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Why are some chinese afraid of African people? [Copy link] 中文

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People are equal but they are not treated equally.....

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Please don't see being impolitely treated as racism, that's always lack of knowledge and communicaiton.

Most of Chinese are friendly to all race, that's for sure.

Being unfairly treated is common, like in one period Chinesr and SARS, but we know that's misunderstanding, not racism.

Hope the world a peackful, friendly, respectful world :)

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Quit your bellyaching already!!

Darkhan, do you need a tissue?  How is it that black comedians are able to make fun of all other
races, in ways that  others never get away with?  Have you ever thought about exploring our own dirty laundry? If you are really from the west and  of African descent, you should know ,as we all do,that
we are often very racist and xenophobic; you've never been to a barber shop in the hood, any hood?  

Why are you trying to come off as holier than thou?  You dated a bunch of asian women you said?
Obvioulsy they weren't racist, right?  Do you not like our women?  Maybe your problems with
perceived racism stems from some complex you have about being black? You know, you could go
to Africa or the Caribeans and make a contribution to our people, but you  CHOSE to set your sights on south-west China, so if you get stared/gawked at, which you will, buck up or just go home.  

When I mention I'm studying  Chinese to some of my white college mates, or some of my (black)
family members, I usually recieve a giggle or laugh and a ridiculously imitated Chinese accent.  
People are going to be people, it's life so get used to it.  Until blacks are being lynched, segragated,
and/or discriminated against through legislation, I am NOTSample Text willing to label the Chinese as racist.

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as far as i know, the ppl around me they are not afraid of black ppl
they have rediculous thinking that black means dirty.
so this kinda ppl put a long distance either physically or mentally between black ppl and them
such naiive view doesn't exist everywhere or everyone.
like me. i like black ppl in general.

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African people

They do know.

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I know what you mean about the "ridiculously imitated Chinese accent". My family thinks I'm a freak for learning Chinese of my own free will (I'm a white american). Here's how it might go if I tell someone I'm learning chinese:

  - "Why are you learning Chinese, for school or work?"
  - "I just want to. I'm planning on going back to China again, plus I just like it."
  - "Oh. So like, you can understand them?? Can you understand this? *chingchowchingching,etc*... what did I say?"
   - "You said 'Look at me, I'm a dork!'.."

They think they're being cute, but it's incredibly stupid.
But as you said, people are going to be people. Sometimes, like in the above case, I know they don't mean anything bad, they're just ignorant and it's not worth me doing much about it. Through knowing me (seeing me learn about people of other cultures), maybe they'll be more tolerant. Or maybe they just won't care.

One can only do so much.

None of us are TRULY black or white or yellow, we're all just shades of gold! (ok, actually brown, but gold sounds better)
Peace to everyone!

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Another interesting thread.

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