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Why is China accused of dividing Europe?   [Copy link] 中文

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The German FM just can't stiffle the urge to goosestep.

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Feckless moderator! You say the truth and she deletes your post! You cosy up to the C.P.C. and she m ...

Like you, e-4-i ?

On the topic, Vice-Chancellor Gabriel is just assuming Blair's poodle role but with a bismarckian flourish. Is he saying economically smaller European countries like Greece, Hungary and Poland should not try to improve their economies for their peoples by getting overseas investments but instead should wait for Germany, for that matter the US, to invest in them? If yes, when would German and US investments be flowing into those countries? After the german friesian cows have come home? If no, can one expect teutonic fairplay if it exists to be displayed with an apologetic retraction?

After all, if he is really for the European Union, he should be for all European Union members and those members which are reviving with China investment should be encouraged further so that the problems of the EU are solved today for its better future tomorrow, not tarred with some mumbo jumbo about social darwinism.   

If he doesn't, he will only suggest that Germans are again the most superior race in Europe to speak on behalf of all its members. How then will european integration be served?  

Let us meanwhile roast a sauerkraut and quaff a pint of Hacker-Pschorr Marzen while he starts thinking of an answer.

Come to think of it,  his sinophobic accusation said to Macron while standing in the centre of Paris reminds all of one austrian ex-corporal.  Remember June 23, 1940, Herr Gabriel of the SDP Deustchland über alles?

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Well, do you lobby your wife? How bad would it be?

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China is kind of used to be accused on wotever she does. Wot the hell, China don't care, it's not China's problem, but problems of those don't see their own faults and accuse the others.

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What riles was he saying Europe recognizes One China policy, so China should recognize One Europe policy.

What does that imply?

One, that China doesn't?

Two, that China has ventriloquists to make recipient european countries say what they would otherwise be fearful enough of the likes of Germany and the Hague not to say?

Three, that a nation of 1,400 million spanning a supra-ideological civilizational state that Germany wasn't is smaller than an island of 23 million?

Four, that what he has said he would make the chiefs of mercedes benz, bayerische motoren werke, audi and volkswagen say at the main gates outside their China plants?

and last but not least,

Five, that he will repeat what he said while standing on Shandong soil?

After all, the last time China had opened her doors completely was by foreign force, foreign exploitation and foreign conquest. In that order. Is it asking too much of western critics that they remember enough of their own history to understand why China must be strong on her own terms, not prejudged by the same set of greedy terms conveniently couched by the same countries as rule of law of free market?

Because real history would have confirmed to them that when China was last completely free, she was completely divided by rules set by westerners.

Surely Gabriel and others from the land of Schweitzer, Goethe, Mozart and Gauss would have been among the first to appreciate such matter.

But one can still be wrong in this the 21st century.  He should ask the UK. They are brexiting anyway and so will gift Germany and others the gift of history. How to carve up other countries.

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it is the result of growing influence of China in Europe, German is fearing the lost of its dominant status.

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For those who still doubt the One-China policy and try to slyly use it as their bargaining chip, they should prevail upon themselves to ask first which China had Napoleon meant.

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