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Why are some chinese afraid of African people? [Copy link] 中文

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One of the things that have contributed to continuous hatred is people avoiding the truth and trying to justify their behaviour.Not all countries are racist....Some people only become hostile in responce to the racism they receive from other races.It's a very complex thing which u can only understand if u have been discriminated against and u have tried to learn something,not views based on second hand information.

Just admitt ur wrongs and educate ur people to stop segregation against innocent Africans..Such things owez fire back,and the efffects are not disirable at all.I wish u well and hope u won't also write bad history like the whites did.I appreciate the whites change very much.Most haven't changed completely but their progress is commendable..

Chips Bibo

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Good for you Kanyuek!

I think that if more people were having such a good time we'd all be happier. I have been to Trinidad and I know many other Caribean and South American women. It's where I'll end up for sure. I love it, there and I will return.
There are special women everywhere. French Canadians, Chinese, Americans, Caribeans...I don't care where you're from ladies...
Me and Mr. Kayak will love ya! LOL.

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"all" the other countries are racists? Wrong!

Not  All the other countries are racists.  

There are racists in every country , in every culture, in every race.  In English, it means "There are some racists in every country, in every culture, in every race."  
Not every one is a racist.

There are racists in every country, in every culture, every race, but there are more friendly people than the racists in every country, in every culture, in every race.

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why?? I can't tell, I am a chinese, I like making all kinds of friends, no matter he or she is black or white or yellow or brown or red or blue......

I did't afraid of black people at all since that time......

I met a black guy in tianhe library, he asked me for help, so I helped him with some problem looking for some books, so that we became friends, it seems he was quite a nice and a  friendly guy.

One day he invited me for a party in this apartment with his friends, after a while his friends left us alone, and he was trying to...........

I was so scared, but I am not stupid, I knew he believe in god very much, he always talked about god before, I I told him: Please behave yourself, whatever you are doing or saying in this world, god is always watching you in the heaven!!!!

Thank god, he stopped and let me go finally, nothing  happened, but that experience scared me enough!!

I am still afraid of black people now!! and i don't like making friends with them any more!! except ladies!!

Maybe black people, not only black people, even white people think our chinese girls would like to make friends with them just becaue we want to have sex with them or we want to marry them???

stupid asshole if you are thinking that!!

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Tekvicious,My best friend married a beautiful Trinidad black woman and has two b

The Carribean women NOT ALL but Trinidad are so beautiful. They are  African-decent but they are so polite and quiet and have beautiful tone body and he pointed out to me long times ago that the Carribean black women are very nice. They had two beautiful daughters, 12 and 10 years old, with beautiful light brown skin, beautiful curvy wavy hair, very light brown and I love them so much.

Black in a sense comes from all over the world but the Carribean Islands represents a special breed of black women with class and style and totally relaxed and reserved and unlike American Black, they always respect their man !!

(I am NOT a pig and appreciate the kindness of South American Black beauty. They are totally different, slim, but firm tone and free-style living, go topless on the beach and their bone structure is slightly smaller frame than American Black, that making love to them is certainly in heaven !!!)

  *This Forum is for exchange of information and ideas. I had Forum like this in school last year, even my Professor (tenured Professor, Ph.D. graduated from top of the world can make typo mistakes when she is in a hurry, so relax, don't tear each down, don't attack each others!

  *Blacks man is not different than any man and they want to get into your pants NOT because they are Black, but because they are man !!! So one of the readers misunderstand Black man. They have male hormone just like me and want to get into your pant but as a Chinese, I am more polite towards my Chinese sisters and will never show any disrespect try to get into your asshole as you point out so vividly. I don't think your tight asshole can accomodate my long and big Chinese special rod !! My parents are from Northern China and they gave me a gift that even Black women will sream so loud when I pound their assholes so hard and rub their clitorus , all Black women scream and ask for more ! (white women just asked, "Honey, are you finished ?"

  You should try it, "Once you go Black, you never come back !"

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Hahaha...word to the Kayak

You funny dude. Keep up the special racial relations. You know I will do my part over here.
Good call on the man is a man thing. I just tell girls that say they don't want it, that..."It's ok...NEXT!" Hahahaha.
the world is yours to explore Kanyuek, I'm proud of you my man.

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To: Miss China "Flyflyflygo" please show some respect to our African and white f

China is a mature country and China has very good relationship with all African nations. So please show them with respect. When you are invited to a party hosted by your African friend, go with your friend or leave together when  the party is over  with other African friends or Chinese friends and don't stay alone in his apartment. It is just common sense.

And please don't call anyone "stupid assholes". I had posted hundreds and hundreds of postings about the Human Rights Violaton and Iraq War but in no one posting I called George Bush "a stupid asshole" or any American " a stupid asshole".

Please China is the foruth largest country in term of land behind Russia, Canada and America (if you count Alaska together), and China is a major power in the next 50 years and will become a superpower. Miss China, Flyflyflygo , your user name indicate you are an open mind, smart and fairplay person, and on the go and wants to be successful. If you live in America, you have to work with Blacks and Africans, so show some respect to all our White and Black friends in China, they came 8,000 miles to see you and just want to have sex with you, Miss China, I DON'T THINK SO.

  Do I want to have sex with all the American women? No, but cultural difference allowed me to have a lot of sex with thousands of American women. But it is cultural difference between the West and East. Most white has sex by 15 to 16 years old, about 75% of 15 to 16 years old American boys already had sexual experience but this is NOT true for Chinese. I lost my virginity with a woman in the college "Animal House Party"  just like the one you described and it was FUN, FUN, FUN !! She was drunk and I had sex with five women my first times in my life. An orgy party and tried many times to have sex with my American college female friends. But when they say NO, it means NO.

So you did the right thing and say NO, he stopped. The game is over so it is no big deal but use common sense and try to prevent such things first before you step into the trick to be the last one to leave and he could have raped you !!


Ms Flyflyflygo, assume  you are Ms. CHINA, so everyone is trying to have sex with you, but you represent CHINA , can you call every man from every country you visit "a stupid asshole " NO !!!

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