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Is it time for China to allow dual citizenship for overseas Chinese?   [Copy link] 中文

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Southeast Asian Chinese should NOT be allowed dual citizenship because of the history of hostility towards China and Chinese in Southeast Asia. However, they should be allowed to reclaim their lost Chinese citizenship if and only if 1). they return to China and 2). they renounce their Southeast Asian citizenship.
The comment above is wise, but the principle should be applied to every overseas Chinese person.

In this age of globalization, Chinese citizens will find themselves studying, working and living in foreign countries for long periods of time. If they happen to marry foreigners, their spouses should be able to acquire Chinese Citizenship WITHOUT abandoning their foreign nationality. Likewise, their children born in foreign countries should be able to come back to China and reclaim their Chinese nationality WITHOUT giving up their foreign citizenship.

China has invested a lot for those former Chinese people, i.e. free 9-year education, economically cheap high-school and university education at the cost of the Chinese taxpayers. Now those people don't want to contribute to their own motherland, and disown China. They have no a modicum of loyality to China and her people at all. Anyone grants them jobs with fat salary are  their truly masters. They have turned back to China and pledged allegiance to the new masters. Why should China grand them the precious citizenship of P. R. China?

Some of half-hearted Chinese persons get pregnant, and they wish to bear chidren with US citizenship, so that they fly to the US. Why does China should grant these children dual citizenship?

I never ever heard about any country forces their alien residents to give up their citizenship, or adopted country would drive them away. On the contrary, they can apply the green card to stay at the foreign country.

Loyalty should be measured not by a piece of paper but by words and deeds. If these foreigners — regardless of ethnicity — want to become Chinese, they should be given the chance to prove their worth to China. They should be judged based on their conduct not their status. It’s time for China to discard outdated concepts of nationality and amend the nationality and immigration laws for the 21st century.

Loyality should be measured by everything from words, papers and actions but not simply by blood. Would people believe those who disown their mother while mouth they love their mothers? Would people trust who those disown their motherland while claim they devote to their former native country. Come on, I don't buy these lies at all.

When China is poor, those chaps turn their back to the old country; when China is advancing towards prosperity, those guys want to share the cake made by devoted loyal Chinese people.  There's no loyality-zhongcheng in their Chinese dictionary of Chinese dictionary at all. Yes, I bet that. You can thumb through every page in thier life books. Please let them upload the proofs what those overseas Chinese people do for their old country. Almost nothing!

Loyality should NOT be meaured by blood. Looking back upon Chinese history, there were quite a few quislings, whom are beneath Chinese people's  contempt, and we call them Hanjian. Yes, they were of full Chinese blood. Simply Chinese blood doesn't make a sense.

China doesn't need the Chinese proverbial grass on the wall, that sway from left to right, and from right to left, or the half-hearted chaps who sit on the fence. They are opportunists. They just want to take the advantage of China AGAIN AND AGAIN, but don't want to pay.

China is not the junk yard for trash. Every Chinese citizen should truly cherish their Chinese citizenship. When they dump the honour at will, and disown their motherland, they must realize China is not going easily to take them back to her warm bosom without any cost. Only talented people like the former Nobel Laureat scientist Yang Zhenning or who truly contribute to China should be considered to resume their former citizenship on the condition of sole citizenship. In other words, they need to learn how to EARN the honour back again. This is a lesson for everyone to learn how loyality should be cultivated and maintained.

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