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A Typical Day on Chinadaily BBS [Copy link] 中文

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USAnian: I am visiting China for the first time. It is mostly not as I was expecting to be. There are some really modern and beautiful parts of the city. There aren't thought and speech police at every corner telling people what to think and speak. None that I can see anyway. They must be quite discreet and hidden if they are there. However, I don't like the way the people crowd into public transport with little consideration for personal space. It is messy in the vegetable markets in the outskirts and not enough English language ATMs around. I had to travel 2 kms to find one. If China aspires to be a first world country like the USA, they need to change. I hear they launched a new satellite for making their own maps and GPS like Google. This is money ill-spent. They should have simply subscribed to Google and spent the money cleaning up the streets around the vegetable markets and putting more ATMs and creating more personal space on public transport. That way, they will become like the USA sooner. But I guess the people don't really have a say. It is still not a democracy! I feel sorry for the Chinese people. They are quite friendly to me and towards the USA.

Canadian: Yes, the Chinese people may be so, but their leaders are not elected democratically. They do not have the same priorities as the Chinese people. The streets may be messy, but they are actually quite safe, as safe the streets back home in Canada. Very low crime rate. Lucky they have sensible gun laws like we do in Canada. Looks like they may actually want to  be more like Canada than the USA.

UKian: Well, The mainland has only begun to start learning western values and democracy from Hong Kong which we trained and left for them to learn from. Yes, it is a terrible waste of money they put into satellites and developing their own computer operating systems, search engines and airplanes. There are so many Chinese struggling, working in far-off cities leaving behind their children and family. They cannot get 'Hukou' where they want to be. It is still communist and there is no freedom of movement. It is still a deceptively capitalistic. Capitalism does not really equate to democracy. They have a long way to go. They still have to learn proper English before they can manage democracy.

English-speaking expat from Africa: My dear old chap, I posit that it is because the CPC is still ruling China like the Emperors did before them. They are actually the same party. They just want to copy the West in everything but true democracy like us Europeans! They are all just good at copying, no originality or innovation. They have been taught not to think one original thought by the CPC who killed a hundred million Chinese since the 14th century for doing so since the cultural revolution. Yes, the Chinese are ungrateful for all the efforts we put into civilizing them and trying to bring them into the 21st century. They are resisting, just like the Africans and still stuck in the 14th century mindset, old sport!

Scandivanian European: I think I am more balanced here on this issue. I think China is actually trying to be more like Europe. We are a mix of socialism and capitalism and democracy. We are more socialist than China, more democratic than the USA or UK. However, I thought the CPC killed 80 million during the cultural revolution.

Aussie: Your wrong Scandinavian, if your really Scandinavian. Australia is more like Scandinavia than Scandinavian countries. Only it is hotter here.

Canadian: Excuse me for interrupting, Aussie. That should read 'You are wrong' or 'You're wrong'. What you have written is wrong.  YOU ARE WRONG!

Aussie: Well, you can n**k off. I know my Aussie language - it is English. I never had a problem with it all these years. No one else ever had a problem with it to tell it to my face. You have a problem with it? Do yer? You want to tell it to my face? Maybe your face will change its shape and you will change your mind. YOUR WRONG!

Kiwi: We are closer to China than the rest of the civilized world. China should learn to be like us. We have successfully modeled a clean, healthy democracy under Her Majesty. Btw, I read in an old book somewhere that the CPC killed 50 million during the cultural revolution. I see that they have been updating the figures over the decades. It has taken western historians so long to arrive at the most precise figures now after sustained research over a long period of time, collecting all the firsthand accounts from the second-hand accounts from  third-hand accounts of people in China who had lost friends and relatives!

Neutral Non-English observer:  Hmm... Interesting discussion...

Some Chinese:  Hey! WTF?!!

Most Chinese: <silent>

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-- continued

USAnian woman: I really enjoyed my experiences in China, even though it was mixed. My heart really bled for the Chinese women, who do not have the basic rights enjoyed by us in the USA. There is really no standard of color coding women's toilets and shopping sections in malls in distinct pink so that they can easily find their way. It makes them so dependent on others, often men in asking for directions. This has to change if China wants to claim to be a first world country or an advanced civilization. Some of the signboards for women's toilets actually are in BLUE!!

UKian: I suppose they do know that they can never defeat us in the West with military force no matter how hard they try. They should really give it up and spend all that money on the proper coloured signboards for toilets, feeding the hungry on the streets and frankly better street lights where I live in China, many of the lamps have blown out and the street leading to my apartment could use some clean up.

Canadian: I think it is because of all the money they spend on nuclear energy and weapons. They are following the wrong role model on those issues - France and the USA. Canada is the ideal combination of all that is good in the West. Many Chinese agree. That is why we have such a large number of them. They are buying up some of the best houses in Vancouver and pushing up prices so that the average Canadian finds it hard to own a home.

Aussie: Tell me about it! We Aussies know that feeling. The Chinese are buying up a lot of Sydney and Melbourne. I tell them, you cannot buy democracy. Your barking up the wrong tree.

Kiwi: I think Australia has plenty of land to sell, even if not much of democracy. If as many rich Chinese start to buy up our New Zealand, we will not have a country left! We are a small nation.

English-speaking expat from Africa: It is all an ego trip for the CPC and the leaders of China to have those nuclear weapons. It does not fit in with the idea of a civilized nation, unless the nation happens to be European like South Africa or Israel. That is because Europeans are fundamentally civilized from the times of the Roman and Greek empires. We coined the word 'civilization' so we know what it really is. We are still diligently imparting it to the Africans. We resent the Chinese coming there under the guise of trade and commerce and actually practice fair trade and commerce! It takes away from our philanthropic European efforts of many centuries!

