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Are Chinese better at math education?   [Copy link] 中文

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(Xinhua) HarperCollins Publishers will translate mathematics textbooks from Chinese schools and publish them in Britain, according to its agreement with Shanghai Century Publishing Group.

Under the agreement signed at the ongoing London Book Fair, some primary schools in Britain will use 36 books, including math textbooks, supplementary textbooks and teacher's textbooks from Shanghai primary schools starting in September, sources with the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission said Wednesday.

The textbooks will be translated from Chinese into English to deliver a complete math program for primary school students.

Apart from publishing textbooks, Britain will also spread the Shanghai Teaching for Mastery Programme in the country. It is a four-year program backed by 41 million British pounds in funding announced by the British Department for Education in July 2016.

"The collaboration can make a significant contribution to raising young people's mathematics performance -- which is essential to their future success in learning and in life," said Colin Hughes, Managing Director of Collins Learning.

Shanghai students achieved good performance in reading, math and sciences in the Programme for International Student Assessment in 2009 and 2012, drawing global attention to education in the Chinese city.

A Shanghai-England teacher exchange started in 2014. In September 2014, 73 teachers and educational administrators from 45 English primary schools and relevant departments visited schools in Shanghai. Between November 2014 and March 2015, 61 mathematics teachers and researchers from Shanghai visited 48 English primary schools and performed teaching demonstrations.

Communication between Chinese and British math teachers is conducive to sharing teaching experience and enhancing their teaching abilities, said Prof. Zhang Minxuan from Shanghai Normal University.

In July 2016, Britain announced it will continue the exchange project and urged 8,000 middle and primary schools in the country to learn from Shanghai's math education.

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Few reasons why Chinese are so good at math are:

The Chinese education system focuses a lot on math understanding and math practice.
The Chinese math education system and curriculum standards are regularly revised keeping up with the learning capabilities of students. They also preserve their age-old learning techniques of understanding and practicing math.
They teach math through real-life applications to kids from early on.
Teachers and parents in China from the start are inclined towards making their kids good at math. Students are thoroughly encouraged to develop math skills.
Chinese don't go by the belief that math is something that is acquired through genes.
Math is a skill more than a subject and like any other skill the only way of being good at it or acquiring it is to understand it thoroughly (1st step) and then practice it again and again.

Math is better learnt through interactive techniques. A great interactive technique of learning math is playing math games.

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I think students in China receive math lessons earlier than children abroad, we have more time to learn math. Besides parents tend to buy toys that have concern with numbers and numeric characters after the child can stand up and walk, you can just visit my sister's house and easily find a room full of toys with numbers and ABC.
So it's not the cashier's fault when you don't want coins, cause they make annoying noises in your pocket, so you give a cashier 2 coins to make a dollar, then he stays still for a few seconds and refuses to accept them and gives you 8 solid coins for change .
I am a Chinese, but I was really terrible at math in senior school.
I forgot how to forget.

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seneca Post time: 2017-7-12 12:45
"Dose Chinese do..."

"Does Chinese do..."

Thanks for your correction.

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seneca Post time: 2017-7-12 12:55
I think the perceived maths skills of Chinese is highly exaggerated. PISA measures only 3 skills ...

You shoot off your mouth again, senecAss.
Believe it or not, it's true.

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