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Why are some chinese afraid of African people? [Copy link] 中文

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It seems vey cowardly to be afraid and hate an ENTIRE race.

  Should Africans be afraid of Chinese?  Why?   I see alot of racism and hate on this site against black people.   It seems childish.

  In the West, people were afraid to even sit beside ANY asians because of the Sars scare.  Many people were discriminated against because of this.  Was this right?  Should we blame and be afraid of ALL people or a race because of a few?

  I've dated many asian girls (korean, taiwanese,vietnamese,hong kong girls) and the only time i felt racism is when their guy-friends were jealous of me because i was dating their friend.  So I'm wondering.

  To those that are afraid of black people (including black women and girls!) I ask you why do you act like your old Grandmother?

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darkhan, i think most Chinese are not afraid with African.

I think most Chinese are curious of African people, becasue the culture and custom different.
I like African people, they have very health skin. African is a historical land. Afraicn music is very great ,and the dance is good too.
I like African handicraft , i purchase one necklace made by animal's  bone.

Of course, some custom is blood in African , that make us feel afraid.

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Sorry for this

It's true that generally-speaking Chinese feel strange staying with black, I think that's because Chinese are not used to it since there weren't many black people in this country. But everything is changing, don't worry.

And luckily I'm NOT afraid of black people.

Actually I've a very good friend from Angola, we always go drink beers together with his Chinese wife, although we don't even speak the same language.

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my explanation

That's a kind of infectious disease coming from watching too much Hollywood movies.

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I agree with. u

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I think there is no recism in China

When i first joined this forum, I found some foreingers feeling racism in China. In my oppion, such kind of feeling you got is not racism. In America, people feel racism everywhere, but here in China, it is just curiosity. Most chinese only see blacks through TV, so when they met blacks in daily life, they feel very curious. And still there are so many people who are shy to talk to or sit beside foreigners.

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To sally-han...and everyone else...

Sally, this is from your old post:

I am a little pretty ,traditional and nice grirl, and intrested in differnt cultures...."

This is from your new post:

I am afraid to make friends with the black ,too. Just because I know nothing about them...sorry..
So what do you really mean? Have you no honest independent ambitions to know different cultures? There is a huge portion of the world which is considered to be Black.
Americans, Africans, Panamanians, Costa Ricans, Haitians, Indians, West Indians, and many countries in the Caribbean and Central America. There are French, British, Australian and Canadian blacks.

Most countries are home to blacks or people of dark complexion; but not China.

On the internet, blacks are talked about like some "thing", like a disease or a poison or a human enigma.

But other than tribal wars, blacks have a non-agressive stance on war. There are few black serial killers or rapists. Blacks, who have normally survived the poorest and most oppressed conditions, have produced some of the greatest Inventions, Scientists, Engineers, and founded many great Universites during the settlement of the West. Some of the highest paid and most demanded lawyers are black; as well as poets, writers and actors.

The contribution to Music, founding of Rock and Roll, Sports, and even Global Civil Rights is remarkable. The US Human Rights mission that they share for all peoples would have been quite different, had Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers, and other peaceful leaders not lived.

When you see music groups, especially  "boy bands", like F4, Backstreet Boys and thousands of Asian or Western groups...Do you really know where the style comes from?

It is a shame that people of color, who were slaves that built modern sociey, cannot be accepted in it.

If you really say you want to "know more cultures", then you should get your head screwed on straight, because you are denying yourself a chance to learn about real life as you peck away ay your keyboard, contributing useless additions to over 400 years of pure racism.

The fact that you cannot clearly see your own ignorance is creating an obstacle for the social development of your generation and for blacks too.

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