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BREXIT : Let's cool down a little [Copy link] 中文

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Shall we? Why the commotion?

Its not like its the end of the UK.

1. NATO which is paramount to Western Military Supremacy is unshaken and UK is still in there - ENGLISH GUNS are still at THE TOP.

2. London Stock Exchange is still the single largest stock exchange of Europe and one doesn't suppose both Europeans and Asians who have long established themselves in the LSE will pull out tomorrow or even in the long run. Besides, its not farfetched to say that there are good possibilities that the TMX may look for some sort of tie-up with the LSE now that UK is a "free agent"! That will make it the undisputed World No. 2 Stock Exchange. If Topix can stand alone, can't imagine why not the LSE - so LSE is also ON TOP in global markets.

3. Pound Sterling. Its hard for one territory to promote 2 currencies. Better to go its own way since it happens to be 1 of the only 5 global reserve currencies. And do buy Pound Sterling now. It isn't going to be dragged down by sick EU economies that's going to take 2 decades to turn around given the slowing global economy which doesn't help weak economies. Again POUND STERLING is ON TOP.

4. The English aren't stupid.

5. This prevents EU from having 2 representatives in the UNSC but does not diminish Western number of voting powers in there.

Given that the English aren't stupid, that their guns, stock market and currency are all still on top in this world, why would one think of their demise, its more like the other way round! Minus the EU shackle, they are well positioned to take the world by storm, not forgetting that they still have the British Commonwealth.

Its best that Northern Ireland reunites Ireland (not the other way) and together with Scotland join Great Britain. Of course the Americans may not agree.

But that's for America who can afford such thoughts. For Scotland, it could be the most disastrous strategic error if Scotland's Sturgeon think that a referendum to leave UK for EU is good. Economics depend on geography and population. From these two angles, both do not favour Scotland and Northern Ireland or for the matter even Ireland to bypass the UK.  One can really say Sturgeon's ego was busted because England didn't vouch in her direction. If one looks at the above pointers, England wasn't really wrong leaving.

Imagine if the EUD zone was to suffer a huge financial crisis again where bailouts are necessary, are there enough in Scotland's and Northern Ireland's coffers to join the German-Franco cavalry? With England out, the entire EU's policies are likely to be guided along the German-Franco lines and they have to focus more on Continental Europe than across the English Channel (500 million Continental mouths to feed versus 12 million Scottish-Irish mouths or so). In the long run, Scotland and Ireland may not even enjoy as much benefits as Continental Europe. Not that the German-Franco leadership wants to ignore them but it is really very difficult to conjure policies that addresses both the Main Continent and the remaining Tiny Islands. For example if the German-Franco leadership plan on developing the Danube River Economy, its definitely untouchable from across the English Channel, and can't see how a similar scale economy or even a proportional one can be duplicated over in Scotland-Ireland, more so if England has something else more attractive on the table for the German-Franco leadership to ponder!!!

Believably Sturgeon didn't even consider the slightest at all the Scottish economic interest and well being. Likewise the Irish leadership.

If the Scots are smart (don't look like they are, my apologies given the visible turn of events) they've better save their money, take this opportunity to thump chest to stand beside the English and then negotiate on the use of Pound Sterling, Tax money distribution, Economic concessions, more infrastructure development and Parliamentary structure. Likewise the Irish.

The English aren't stupid. The Scots are already independent in the first place whether under Scotland or Scotland as a vital component of United Kingdom. Scots would do very, very well if they know how to manage their own egos. Looks like they just missed another golden opportunity!

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