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Father sells son to pay wife's debt, saying that he love her most [Copy link] 中文

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A man surnamed Chen was accused of selling children by Lucheng Court of Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province on February 6. The child he sold was his own son born by his mistress, and he sold it to pay back his wife’s debt.

Mr. Chen, 34, a native from Wenzhou is a live-in son-in-law. His first son, born in 2012, was named after his wife’s family. This had always been disturbing to Chen.

While he was richer when the family business ran well, Chen found a mistress, a woman surnamed Huang from Jiangxi province. She gave birth to his second son in 2014 who was named after him.

Later, Chen’s business went inauspicious. Many of his shops closed down. He had carried on heavy debt. On the court, Chen admitted that he thought about giving his love-son to a decent family for he couldn’t afford to raise him.

“But he was named after you!” Chen gave up the idea when Huang strongly disagreed.

However, he made up his mind again last October, when his wife tried to kill herself for she couldn’t stand the torture of being asked for debt.

Chen sold his second son online to a man in Hunan province and got 44,000 yuan ($6,470 USD). He gave his wife 23,000 yuan ($3,382 USD) for debt and kept the rest for himself. He said he loves his wife and first son most.

The child was later brought back by police. The prosecutor asked Chen why he would take the money if he only hoped to find decent parents for his son. Chen said: “How would I know the family’s economic status if they don’t pay the money?”

In the end, when the judge asked if Chen has anything to say, he said: “Now the child is back. I only hope he lives a good life.”

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so who loves their baby
The darkest hour is that before the dawn.

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Sometimes love is blind,reasonless and bias

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seneca Post time: 2017-2-8 19:49
Sad but all too common in "modern" China... As it was in old China. Maybe old China was not that muc ...

You cannot judge the whole country by these pieces of news.
You are not very interested in positive reports about this country,neither do I, or us. But the truth is China, with its population over 1.3 billion, has many good people as well as many bad people, as any other country do. And some bad things happens in this country, we post on the newspaper or online media, which constantly reminds us that we are not good enough. Our reportors go deep into the mountains, shadows, muddy waters, not just keep their eyes on the political farce.
The very difference that I feel about the western papers and the Chinese papers, is that Chinese papers eye the ugly bottom of the country while western papers eye the top.
And it is not too "common" if you look at its percentage, and it is not "too common" or otherwise it would not be a NEWS. Not good enough is not equal to not improving, but it probably means a remarkable potential.

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Zakary Post time: 2017-2-10 09:12
Sometimes love is blind,reasonless and bias

Love is madness. A feeling more powerful and destructive, and worsely sometimes it could be totally irrational.

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He made six mistakes:

One, when he was rich, he became itchy;

Two, when he became itchy, he forgot to think ahead first to save some money for his second family in case his fortune changes to losses;

Three, he sold his own child for money;

Four, he tried to excuse his own crime and erase his own conscience by (a) saying he loves his mistress more, and (b) calculatingly posing the question back to the court that he asked for money to know the buying family could afford to upkeep the child.

Five, he missed his own second lesson, that is, if he could lose his fortune, could it also not be possible that the buying family could lose theirs too in which case how would his child growing up be feeling for being traded from melting pot into fire?

Six, he missed his own first lesson that the child would not have come about if he was not itchy in the first place; so he was irresponsible from beginning to end.

The heavens measure human affairs by a standard unit of measurement: the family unit.

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