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American Ex-Military Warfare Specialist in Guangzhou: We won't do anything... [Copy link] 中文

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Many people think the US will really get involved with Taivvan, or somehow try to influence what is going on.

But let me tell you something. The is a much bigger issue on the table. The US is at a very low time an quite surely does not want to play in China's back yard.

The 9-11incident injured and devastated the local culture of New York and America and the world, killing people from over 80 countries, including Americans. The attack on Afghanistan as a reponse was necessary to shake up Al Queda..

The war on Iraq was not necessary and just plain stupid, and probably just a favor for Bush's aging father, the former president. This ingnorant act has made it impossible for Americans to travel safely to many Eastern countries, and will remain dangerous for decades to come.

This week, the American body count went over 1,000 for the military and the Americans do not like this. As a democracy, the American public has a say so about the presidents actions.

You may say the Americans are warmongers, but we are not. We hate the idea of war the same as you. The US military offers many benefits, so our young people readily join...but we don't join with an eagerness to do battle.

There is simply no way that Bush can get support to involve the country with another conflict. We can not stand it. Congress, the voice of the people, we not approve it.  As it stands now I can't even imagine that Bush or any Republican, can hold office for another term.

We all need a break from the madness. If China pounced on TW today, the most we would do is send in some journalist and make some pleading phonecalls on the hotline to Beijing.

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"The US military offers many benefits...

"The US military offers many benefits, so our young people readily join...but we don't join with an eagerness to do battle.

then don't join the MILITARY...if you want a countryclub, then go join that.  

remeber what a military is's not so you can have a stable job...good benefits...blah blah's to defend the blood and treasure of a country...nothing more.

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I can see you know little about military communites, clubs, families, or doctrine.  In places like Virginia Beach or Norfolk, where the entire city populations are linked to the military; society, education, religion and daily life is the same as any other city.

The thoughts of military engagement is sad and somber; and when servicemen are called to respond, it is always tearful. I have been on the bases, on the ship piers, on the ships, and in the zones.

I won't write a lot about this because I know better than you and I don't feel that you are worthy of a lengthy explanation.

Just keep watching hollywood movies...I am sure you will be a military expert in the end.

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hey, dumb fuck

you're the one who said the military offers many benefits and " our young people" are ready to join and implied it was because of this...

this is very true...i'm not challenging this fact...I'm challenging the notion of the miltiary being great and all, but not when it comes to fighting war.

my point is that you shouldn't join if you are not willing to accept the fact that you might die.

i'll read your hoolywood writings instead of watching the movies....ok?

the military bases being linked to the city only furthers my point that people sometimes join blindly...

go to your local MEPS station and tell me what percentage of the people there are highschool students....i bet it'll be near 80%...another 10% for 19-22...and another 10% for 23 and above.

do these kids know what they are getting themselves into?  yeah, they think free college, a way to get out of their small town, patriotism, make ma and dad proud, stay out of dad did it so I'm doing it...probably nobody enlists fully realizing they might die in some shit hole in Iraq, or somalia, or vietnam...or wherever

"I won't write a lot about this because I know better than you and I don't feel that you are worthy of a lengthy explanation. "

really?  well, you must think you know more than the chinese on here too, right?  i mean, they are your intended audcience since this is a chinese forum, right?  so, why did you write at all if you know better than everyone?

get off your high horse!

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Your opinion is logical.

But, a war would not be determined by you or I, it will be the decision from the Bushes in Whitehouse. It is true that America politics limites the president's right, but most people are influented very much by main stream media.

When the whole world knows the war to Iraq is not reasonable and most people in the world againsted the war to Iraq, MOST AMERICANS SUPPORTED this war.

One of the American forumites here ever said most of the US army men are just a bunch of stupid yahoos, they have no idea what is correct and what is not. This is universally true, the army men in every country are mostly just yahoos.

In other hand, I don't want to see a war in China, absolutely not, no matter the US is going to involve or not.

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Maybe you fellas think that the servicemen are dumb yahoos or don't know they can go to war if they join.

They know..they just have needs and options like all others. But once you are in, if the country goes to war, of course you go too.

Anyway.. maybe this is enough of this strand..

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You are mistaken when you say that the military of all nations consist of 'yahoos'.  You are confusing the trait of intelligence with those of duty, honor and discipline.  The majority of soldiers, of all nations, are simple following orders and directions provided from strategists and generals who lead their nation's army.  The United States military is an ALL VOLUNTEER military.  They made the choice.  The United States spends a large amount of money to train their soldiers to use very expensive and technically advanced weaponry.  You may not like or condone what the US military is tasked to do, but never make the mistake of underestimating its soldiers intelligence or ability.  Anyone who has ever had military training, or even competed in sports events, has learned to never underestimate their opponent.

With regard to American support of the Iraq war, I want to provide a phrase I have heard often since the 9/11 Terrorist Attack that brought down New York's World Trade Center:  The best way to honor the dead is to kill those who want to, and are trying to, kill more Americans.

Words for every patriotic American to live by.

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