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Most Famous Pirate in 20th century

    The saga of the Adrian Darya 1, previously known as the Grace 1 when the most famous Pirate seized the vessel off Gibraltar on July 4, 2019.
   The 2.1 million barrels of crude aboard an Iranian oil tanker wanted by uncle Sam has been sold to an unknown buyer with the crude worth about $130 million...

Here is a list of the most famous Pirates in history before the Iranian Supertanker was taken...

  William Kidd (Scottish, 1645 - 1701)
  Edward Teach "Blackbeard" (English, 1680- 1718)
  Bartholomew Roberts "Black Bart" (Welsh, 1682 - 1722)
  Henry Every "Long Ben" (English, 1653-unknown)
  Anne Bonny (Irish, 1700-1782)
  Sir Henry Morgan (Welsh, 1635-1688)
  Francois l'Olonnais (French, 1635-1668)
  Sir Francis Drake (English, 1540-1595)


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Purdue Pharma 'offers up to $12bn' to settle opioid cases

  Purdue Pharma, the opioid drug-maker owned by the billionaire Sackler family, is reported to be offering between $10bn and $12bn to settle thousands of lawsuits against it.

The firm is facing over 2,000 lawsuits linked to its painkiller OxyContin.

  On average, 130 Americans die from an opioid overdose every day, according to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Opioids were involved in almost 400,000 overdose deaths in the US from 1999 to 2017, according to its research.

  Perhaps some lads will take the painkiller before trying for chapter 11

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  Qantas latest airline to impose Apple MacBook Pro flight restrictions over battery fire risks.

Singapore Airlines recently said customers are prohibited from bringing 15-inch MacBook Pro models on flights.
Australia’s flag carrier and Virgin Australia say 15-inch versions can be stored only as carry-on items, but Singapore Airlines has banned all models on flights...

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emanreus Post time: 2019-8-29 16:20
Qantas latest airline to impose Apple MacBook Pro flight restrictions over battery fire risks.

Si ...

Another example of the Tootles tiger:

Oil Exports Save Venezuelan Economy: Rosneft Not Afraid of Sanctions...

   Venezuela is Americas longest war:

  Hugo Chávez, from 1999 to 2013 till he died on poison...

    Hugo Chávez, from 2013 and the near future,  
Americas 22 year old war to get hold of Venezuela's riches...

10 Countries With The Most Natural Resources...

a) Australia; earns U.S.$19.9 trillion from mining, and it is number 10 on the list...
  b) Congo; mining is the primary industry of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) also. In 2009, the           DRC had over $24 million in mineral deposits ...
c)  Venezuela; This South American country has an estimated $14.3 trillion worth of natural resources...
  d) USA; Mining is a primary industry in the United States...
e) Brazil; has commodities worth $21.8 trillion including gold, iron, oil and uranium.
f) Russia's; total estimated natural resources are worth $75 trillion...
g) India's; mining sector contributes 11% of the country's industrial GDP and 2.5% of total GDP. The
  mining and metal industry was worth over $106.4 billion...
h) Canada; third on the list of countries with the most natural resources is Canada. Overall, the country
has an estimated $33.2 trillion worth of commodities and the third largest oil deposits after Venezuela
and Saudi Arabia...
i) Saudi Arabia; has 20% of the world's oil reserves, second in the world...
j) China is number one on the list for having the most natural resources estimated to be worth 23trillion.   

   1) Venezuela used to be Latin America's most stable democracy...
2) Venezuela, with the world’s largest oil reserves...
   3)  Venezuela will be the second biggest gold reserve on planet Earth...
4) Without Coltan, there are no cell phones, Venezuela
   5)  The vast hydrocarbon reserves of Venezuela.  Bolton also declared recently, “In this administration, we’re not afraid to use the word Monroe Doctrine. This is a country in our hemisphere.“...

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This post was edited by emanreus at 2019-9-20 19:14

British armed forces rugby team visit Japanese Yasukuni war criminals' shrine.

  A British military rugby team made a pilgrimage to a Japanese shrine that honors the souls of executed war criminals...

  One of the locomotives from the Thailand-Burma "Death Railway". The 415-kilometer railway celebrated in the museum was built in 1943, when Japanese hegemony saw it colonize much of Asia. The line was constructed by between 180,000 and 250,000 Southeast Asian forced laborers and around 61,000 Allied prisoners of war. The slave laborers were subjected to horrific conditions and around 90,000 civilian laborers and more than 12,000 Allied prisoners died on that project alone.

  The 27-man squad include players from the Parachute Regiment and crew of the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth II...


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In the UK there is a huge rise in catalytic converters being stolen from cars in 2019

The first six months this year, some 2,894 were stolen, compared to 1,660 for the whole previous year.
  Without increasing the hard work, that would add up to 5,788, which is 3.5 times...

  Palladium  is 1,650 USD @oz.
  Rhodium   is 4,200 USD @oz.



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emanreus Post time: 2019-9-20 13:50
British armed forces rugby team visit Japanese Yasukuni war criminals' shrine.

  A British militar ...

Brits are low because they care more about monetary return than moral integrity...

But their masters are even lower in this regard!

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