean nothing when the western warmongers see a bigger gain through war

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10 days will never be a deterrent
if you want something in life get off your backside, and do it yourself!! don't rely on others to do it for you

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Very sad.

They say teen girl suicide in China is the highest in the world.
That needs to be addressed.

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