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Why are some chinese afraid of African people? [Copy link] 中文

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Professor, sorry to hear that

I'm going over there to meet some chinese friends who are teaching english.  i can expect the same treatment from some people in china, but not all.  Not everyone is like that.

  Where you the only person of color there?  Maybe you could have made a BIG deal about it and asked for an apology from the people who offended you. I would have made them lose face.

  Best to keep an eye out for repect over there and anywhere.

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anyone heard the old chestnut

there's no racism in china because there are no black people in china?

sad but true.

I currently live in one of the HIV hot-spots of the world.
CHina, Henan province.

It's been covered up quite well though.  Ignorance is bliss in the PRC.

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in addition

I have a couple of friends who are black ,I think they are smart and have good education, however I know some Chinese female prefer Caucasians,anyway that's their personal choice.I suppose they are probably affected by  certain Chinese aesthetic appreciation concepts?Many Chinese girls think white skin is beautiful and they are often proud that they have light skin . Look at those makeups in the stores, most of them provide whiten ingredients in the cosmetics.

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I know why

There are genetic reasons behind this. A black man is somewhat genetically opposite of an Oriental man, jsut read and understand.

African men:
-Very Strong Body, Big bone structure, More Muscle by nature than any race, very dark skinned, totally different culture mostly primitive (not in a negative sense ex. Loud dances etc)

Oriental men:
- Smaller Body, Smaller bone structure, less muscles by nature, mostly very light skinned, very peaceful culture

For oriental people I believe, that difference makes them anxious, because there are not that man dark people in Asia as there are in America and even here some girls are scared from them, including many caucasian men are afraid of african-origin men.

I believe that it doesn't matter what your race is, but if you do date somebody with a totally different race, i bet you already asked yourself at least once if you are doing the right thing.

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Fairy Tales

I hate to be the one to tell you, but "loud dances" is crap... A whole host of nations have a history of dancing and singing...oh, let's see..

The dutch...Eskimos, Native American Indians, Germans, Tibetians(China), Mongolians?, Hawaiins, Tahitians, Vikings, about square dancin' Americans..oops!, almost forgot...Africans, and the list goes on and on.
I can't beleive you even said that..

You claim that the asians are "very peaceful"...You mean like the Japanese who launched unprovoked attacks on Pearl Harbor and Nanji*ng, or those peaceful N.Kore*ns who attacked the south...or those calm N. Viets who did the same..or maybe those laid-back indonesians who setting off bom*bs whenever they can.

Most blacks are extremely peaceful, with the exception of a few headliners, such as some bad apples in America (my country) and some tribal groups in Africa. Actually most African tribes are still hunter / gatherer and remain at peace.

It is always easy to target groups who are sensationalized by the media; but it gives you no real knowledge of those people...especially when yopu live in a place with censored media.

Now...lets get to the last vomit that you spewed out. You really think that the caucasian...(I guess you mean white...?) is afraid of the black men? Do you know nothing of slavery...police?....have you ever been to Germany...have you ever been black living..or trying to live in America?

The white man is certainly not Afraid of the black man. And the black men rarely focus on an issue such as that.
Let me tell you something else..this is true crime patterns for America:

1.) Black on Black
2.) White on White
3.) White on Black
4.) Black on White

The punishment is so severe for Black on White crime compared to the others, with a conviction rate that is 7 times higher that White on Black.

Your reality is distorted and unfounded.

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forgive us~Q

I think it's no use of the argument,  no conclusion can be made, and it is impossible for any sides to convince  another.
     let us do less debate and  more communion, less hostility and more friendly, less tensity and more harmonious, We are all in the same world, We are flowing the same red blood in the body, We are only different of the skin, but is it very important????
    I am sorry to hear what happened on you , professor, I can understand your feeling when you are insulted,  I , hope can instead of my compatriot , apologize to you for the regretful thing. pls forgive our ignorance!~~~!!!

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People fear what they don't understand.

They fear the unknown, and try to avoid it.

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