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Trump played US' best card in Taiwan for himself.

Of course anti-China forces in US can threaten the Trump Business Empire to push Trump to play this card. Even if Trump is to bequeath all his businesses to his daughter, Ivanka,, they are still deep in his heart and he won't want them destroyed even from the inside of his coffin in his after life. However there must be immense powerful motivating willingness in him to do this too. Otherwise this card won't be played even before he stepped into his office. It is clearly a well preplanned act.

As a businessman, Trump knows very well and will not give up his trump card to push China. For business people, there isn't such thing as a rule except for the rule of making money which is why he deviated from precedents. Its the same concept being applied. Businessmen have always successfully bent all laws at will, especially when the law doesn't help them make money! To them there isn't such thing as law or rules. Only profits and no losses, just like a famous quote from Buffet "Rule No. 1 - Don't lose money, Rule No. 2 - Don't forget Rule No. 1", if not mistaken, something most people hate them for!

China shouldn't be derailed. China must remember its people, especially the poor and less affluent ones. Then there is the unfinished business of the Korea THAAD issue. China should continue all the good economic undertakings it had initiated, promote its recently internationalized Yuan, up its military prowess, build stronger military relationships and reconcile Taiwan with greater vigour.

Trump is no real power. The global passenger car industry is dominated by the likes of Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Are Ford and Chevrolet outselling these marques from Europe to Asia? Don't think so and this isn't a secret across both the Atlantic and the Pacific. So Trump is clearly trying to hide his "Make America Great Again" in this global passenger car industry by camouflaging his team's glaring inability by calling a Chinese women across the Pacific. Kills two birds with a stone. Camouflage something that can't be done to avoid inability to "Make America great Again" and trying to squeeze China for money.

It is possible that the woman across the Pacific he called, help funded Hillary against him. If this is accurate, then it isn't surprising that he called that woman, now at his mercy to serve his economic interest against China. A businessman is always a businessman first and everything else second. Likewise Japan is being tasked to break up the hard earned Russian-Chinese trust. Of course Abe and Japan probably funded Hillary too, so payback now. This theme is similar to Trump hyping up Putin and keeping quiet on Xi, hoping to breed jealousy. Isn't that an immatured strategy? Anyway Russians and Chinese need to grow up too to tell which are the routes they should believe and follow and which are the ones they shouldn't. As said again businessmen are largely unscrupulously profit minded only.

It will be good if there are more military plays around the world now. Trump is having it too peaceful, global military speaking. US should be given more military duties all over the world since they like them so much. As long as Russia, China and some of their associates, including Australia aren't affected adversely.

China should amplify (not necessary to increase) their military co-operation and joint exercises. Make the US spend more time thinking about military moves.

After all China has to prepare itself as best as it can now that Trump has trumpeted that he will go for the zero sum game using Taiwan.

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