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Why are some chinese afraid of African people? [Copy link] 中文

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Take it easy! kanyuek!

I am just telling one of the reason: why we scared of the black person!

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Different people have different eyes on beauty, some like black person, some like white, some like yellow, some like brown, some like red...... whatever !
be confident with yourself, everyone is beautiful in this world as they all have their good points!
and not all chinese people afraid of black people, some kids even afraid of white people, just because they rare see such strange and different people around them!
hehe,  just a piece of my serious opinion!! : )

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who said we Chinese are afraid of blacks?

I am not afraid. As a matter of fact as u know I take my African bud's name Alhaji Kamara as mine.
For others, well, if they are afraid, either because of their lack of knowledge as u mentioned, or a stereotype of Africans(famines, HIV/AIDS, war, brutality, ect).
When i walked along the streets of African and/or Mid-East countries, the boys were kinda chasing me, "hey, white boy, (Africans call me White, surprisingly enought to me at beginning), Jack Chen, Bruce Lee", making gestures they'd learnt from Kong Fu movies. I am not at all annoyed.
Diversities of the world, esp. differences among us humane beings, make our world a fun place to live!

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I want to visit Africa one day

It seems like a dream.  I heard my african friends describe to me how many and how big the stars are in African skys near the equator.  I saw plenty of documentories about animals and nature in Africa.

No, I'm not afraid of black people.  I would love to visit Africa


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black africans!!

i want to make one thing chinese are afraid of africans,blacks.and dome people are saying that blacks are so different from yellow.

now i want to ask one thing?

are all chinese really me ..........some of them are balck.they have a darker skin tone than some blacks.maybe the yellow word feels good,it feels safe,but trust me not all chinese,and let me rephrase that,not all asians are yellow.some of them are black.and let me add,they get made fun of........yes,they get made fun of...........i think it is a shame,that colour is so important that people to make fun of thier own people who are dark skinned.

wake up china,there are many black chinese...........i see it everyday.

many chinese are black..........yellow my ass...........look underneath all the skin  whitening creams,even better just look around you.


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All ppl are equal ........

All ppl are equal .Our world has become a global village. PPl of  Different races and diferent religions make up our world.  Just like we have sea, oceans, mountains , forests, animials in the earth . Can we live without each of them?  Why do  a few of us hate , despise , fight ,insult each other ?

My dream is to travel all over the world some day..... Africa and india are the places i am eager to.......


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