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To study in the UK or the US? [Copy link] 中文

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With international schools becoming more mainstream in Beijing, more and more students and their families are being forced to think about where to attend university abroad much earlier, and many students in Beijing are choosing between the UK and the US. Making this decision often comes before choosing which international school to attend in Beijing. Competition between international schools offering the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and A-levels geared more towards attending universities in the UK and those offering IB courses more commonly used in the US are increasing the pressure to decide on a country more quickly.

I see many of my students struggling to decide which school to apply to based on where they imagine themselves living abroad in the future as young as age five. Many students and their parents haven't visited America or the UK, and are forced to rely on news headlines or word of mouth to make these tough decisions.   

My advice is to look at the courses offered and to choose the ones that leave the most possibilities for the future. It means choosing a path that offers IB courses because the reality is IB courses are simply more widely accepted around the world at the moment.  

Many people are quick to point out the heavy workload of IB courses because the students focus on six subjects. While it is true the IB workload is intense, this leaves students more options to make decisions on their majors in university later. A-level courses focus on three to four subjects chosen by the students around age 14. The choices the students make are serious and can have lasting impacts on their future. Some will argue students who study A-level courses have a deeper understanding of the subjects, but do they have a deep understanding of what they want in their future?  

In the end, it is probably true that a student who is successful in IB courses or A-level courses will be successful. I personally do not appreciate the restrictions of A-level courses. There seem to be more international schools in Beijing with the same opinion given the amount offering IB programs versus A-level courses.

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In reality, opinions are profoundly wild and random because as mentioned in this article that parents who are dreaming of their days to be abroad with their student-kids one day in future is an unrealistic dream for a start. Being ignorant is a high risk game on such futuristic subject because:

1.  Geopolitical issues and problems between China and many of western developed nations such as the USA, Australia, etc,… have already begun to unfold with falsified accusations from them against China. Notably, the USA Trump Admin and Aussie Political Camp are stiffly pointing fingers at Chinese nationals as "student-spies".

2.  Prospective jobs in those nations are getting narrower due to internal national policy changes to "disown" foreign students on graduations as reported in the press openly. That is, they want all of the Chinese families to spend as much as their money / savings for educations in their countries; and that is to the end of the road of it thereafter. Is this a good choice studying and dreaming to live abroad one day in future?

Those two matters are worth thinking and dreaming seriously about such scenarios, though not today’s problematic dreams but into the future in those nations can be too difficult to predict. Look, today's USA and Australia have jointly become a pain in the neck when it comes to educations in their country and emigrations. It is something that needs heaps of rethinking and after thoughts too.   


1.  UK is a more preferred nation for further ENGLISH educations outside of China if a western nation is a fixed choice of any family. UK as its Premier MAY has emphasized in China that it is well versed in the Far East region of Asia for centuries which is true when it was a "Great Britain Empire" until today. Facts are facts: Singapore, Hong Kong (SAR CHINA) and Malaysia are some of UK's notable successes in their ideology conquest, learning English and getting educated in UK. Furthermore, it has left a permanent governing system in place when it departed peacefully and amicably after handling back controls of them all. Unlike nations in the Philippines, Indonesia, etc, .. which were governed and educated in the American and Dutch ways, respectively, have obviously NOT done as well economically and politically.

2.   UK educational institutions are very well established and majority of schools, colleges and universities are very refined to suit everyone's needs in every field. It has a profound long history of educational goodies verses the USA ( relatively a young country  and Australia is much younger ). Don't forget too that these USA and Australia nations were founded and formed hundreds years back only through invasions and as well all of those invaders / settlers were British subjects. Hence, learning ENGLISH educations should be in UK as the first choice. Its UK professional and engineering Institutions like the CEI, IET, CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS, etc are worldly renowned and recognized throughout the world market places, particularly in The Far East Region, if you prefer to return to this end of the world one day.

3.  UK is well linked into Europe even during post-BREXIT futuristic periods; and UK educations tend to be welcomed therein. Of course, countries like the USA, Australia and NZ are deeply affiliated with the UK educational systems with bilateral recognition.

Good luck to all.

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