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Russian Billionaires and Their Young Women [Copy link] 中文

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What was considered a bad social practice now is fine and even in sort of trend: Russian older men getting married or befriending young women. Plenty of pairs around where wives look more like daughters. Rich men are especially noted for such behavior. Here is a list of some most notable couples.


Valentin Ivanov and his wife Lisa have thirty-seven years age difference. They married when she turned eighteen years old, but they were dating since her being fourteen.  He is fifty-five now.


Some Russian media gave really negative coverage of this marriage.


But girl seemed never care, just kept posting more and more photos of her luxurious new life.


Like this for example.


Flipping a finger at all haters. Then hackers hacked her Instagram and posted her private photos on her account.


However ten months later they parted their ways and…


..the guy started dating a new girl.



The dude by the way was starring in Soviet movie as a boy when he was eight years old, because his dad was a screenwriter.


Anatoly Danilitski and Russian singer Slava.  Their difference is twenty eight years.


Slava had a daughter born when she was eighteen years old.Now her daughter is eighteen years old too, but already living in a separate apartment with a man, so followed her mother’s steps.


She dates her man – banker and co-owner of Aeroflot –Anatoli Galitski for seventeen years already, however all this time he stayed married with another woman and doesn’t plan to divorce her.



Also sometimes he flirts with other girls no matter Slava islooking.


Anatoly is sixty-five now, Slava is thirty-seven.



Another banker, Alexander Lebedev and his wife Elena. Age difference is 37 years old. Before Elena was a fifteen-years old drug user from Novosibirsk city. Once she got caught for selling drugs and her dad asked Alexander to help with police.


Alexander liked the girl so much and girl got on probation which was shortly cancelled.


Now millionaire life gossip magazine says that her life calling is to make our life more nice with just her presence in it.


Girl from Siberia lives in houses in London and Moscow, a castle in France and villa in Italy.


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This couple is Vlad Doronin and Christina. Their difference is 32 years. Vlad is known for being a boyfriend of Naomi Campbell. After Naomi he had a few more foreign girlfriends, but lately started appearing everywhere with a Russian model that is barely elder than his own daughter.


Girl was just nineteen when billionaire spotted her. And when she was 21 she gave a birth to his daughter.


This photo in her Instagram she captioned “True love”


January this year media said they are going to marry after noticing a huge diamond ring on her finger.


But they are not married still.



Another couple – Nickolai Sarkisov and Ilona. Their difference is 24 years. She also already gave a birth to his child.


Some people say she looks exactly like his ex-wife (on the right)


Before a billionaire she had photos with plenty of other guys in her Instagram, mostly young ones.


But now she is a billionaire’s wife and her instagram is being filled with a couple’s photos, and also selfies and shots of rich life attributes – yachts, villas, expensive cars etc. By the way their son is the sixth kid of the oligarch.


Dmitry Ribolovlev and Daria. He is a constant member of Russia’s Top Forbes list. He lives in Monaco. Now is being seen with a girl that according to rumors he presented as “my girlfriend” to the Monaco king which he befriends.


They were seen a few times on football matches in Monaco.


Paparazzi say all his previous blonde girlfriends look the same.


Like this Anna.



Or twenty year old Tatiana.


And by the way he said that Tatiana was the only his girlfriend who didn’t have money shine in her eyes and business process in her brain. Probably that’s why they parted so fast.


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Not just Russians, look no further than D.Trump.
Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. Mark Twain

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The paradox. Money always attracts cheap women.
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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Some of those blokes can't be Billionaires they are wearing old ripped jeans

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It has always been, is and always will be this way.

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1584austin Post time: 2017-10-30 09:42
Some of those blokes can't be Billionaires they are wearing old ripped jeans

Have you meet one yet ?
Round Up is good for developing the mind

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