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Why are some chinese afraid of African people? [Copy link] 中文

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once u go black..

Oooh yeah,u never go back!I owez laugh when I listen to that.The Chinese girl in the above message has made a wrong judgement about black people coz of one encounter with a man.U might hae given him wrong signals urself.Damn right,God is the one who made hormones and introduced sex.So I guess it's just human and not black to try to get some p!@##.

I was once called by a Chinese girl to go and fix her.Well,it was strange coz we were just odinally friends.I just explained to her that we couldn't do that coz I had someone else and stuff like that.I never judged the Chinese girls to be bitches coz of that.Actually they still come to my room and I never make any moves,coz I don't have those type of feelings for them...

It's good to hear the Northen Chinese who is

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RE: Coolmax

'I'm a born and bred Chinese.
my opinion about africans:
They look strong and might be violent, so I feel it may be unsafe to accompany him."

I'm a white American. My ancestor was killed by a black man, my brother was robbed by a black man, my home was robbed by black teens.
Black men do drive by shootings, loiter on street corners selling drugs, and our prisons are over crowded with them.
I've witnessed gun fights and shootings involving black men.
I'm not saying ALL black men are bad, but many do bring a reputation upon their race.

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Poor Yankee

My friend u probably need more schooling to understand some things that happen to you.Do u have an IDEA of what the whites made black people go thru in the states?Dou have an IDEA how painful it was.Probably ur ancestor was killed by her/his slave who was mistreated.Iam sure u are aware that most blacks were denied education by the whites in ur country.The result?No one needs to tell you.U know whose free labour u used to be where you are now.U better have respect for the race and accept the damage u have done to us.

And by the way,most of us are getting educated and we are sharp-lol just like others.I have seen many black people who hold powerful positions nowadays,things are changing coz of our efforts and efforts of some nice white people who luv justice.

Chips Bibo.

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I do have a healthy sexual appetite. I don't apologize for it. What about the Chinese men who beat and rape their girlfriends/wives? What about the countless chinese woman who marry for money or a passport? Why do you think it's so difficult for the chinese woman to enter my country (America)?
What about the HIV epidemic in Yunnan Anhui Hebei and Henan? People sharing needles in the north of China. People selling sex in the west of China.

Flyflyflygo says a man made a pass at her.  She's only afraid of sex. She is only denying her true feelings. People who are the same are attracted to each other regardless of culture or race. If she is really who she says she is he would have thought twice about approaching her. Men seem to behave themselves around women who aren't easy. You threw out the wrong signals and are angry when he responded. You should be angry at yourself. You are confused and confusing everyone around you.

People are showing their true ignorance when they speak like this. What bad man let's a woman go because you ask him to? If he was so bad he would not have let you live.

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Orchid or Rose???/

There is a western saying that  when someone  does the kicking  it  is very painful, but when you  in turn do it to someone else it is not  so bad.

I am  an African born  Software Developer residing in  Britain, enjoy  my job and get  paid well for it. Yes  the  white man has come a long way, but  they set themselves standards and aspire to them-my abilities are appreciated. The Chinese unfortunately have a longway to go,  there so many  issues to deal with especially when it  has to do with other races excluding  caucasians.

The rose is not  the only  flower  in nature with beauty. The fact that  some Chinese  sense of beauty should be by western standards is bizzare, have  any one stopped and pondered over the possibility that  nature  made us   unique to give earth variety and enriching tapestry.  Whoever created nature, would have  created only whites if  they were considered to be   superior  to other races.  The  words rape, paedophilia and murder  were not  part  of western vocabulary  after caucasians met the African, Chinese or other races during their heyday of  intense exploration.

Cultures are meant to be appreciated no matter how formidable or humble. I can never fanthom why a Chinese woman finds  that  a caucasian male is more handsome than a  Chinese one or  some Chinese consider me  inferior  I do not  think  having  2 Masters degrees -Internet Computing and Digital Arts-
from  a  redbrick University is considered  intellectually inferior, neither is my colour.  I am an  Orchid  on the flower bed of humanity.  And by the way Chinese men you should now  stop fooling  around. Like  some professional black women  start looking beyond your community for  a  good  partner  and white women are not  the only  fruit in the Garden of Eden.

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"Darkhan" All my girlfriends told me they don't do Blacks because they are so bi

Is this true?

I never see a dark 12" toasted hotdog in front of Walmart store  with so much juices dripping down!

Delicious !!

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Stereotypes again and again!

I agree with peng .

  To chase after other races because they are seen as desirable by the TV is very foolish.

  I am a black man in Canada, and am still chased by many white girls only becasue i am black.  They think  many things:

Big Penis
Good sex
Good friend
....all because they've seen and heard this before on TV.  Stereotypes!  Maybe some are true for me, but not all black men.   Lets turn the TV off sometimes.

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