European: Well, we Europeans now have a common, united approach (with the exception of the UK) in dealing with the world ethically, even with Africa and China. We will only do so as per the European Constitution, which by the way was dictated to us by our Gods - the USAnians.

Aussie: Were the same way too. We are as independent as Europe. And YOUR WRONG Canada!

Kiwi: Well Aussie, we can still beat you in cricket!

Neutral Non-English observer:   Hey, folks, but is it double standards and arrogant of you folks to write about China this way and revise history... Isn't your idea of democracy, monarchy and military spending...

English-speaking expat from Africa: Aren't you from India? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you should be charming a snake or doing a rope trick or harassing women?

UKian: He is anti-British. Look at all the thanks we get for trying to bring civilization and helping their economy.

Neutral Non-English observer:  Hey, but it was the British colonials who ruined the Indian economy in the first place! You certainly have some chutzpah...

Aussie:  He is anti-western. He is ungrateful for the English that he has learned and uses. It took thousands of years to develop English and we gave it to them for free. We don't want such immigrants in our country. Go back!!

USAnian: You silly Europeans and others are wasting your time and breath arguing and debating. We Americans have the best debate winner and argument finisher. We used one against Japan and people complained it was too loud. So we used milder ones against Saddam and Libya. The world has gone wimpy these days whining about collateral damage!

Some Chinese: What do you mean? Are you threatening us? You know we can respond too...

Most Chinese: <silent>


USAnian:  Did you read about the industrial accident  reported in Chinese media? Sad to hear about the loss of life. I wish they took greater care, followed procedures and had greater safety standards and regulations! But of course, what can one expect? It is after all not a democracy like us.

Canadian: Hey, yes, I saw that report too. But you know, the Chinese are not really communist either. They are capitalist. More capitalist than many democracies. I suppose it is a process and one day they will become like Canada.

UKian:  Hey! What do you mean? Canada is modeled after the UK. It is OUR Queen that is YOUR Head of State, not the other way around. We are the little big mother country. You, the Oz and NZ are all our juniors. Don't you forget it!

English-speaking expat from Africa: The CPC is responsible for this accident and has refused to apologize to the people of the world. They have censored all the news and details so that no one knows what is happening. They are not letting western media wander freely through the accident scene. It is proof they are hiding and covering up something. I happen to know the governor of the local government to whom I sell my special 'vintage' wine and they refused to meet me as they normally do in the backroom of a fancy restaurant.

European: We have the lowest accident rate in this kind of industry in the world. We have the strictest regulations and even USAnian companies have to abide by our laws (mostly), which of course are the laws given to us in our constitution, given to us by our Gods - the USA.

Aussie: Your right.

Canadian: When you say 'Your right', Do you mean it is someone's right to say or do what he did and you are acknowledging it? Or do you mean.. Oh well, never mind!!

Kiwi:  Sad to hear about this accident. I hope we can offer some comfort to the Chinese in these times. We can offer them sheep and lamb. We have more sheep in NZ than people. We can only help them so much, because they do not want to be a democracy like us, under Her Majesty.

Neutral Non-English observer: From the way I see it, more people are like sheep in many of your countries anyway...

Some Chinese: Accidents happen in all countries. Chinese will work to learn from this and get better.

Most Chinese: <silent>


-- continued

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- Continued

USAnian: Saddened to read about that kidnapping and car crash in China today. It is tragic that the perpetrator was kidnapping his own child and crashed his car during the police chase. I hope the child comes through alright and the man is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

UKian: They do not enforce the simplest driving laws in China, how can you expect them to enforce the tougher ones? After all, this is not a democracy like ours.

English-speaking expat from Africa: Yes the CPC is trying to avoid blame and culpability for this horrible incident.

European: We have the strictest child protection laws in many parts of Europe. China has a long way to go before they become like us.

Aussie: Your like Australia.

Kiwi:  We're like Australia too.

Neutral Non-English observer:  Well this incident seems to be one involving an individual's personal issues..

UKian:  Can you provide links and references to solid proof of that?

Some Chinese: Hey, the incident happened yesterday, this is what is reported by the local news and police reports.

English-speaking expat from Africa: Oh, isn't that so convenient? I can tell you they are trying to cover up and hide.

UKian:  So you have no proof that can stand up in court? Yes, it is sad that this is what happens when there is no western style democracy in China. Particularly if they spend most of their money in developing advanced technology and systems. The CPC don't learn from us how to run their country.

English-speaking expat from Africa: If they cannot have democracy themselves, at least they can simply listen to us Europeans and do as we say. It would benefit the millions of Chinese, for whom my heart bleeds, if only they could express their free will to the CPC and demand, nay force them to do as we tell them to.

Most Chinese: How about you all have a cup of tea? It is good, calming and soothing. Good for your health and digestion.


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Impressive observation and summary.  

"How about you all have a cup of tea. It is good, calming and soothing. Good for your health and digestion?"  -- Thank you for your kindness towards us chinese.  We may appear a bit 包子('soft steam bun').

Best wishes to you for 2016.

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As said before, do not give up the day job.

Why do you feel the need to use derogatory made up names for the people of certain countries?

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KIyer, spot on!

Except the USAnian happens to live in Malaysia. And lest you forget our resident Maoist in the U.S.A.:


Happy New Year to Everybody!!!

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You hit the nail on the head with this one.
You stay away from the forum for a while and it gives you time to write this little jewel.
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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