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Trump playing with fire with his Taiwan game: China Daily editorial [Copy link] 中文

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When it comes to tolerance, it is our tradition to display a big heart. That is why one can normally get away with making the same mistake twice, as one will be given the benefit of the doubt.

Republican Donald Trump appears at a campaign roundtable event in Manchester, New Hampshire, US, October 28, 2016.   [Photo\Agencies]
But one will seldom be given the benefit of the doubt twice, ...

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China has held a position on the "one China policy" for a long time. This policy made most countries close Embassies in Taiwan and recognize that Communist China is the only China and that Taiwan is a part of that China.
If you wish to do business with China you must agree with that position.
Trump is now challenging that and saying, ok, if you want the US to continue to support the concept of a "One China policy" Then we should negotiate a deal.
If China says it is not negotiable then it risks the US once again recognizing Taiwan and setting up an embassy.  Sending a message that it is willing to cut diplomacy with China and doing business with Taiwan.
China is in a difficult position in that, if it deals with the US it may then need to "Deal" with Europe and others. If it does not, and the US stops doing business with China and re-opens diplomacy and full business ties with Taiwan then others may follow suit. The fact is no country, China included, can "demand" that others see things as it does.  It can request and it may need to deal a little but making "demands" is the way to have people turn away.  I think everyone needs to remain calm.  Try to see things from every perspective, including the oppositions, then deal in a civilized manner to get an outcome that is good for all. By allowing Trump to upset you and get you to see red, he gets you off balance and not making the best rational decisions.

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"...China-US relations will not be derailed before Trump even enters office."

Fine, we can all wait until Trump has attained the office of US President for its relations with China to be derailed. Everybody can hang in there for the next few days then await the fireworks.

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China should not overreact to Trump's childish tantrums. Like the old Chinese saying: “No one can see their reflection in running water. It is only in still water that we can see”.

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The One China policy has been in place for umpteen years and has served US China relations well for a long time. China must act tough on this one, must not allow silly Trump to overturn the apple cart.  Trump should stay out of this, and go back to groping women, which he does best!

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The fact is there are markets and economies around the world that would be very willing to cooperate with each other and form alliances.  By isolating the United States from the rest of the world, he is allowing ties between the rest of the world to strengthen amongst themselves and against the United States. A simple meeting between world leaders where Trump is not invited is all it takes to begin this strategy.

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One is almost surprised why Trump of The Apprentice repute has still failed to take three leaves from US history, one reinforcing the other in turn.

First, the US was neutral on Germany until british decoders passed over the Zimmermann german telegram which proposed to Mexico an alliance in which Mexico would regain those parts of its country lost to the US in an earlier war if Mexico was to become a US enemy. That exposure swung popularist outcry in the States which enabled the US white house to sanction war on Germany in WW1.

Any tearing up the earlier implicit agreement on the One-China policy will mean the US is recognizing the island as separate from China in all regards and therefore open to an alliance, to wit a militarily defensible protectorate.

Second, such a protectorate will in time lead to a geo-military situation no different from the Cuban crisis during which the US almost went to war with Russia over russian nukes on the cuban island so near Florida; if that war had sparked, WWIII might have ensued which meant WWIV would have to be messily fought with sticks and stones.

The island is a missile-throw away from the mainland. If the Kennedy administration could not countenance a rogue Cuba to the extent of risking WWIII, why should the Trump administration expect China to countenance a rogue Taiwan, moreover a historical part of the mainland and thus an internal affair?

Trump should realize by talking to the short-sighted and naive Tsai, he has released a zimmermann effect on the mainland's citizens on whose goodwill those of China's citizens on the island depend for peaceful economic progress if not onwards survival.

China is not going to allow anyone, no less the US, to turn Taiwan into a hand grenade today and a berthed nuclear carrier at her doorstep tomorrow.

After all, wasn't the US the culprit which deliberately let one of China's other atollic islands to remain under japanese administration after WWII as a snub against China and a toehold to justify continued US presence by japanese proxy in her backyard, a US-strung proxy which continues to this day because there are still elements in Abe's administration which can slyly blame Xi for turning frosty on Sino-japanese relations after Ishihara the mayor of Tokyo had tried to buy one of the atolls whose ownership was claimed by China.  China was and is correct - how do you buy something unless you never owned it in the first place?

Thirdly, Lincoln took the blues to the US Civil War with the greys to prevent state segregation. Why should China do any less if outside mischief is visited to do no less on Taiwan as a provincial part of her national sovereignty? After all if say California declares independence tomorrow on account of his upcoming madcap trade policy, would Trump profess it's up to the Californians to decide what they want to do with the piece of land they happen to live on?

Lastly, a simple question that even a Trump can understand:

"If you're so successful with construction, why are you trying to lead the world to destruction?"

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