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watching it on tv
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Have watched the live broadcast.

It's great to see so many new advanced weaponry.

belongs to the people.

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The female president of the South Korea is so attractive who wears bright yellow dress and always walks forward than others including her master (our President Xi)!---------It seems that she feels free even in the serious formal diplomatic occasion!

May I call her civilian official?
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This morning at 7am I started to watch the V-Day parade on CCTV channel.

I was in awe when all the various delegates from different countries walked the red carped and were warmly greeted by President Xi and his wife. It was such a monumental moment and the atmosphere and backdrop was a perfect reflection of what China is all about - thousand years old Chinese heritage (Forbidden City and her history), the power of a unified community (Tiannamen Square was where Chairman Mao declared CPC's victory), the color Red signifying the PLA's might and China flag (force for peace not war) and the international military troops performing the joint march (China's message is clear - the Motherland seeks a Global Dream with her allies. China is not a threat and does not condone hegemony. China immediately backed her words by declaring that she will cut down PLA's troops by 300,000). Action always speak louder than words.

Some doubters claim the parade was nothing but a display of might and weaponry. I see nothing wrong with the notion "If you have it, flaunt it." The real verdict is what will China use the weaponry and PLA for, for they are nothing but apathetic tools. Whether they be turned for good or evil lies in the masterminds behind it.

The rule of law never fails to point out to the interlocking relationship between action vs. intention. If doubters claim China's intention is one that stems from ego and an exaggerated sense of patriotism, then this theory is in direct conflict with China's numerous actions of late - from devaluing the Yuan to protect internal AND external economies (come on, China is one if not the biggest paymaster in the world now. When China sneezes, the world catches a cold), to injecting monetary investments in mega infrastructure projects from UK to ASEAN, and to sharing her national treasures (from arts, philosophies and living geniuses) to the world in the name of peace and harmony.

There will always be doubters and haters, pessimists and cynics. All I can say is, China's actions will speak for itself in time to come.


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it was good,
who's bright idea was it to have the planes with the coloured smoke at the beginning?
it just left a trail of smoke that obscured the rest of the planes.

otherwise pretty good.  
i can't think of any other parade outside of North Korea and Soviet Russia that parades its nuclear missiles.

guess what most of 2016 spring festival gala will comprise of?

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dusty1 Post time: 2015-9-3 10:38
Everyone loves a parade

the way they march is quite captivating. As if it is the same brain in a 1000 people

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President Xi announces that China will cut down 300,000 troops this year for the world peace.

And transfer the same to the navy.

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