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Is smoking Marijuana a very bad thing? [Copy link] 中文

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I have an american friend and i've known him for almost 2 months. but recently i found that he smokes marijuana. and he told me it's almost legal in California. from what he told me, smoking marijuana seems not a bad thing.
does anyfriend here knows about it very well? is it very dangerous? shall i keep away from him?

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I think you need to keep distance from him~

大麻煙(Marijuana)是什麼?這個名稱是用來稱呼印度大麻(Indian hemp)的花,種子和曬乾的葉子。也稱做Cannabis。通常英文俗稱為“grass”。


印度大麻含有一種活性毒素:THC(四氫大麻酚)。這個物質被吸入或吸收之後很危險。THC會殘留並堆積在身體的脂肪組織裡。並營想腦部、肝臟、肺、脾等器官。THC 會造成身心方面某些功能的改變。通常要花好幾個月來使身體除去THC,並脫離他的影響。




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Be aware!

Smoking Marijuana is illegal in the States. "Almost legal" is NOT legal. Californians have tried to legalize Marijuana for a while and luckily they have not succeed yet. You don't have to alienate him just because he does drugs. Respect other people's choice and be wise on yours.

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I'd say...

...first of all, smoking marijuana in the States AND in China is illegal; and while getting caught in the U.S. may lead to a relatively minor charge, getting caught in China could lead to much more serious consequences.  So in THIS regard, I'd certainly advise caution.

From a health point of view, however, I'd argue that marijuana is no more dangerous or harmful than cigarettes or alcohol.  I'd like to emphasize that I do not smoke at all (tobacco or marijuana), but have no real problem with people who do (so long as it isn't blown into my face).

Compared with tobacco, all the evidence I've seen seems to indicate that tobacco is far MORE harmful physically than marijuana is; if you're going to argue that marijuana should be illegal for health reasons, then you MUST argue that tobacco should be illegal.  

Of course, marijuana DOES have an effect on the brain, alters one's mood, alters one's perceptions.  And some people argue that this is the main reason it is wrong to use it.  However, I'd like to point out that the effects of ALCOHOL are far greater than the effects of marijuana in this regard; compare a person who is stoned on marijuana, and a person who is drunk on alcohol, and it should not be too difficult to come to the conclusion that the alcohol has a greater effect than the marijuana.  So again -- if you're going to argue that marijuana is bad because it affects the mind, then you should also argue that alcohol is bad, because it affects the mind.

Canada is also close to legalizing the use of marijuana; and personally, I approve of this, even though I don't use the stuff myself.  It seems hypocritical to have tobacco and alcohol as legal substances, but designate marijuana as illegal.

I DO think there should be reasonable legal safeguards.  Just as it is illegal in Canada to sell cigarettes to anyone under 16 years old, I think it should be illegal to sell marijuana to anyone under 16 years old.  And just as it is illegal to drive a car when under the influence of alcohol, I think it should also be illegal to drive a car when under the influence of marijuana.

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Marijuana is less harmful than Tobacco and Alcohol.
Possession in the U.K. is not a cautionable offence any more.  Obviously China will never follow suit but it seems the Chinese are very ignorant about the drug.  I'm not sure how that can be rectified.

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What, are you a you want to be a cop....why would you care if some one wants to smoke...stop being a cop..

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Got NO IDEA what you're talking about, dude.

What I said is that I don't CARE what people do, and that I SUPPORT legalizing marijuana.  Didn't say a damn thing about 'people shouldn't do it', or anything like that.

...and just what have YOU been smoking?  Whatever it is, be careful...seems to be killing a few TOO MANY of those brain cells.

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