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Why are some chinese afraid of African people? [Copy link] 中文

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I can understand some fear

I'm a black man, 26 years old, 6'3, 220 lbs and pretty muscular.  I always have a smile on my face.   Some people, especially shorter people feel intimidated by my height and how big I am.  When I was younger (and smaller) I felt the same way towards taller people.

   I'm going to China (Kunming) in January, and I will meet peope who have never seen an African person before.  I expect stares and wonder, maybe a little fear which is natural if you see something new, but i don't expect and will not tolerate any hatred or racism. Nobody should ever accept hatred from anyone.

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While all of you are "feeling uneasy" or you are pondering over how little you "know about THEM...those 'big black things'...that  "look strong and might be violent" this is what we are really doing...

A bunch of us black guys opened a restaurant behind the Guangzhou Railway Station...we serve Chinese Food..

Do you know where we get it?  We catch it!...anyone we can catch!
I like BBQ, but my friends from Nigeria like hot-pot with some extra spices in the soup.

A few of my friends from Haiti like to eat it off a skewer or dig a hole in the dirt and have a Palm Frond Roast!

Last week some Indians came and had Curry Style with Seet 'n Sour sauce on the side.


IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR?  You should bend over and check your view from the rear..

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everyone in the earth is equal!

everyone in the earth is equal and have the right to be repected
the blacks and the whites ,also the yellow -skined asians .
we are the same , the only difference between us is just the  color of our skin and the culture ,language .
things will be changed , better of course
let's be patient and give our hands to achive that

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Why are some chinese afraid of African people?

It makes me so angry wen i hear stuff like dat, people jus think dat africa's all about AIDS n WITCHCRAFT dats NONSENSE . I am a black girl from london my relative are mostly africans. In my family we have a mix of cultures Asians, American, Chinese even, we all get along.  Look at da music u listen 2 Black peeps shaped it to become what it is 2day . I find this quite offensive as i wanted to come 2 china to study chinese n move there but to find out this kinda makes me think
I don't think most chinese people notice that they are racist and don't EVEN KNOW IT YET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I think most of chinese are friendly to black people just as other race. But i can't  draw a conclusion that every chinese do that. We should't comment on a country's attitude just from what we have seen and met. It is just opinionated.
China is a hospitable nation and have a long history,  We are confucian all which is famous as being hospitable,friendly,civilized. So take it easy, my black friends, we would't to hurt you as well any other racial peoples.
May be you met someone served you unpolitely in street or the other place. Don't angry. It is little part of us. Maybe he is low educated, maybe he haven't seen black man before, maybe he is threw over by his girlfriend just now, :) , maybe he is kind but you misunderstand him because of the different culture. Thus please don't say we are afraid of african people.
Please dont bring the bother yourselves, my black friends!~welcome to china and be part of us. Let us enjoy ourselves everyday.
My msn is, Glad to be your friends and share our funny things together. I will be a good guide to bring you enter the scene of china's charming culture and history.

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This was no mistake!! (melisha??...dat? Peeps? wonders)

For all of you who still can't get the message, or you think this a mistake...or curiosity...go smack yourself with a  Wok so you can wake up!!

As a Marketing Manager with an appliance company in Shunde, Foshan, I always attaend trade shows to show our company products and do the business. After 3 years, I can tell you that I have met no other foreigners who are in as deep as I am, as I work for privately owned Chinese companies, not US owned, or international trading companies.

Last year, I took a train to Vietnam about 10 days before the 1st China Guangdong Commodites Fair. (This is like a small version of the Canton Fair).

Because my company always does live cooking demonstrations, I travel first to hire local cooks in other countries, plan menus, and arrange other services for my group, such as hotels, entertainment, and tourism.

After making arrangements for about 45 Chinese at a 5-Star hotel in Hp Chi Minh city, I focused on other preparations with the local organizers.
That night, and for the next 9 days, I stayed in a cheap hotel to save money.

When the group from China arrived, I checked out of my hotel, and moved into the 5-Star hotel, in which all rooms were paid for and the room assignments were made randomly by the Chinese organizers.

When I arrived to my room there was nobody there, just luggage. Later that night, about 10:00 pm I arrived and met my assigned roomate, a chinese man, who I thought I had met before, but could not remember where. I said hello (he could speak english), and then he called someone on his mobile and walked out of the room.

I went to sleep.

About 12:00 midnight, the door opened, lights came on, and there were about 5 people in the hallway outside my room, with my roommate clearly upset. This time they spoke only Chinese, but I knew he did not want to share the room with me. He moved out.

About 1:30 AM the next morning, a different roommate came. This gut did not even enter the room after he saw me, even though he was informed that I was the organizer, and a consultant for the Chamber of Commerce, who assists his company.

This time a full blown argument was going on in the hallway, and most people were wearing pajamas!!

I was too tired to argue, beyond insult, and most importantly, feeling that I simply did not want to see those who I had worked so hard to help.

I checked-out of the hotel at about 2:00am wearing my slippers, got into a taxi and went back to my cheap hotel, where they were happy to see me, and where I felt comfortable.

The next morning I went to the 5-Star hotel to meet my General Manager and have breakfast...there were about 200 Chinese there and I guess they all knew what happened because the room fell silent when I walked in.

Because I was black...they refused to be in a room with me  

Do you remember when I told you that I thought I knew the 1st roomate??? I was right.

The Boss of the 1st roomie was a student of mine when I taught Marketing, part-time, a year before at his factory. The roomie also attended the classes but did not recognize me. It was the initiatives of my training that led that company to Vietnam in the first place.

The General Manager of that company said that he was sorry, but it does not make me feel better. 2 people hurt me deeply on the same night. People who I was committed, in business or personal matters, to help when abroad.

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my opinion

I don't think many Chinese are afriad of the blacks ,however some Chinese are unfriendly to the blacks and even have bias on them.This may because of misunderstanding and lack of communications.I have a female friend who dislikes the blacks,actually she has no any chance to meet a black guy in her real life and she has  no any black friends.I once asked her why she disliked the blacks ,she answered me when  she was a college student ,she heard in her university, three blacks raped a Chinese girl and she died, since then she felt the blacks were rude and dared not want to make friends with them.
Her bias on the blacks make her unfriendly or keep away from them.

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