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Why are some chinese afraid of African people? [Copy link] 中文

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racism ..........

I agree with the author who said:It is better to hate and be racist,than to know and accept the truth.

It is so true.

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bevshine, can you specify?

Originally posted by bevshine at 2004-9-9 03:53
Of course, some custom is blood in African , that make us feel afraid....

People need to know each other to make the world better.

Can you sspecify which 'custom' is so bloody that it makes you feel afraid?


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That makes sense...

Originally posted by sally-han at 2004-9-10 05:25
At the beginning ,I fear the white man,too. A american man is my roomate, we together do some shopping ,or share our exprience, so now i know he is a nice guy..AND I dont fear the white...
   Now i live near wangjing, I saw some blacks, At the first sighyt of them,
I really feared them, But now gradually I didt,, becuase i realize that  they were the same with us ,maybe only a little culture and the skin is different....

That makes sense.

When I went into the villages in the bush, a lot of watoto (children) ran away from me and some of them even were screaming and crying at seeing me as a Muzungo (white people) although i am not so white, actually my skin is darker than normal chinese.

African people are kind people, sensitive people as human beings are.  They have joys, love, sadness as human being do.  African people are the best ones in the world to express themselves, if you can look at their smiles, hear their laughs.  

I love africa so much, i love this land, love the people living on the land...

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Originally posted by sally-han at 2004-9-10 05:25
..and The HIV comes from the Afria ...sorry ...It is still in my I have a little bad feelings with the black persons..and the black is so different from the yellow.....

I agree with tonny that no one knows where HIV is originated and that is one of the reasons that we have up to now not found an effective medicine to heal the sick.  There are so many rumours about the origin of HIV, from africa, from a county's lab, from ... all of which can really be labeled as racialism against each other.

Acutally, the numbers of HIV possitives are significantly going down in Africa while the the numbers are dramatically increasing China!  Can you conclude that the HIV carriers in China are infected by intercourse/contact  with Africans? No, you can't!

Let the scientists do their best to find the way for curing and let us be educated to protect ourselves.

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Chinese and African people have a very long history.  Southern and Central Africa had a prehistoric Black population.


Japan was also influenced and still is influenced by WESTERN RACISM, yet, the whites did not think twice about attacking Japan during world war II when the Japanese tried to show their RACIAL SUPERIOITY IN ASIA.

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Can we all brainstorm a bit and help me see (as a white person) where this white supremacy thing is being cultivated today? This isn't a challenge -  I am genuinely curious where you who are not white are taught or shown that white people are better. My life is here in NJ, USA, living among huge diversity, so I don't know and am on these boards to learn (and teach). Where I live I see people of other cultures being successful, etc, so I'm curious what kinds of messages from other places fit into that above quote.

For me, I got racist ideas from my father and grandfather more than from society. These ideas have lessened every generation, and I am trying to bring up my son as "unprejudice" as possible. And in America, it's not only sexy white people in ads anymore, there are plenty of sexy blacks & asians (though is that really any better, I might add!)  I also remember watching the news as a child, and seeing that when a "bad guy" did something, he was usually black or hispanic. (I live near New York City). So I got some bad messages. And IRONICALLY, living in an all-white town from ages 9-18 made me LESS prejudice! (long story!)
I am not rich.  :L

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y'all crazy

we blacks are proud of being who we are and if you gonna hate me because am black then ^^ ^^ it, it is like beirut and i don't give a ^^ ^^ about what you surviving and i'll always do , that's how we get down wit the get down dudes, hahahahaha hasta la vista boys and girls

but really what they hell they thinking? damn man gotta go pee

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