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I have thought about this carefully because I don't want to be attacked by my fellow writers.

After seeing many posts about "foreigners only wanting sex"..and "don't trust them"...or  "they don't love, they only like"..  I will contribute this.

Before I was involved in Marketing, I was ateacher in Zhuhai, 3 years ago.
I had adult students, and most times they were girls in their mid-20's.
Some of these students would pass me phone numbers on a little piece of paper when leaving class or give me a little gift.

I was always asked out for dinner or drinks. Now, I know this is normal and just being friendly. That's okay.

But other times I would get calls, and the students would ask to come to my home...if I am not too 9, 10, or 11 o'clock. at night. (after the buses have stopped running..)

At this hour, it becomes obvious that there is no intent for them to go back home.

In one class of only 15 students..4 girls tried to sleep with me in my first month of teaching.  When I worked part-time in Foshan teaching a BEC class, the same thing happened.

So when I see the posts referring to the negative sexual behavior of the westerners, I wonder if some of the girls who are writing the angry posts,
have sometine in the past put themselves in a similar situation?

I think many men who are overwhelmed by a steady flow of opportunities like this would respond the same way, Chinese or Western.

These girls did not do this to the male Chinese teachers, only the Westerners.

So in the end, the Westerner may have many friends that are girls, and then they say he is a "layboy". The idea of love is then simply executed by the rich environment of female attention.

Most westerners have no idea this can happen before they come to China.

So, are they "bad men" now? Is it all their fualt?  Are the Christian or "traditional" Chinese girls posting these messages? I don't think so.

When 2 people turn off the lights; it was what they chose to do.

So how do you blame one, without blaming the other?

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What a shame ----those girls you mentioned!

While please DONOT generalize all CHINESE girls into the same group. We DO have dignified CHINESE GIRLS which you can find in other postings, they even try to protect their innocence and virginity through committing suicide.

This has partly explained why we CHINESE COMMUNITY think those gals who desperate for westerners mates are EASY. A good eduction!

BTW, could you give us some examples of those foreigners who really meet some DECENT CHINESE GIRLS? I wonder how come DECENT CHINESE GIRLS seem to never been involved in these kinda scandal. They keep themselves away from foreigners!!!!!!!!!???


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So you are saying.....?

You say they keep away from foriegners!!!!!!!!!!!

Does that mean the foriegner is to blame?

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professor is a professor

and he is a gentleman!

you're the first man from the west to try the crab on the community bearing the name of CD--you tell the truth.

and sleepy, if you still don't believe the story, please learn more. you're a naive, innocent lassie with a good heart. you have never thought of the dark side of the coin.

who is to be blamed? my answer is it's due to the cultural invasion of western junk as a part of the "peaceful evolution" strategy waged by Bush and his predecessors. they infuse us with hit holleywood movies, KFC, sexual liberty and anything you can imagine and whatever you can name it, the purpose of which is to brainwash us first then overthrow our political system.

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No, I mean..

As a saying goes in China, " the same kind of persons would come together". I hope it would not offend some of you , but I really think it reasonable. Have you ever met some DECENT  CHINESE GIRLS? There are a large number of them in CHINA.

I peach down those girls you mentioned. But I dont think it a good excuse for misconduct  of foreigners. If you did not want to receive the CHEAP offer, just rejuse them, If you want, just do it. I am  convinced this kinda BUSINESS is everywhere instead of CHINA. As an expat, I think you would understand it. I have to reiterate  like most of you that BAD GIRLS AND BAD GUYS can be found everywhere in the world.

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to professor

Reminder: Author is prohibited or removed, and content is automatically blocked

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well, sorry to hear that.

but one thing, I have to confess that is there R some girls--- perhaps many---- in China now is doing so. trying to seduce foreginers, or having sex with you.

I had many foregin friends. esp. when i was in university, since we r so good friends that they told me some so-called reality.
Even though my university is not a key one, and the city it locate in is not a well-developed city, still there were many girls told them that " we r willing to sleepwith u".

I don't want to say too much on it. Coz it seems to be so common now, and u have to confess that both chinese and foreginers---- pretty many of them---- find funs from such kind of relationship, which is hard for me to accept while easy to understand.
For i say accept, I mean that i won't do so.

Luckily is , for most of the chinese girls i know, r not in that way,
Sadly is, seems the number of this situations is raising.

And I think it is because Chinese have a pre-view of foreginers, deep in mind they all believe that foreginers r rich in china, and irresponsible--- don't be upset, i used to think u r irresponsible, while later i changed my view coz i got so many friends who r so nice.

Besides, some girls want foreginers to help them go aboard or could help them lead a "happy" and better life, or , even pratise their English!!

I can not agree.
But i have to realize the reality.  .......

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