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As Chinese get rich, is their wealth at risk?   [Copy link] 中文

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China's first-tier cities saw their housing prices suddenly soar in the past few months. In the face of skyrocketing prices, people who have yet to purchase an apartment are upset that their savings cannot catch up while those who already own more than one property are excited over the growth of their wealth.

Many families who own apartments in major cities now belong to the middle class. Some of them try their hands at stock market. Others are interested in foreign exchange rates.

With growing globalization, some Chinese property owners have suddenly found they are "wealthier" than most people of some developed countries in terms of the value of the properties.

But the depreciating pressure on the yuan worries us. Can we continue with our overseas travel plans, or can we still afford to send our children to study abroad?

China's middle class have become consumers of global products and services. We are used to what we have, and are used to an optimistic future outlook. We have bank deposits; we have apartments. This wealth gives us confidence.

But is our wealth safe? Are there risks that it might shrink or suffer a major setback?

Anywhere in the world, there is uncertainty around wealth. Some countries are losing out in the economic development race, causing property to lose value. Some beautiful cities in European countries are examples.

And if political turmoil occurs in a country, people's wealth will drastically lose value, and the stock market and housing market may collapse. A revolution could reshuffle people's wealth, and destroy the previous financial order. Some countries' currency system collapsed, and people's savings became nothing.

There are also economic risks, such as wealth bubbles.  Many cities in the world have experienced housing bubbles, though few have suffered a collapse of the real estate market. If our housing prices go up and down in a sustainable range, it can relieve the pressure of a major "quake."

Wealth does not guarantee the quality of life. But it does relate to people's flexibility and safety of life. In recent years, the world's wealth has slightly tilted toward China. The Chinese government faces a major task in keeping this trend. It is also important to narrow the wealth gap and avoid the social problem of world-class haves versus a third-world have-nots. ( source from the Global times)

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President Xi's goal of achieving a "moderately prosperous society in all respects" by the end of 2020 depends on
distributing the wealth created by the working class among the working class.

No billionaire ever worked 20,000 times longer or harder for each of those billions than the average person.
Higher taxes on the wealthy is the only way to keep that money earned by the workers in the worker's pockets.

The enemies of president Xi want to visit on China the capitalist tragedy that happened to the US.
The west is busy trying to convince the rich in China that they can become even richer if the sell China to the west.
Mao Zedong saved China for the Chinese people. It would be a shame to throw that all away.

The US climbed out of its great depression and became the power house of the world by taxing the rich up to 95%.
Figure 4.jpg

Figure 3.jpg

The oligarchs finalized their ownership of the USA during the 1980s under the proposterous plan called
the trickle down theory. The people of the USA were primed to accept this ridiculous proposition after years of
indoctrination that serving the rich is a good thing. The indoctrination begins in kindergarten and continues on
through grad school. There is no other way to explain how otherwise sane people can assume that giving, what
amounts to "Welfare for the rich", could ever benefit those who actually earned the money.
The rich didn't get that way by being charitable. They got that way by taking far more than the deserve.
More is revealed in the website congruitism.. the one with the domain associated with organization.

The wealth created by the workers of China belongs to the workers, not the rich.

If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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that's why China's rich go abroad to 'make a fortune'

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mindless overspending for luxury items lead to empty bank accounts.

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We are used to what we have ,and are used to an optimistic future outlook .We have bank deposits ;we have apartment.This wealth gives us confidence .Nowdays ,more and more people want to live a comfortable life ,as the time went by ,our society has become more and more fashion ,in order to live in this environment ,people have to do something to make themselves suit for this society .I don't think it's wrong to do this ,everyone has their right to do this .Any where in the world ,there is uncertainty around wealth .Heaving wealth doesn't mean our people are not people ,we just want to have a happy life ,doesn't it ?

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With the development of China's  economy , Chinese get richer than before, but we can see many people's health is at risk. Their health quality is dropping a lot by living with an unhealthy an unroutine life style . As Chinese get rich, they are all have a tendency to eat something expensive  and not often eat at home , instead they are more likely to go out to eat or eat some junk food what they like , which is bad for their health. Because they do not live a healthy life as usual. In my opinion, we should not diet ourselves just in order to loose weight . We can exercise as much as we can to keep fit . No matter how rich we become , please remember that  our  health is the first important thing we should actually concerned about.

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In recent years,China's economy has developed rapidly.With this situation,Chinese prices have risen sharply,and house prices also rise.Because of this,many young people can't afford the money for the house and the car.But if housing prices stabilize in a range, it will make people feel more secure
  What's more,prices rise is not good for the most people,even it's bad for our country.If the economic crisis hits, China's economy will decline rapidly, and will cause great loss to the country.In some way,it can make people feel panic and it may cause the economy to collapse.
  Any country in the world has a wealth of uncertainty.If a country has a political turmoil, or experienced a big change, it will make the wealth become unstable.
  Wealth does not mean anything, but it does guarantee the quality of life.In recent years, the continued rise of China's wealth has brought a series of problems to the Chinese government.The first is to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor in China.To make our country's life more better.
                                       -----  Ariel,groupC.

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