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多数人的手机锁屏图形不安全 [Copy link] 中文

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We all know that passwords such as ‘12345' and‘password1' are far from secure, but how aboutyour lock screen pattern for your smartphone? Astudy shows that most of us use similar patterns tounlock our handsets, meaning they could be easilyguessed by criminals.

研究揭示手机用户解锁图形设置习惯 你中枪了吗?
More than three quarters of people start their lock screen patterns from a corner, according tothe researcher behind the worrying work. Marte Løge, a graduate of the Norwegian University ofScience and Technology, also said 44 per cent of study participants start their Android lockscreen patternpassword' from the top left corner. 这项引人担忧的研究背后的研究人员称,超过四分之三的手机用户所使用的锁屏图形从四个边角之一开始。挪威理工大学(Norwegian University ofScience and Technology)的研究生马尔特·洛格还表示,在所有研究参与者中,有44%的人为自己的安卓手机设置的锁屏图形“密码”都从左上角开始。

She found that around 10 per cent of patterns create a letter, such as an N or C, which moreoften than not corresponded to a user's own name, or that of a loved one, Ars Technicareported. She presented her findings into Android lock patterns, which were introduced in 2008,at PasswordCon in Las Vegas last week.

据科技博客媒体Ars Technica报道,洛格发现,大约10%的解锁图形会构成一个字母,比如NC。多数时候,这些字母都与用户自己或亲近的人的名字对应。安卓图形解锁于2008年推出。上周,洛格在拉斯维加斯举行的密码保护研讨会(PasswordCon)展示了自己针对安卓手机的图形解锁的研究成果。
Ms Løge sampled 4,000 user-generated Android lock patterns as part of her thesis. She askedstudy participants to create three Android lock patternsone for an imaginary shopping app,another for a fake banking app and one to unlock a phone.
She found that most people chose to create a pattern that travelled through the minimumamount of nodes of spotsfourmaking their pattern much less secure than if they optedfor the maximum number of nodes. The average number of nodes used was five, meaning therewere less than 8,000 possible pattern combinations, but this dropped to just 1,624 for fournode patterns.

Ms Løge found that most people chose patterns that moved from left to right, making guessingcombinations slightly easier.

Men were more likely than women to choose long and complicated patterns, but interestinglythere was little difference between the patterns chosen by right-handed and left-handedparticipants.
Humans are predictable,' Ms Løge told Ars. ‘We're seeing the same aspects used whencreating a pattern locks [as are used in] pin codes and alphanumeric passwords.'
洛格告诉Ars Technica:“人们的行为很容易预测。不管是解锁图形密码、PIN码还是字母数字组合的密码,人们的设置习惯都是一样的。”
She believes that using 'crossovers' to bamboozle onlookers and not starting from a cornerproduces the safest password patterns. Using a long and complex password is alsounsurprisingly more secure.

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