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Questions to my Chinese compatriots [Copy link] 中文

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to Resentless

Sorry to make you annoyed.
but if you are not the lackey of Japan or any ulterior splittists,I'll take back my dirty words~~~okay?

Forget it  pls,I didn't mean to annoy you all by purpose~~~@#$%^&*

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Chen, China, and Taiwan democracy

In order to consolidate support in an election, any politician has to target his opponent's weak spot. Chen used China's hostility towards Taiwan, Chen got Taiwanese people afraid and emotional, Chen campaigned for "passiong for Taiwan," cleverly excluding any pro-Chinese element in his campaigns. That's how you win elections! You bring up topics that raises dividedness, you raise tension, whether internal or external. And "China" has always been used to Chen's advantage.

Why? It is easy to get people afraid with the 500 missiles. It is easy to get people to hate China for supressing Taiwan in international events. But are these threats really there? Yes!

Like I said, China gave the right topics to raise before his election... and the DDP will likely use the same strategy. Although I know China's intention is peace, but it has also alienated more and more Taiwanese people with all the verbal threats. Chinese are patriotic people, that's why to win Taiwanese people's hearts, China needs to get Taiwan to be patriotic of China.... and missiles, invasion, belligerence, just won't do it! That's what I mean by stop giving Chen the excuses to raise mass hatred against China....

I mean, if all you guys are so eager to go to war with Taiwan and destroy Taiwan in a "swift way"... then you might as well do it, just to end the miseries of the Taiwanese people once and for all!

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Answers to TWCHINESE's latest post

You typed "...Taiwan will turn (utterly) into a wasteland...Taiwan will then be nothing but ruins and a bunch of hateful people, who will likely start some underground anti-China terrorist organizations..."

It really makes sense. This proved that you have got a teeming brain.
If only each and every citizen in both Mainland China and Taiwan could realise it!!!  

As you wrote,"war is definitely not the solution, nor is it an act of patriotism!" We truly hope that the two sides will sit down at the table of brotherhood, and solve the problems and dissensions not by the way of war,but by peaceful methods!!!

Thanks for your concern about the Channel's situation as well as your warning of the consequence of losing peace!!!

This is our hope,this is the faith we have yielded so far(One Country, Two Systems Policy is to some extent already a concession) with.With this faith,we will be able to hew out the mountain of despair a stone of hope ! With this faith,we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood ! With this faith, we will be able to work together,to pray together,to struggle together,to go to jail together,to stand up for freedom together,knowing that we will be free (from hatred and dissension) one day.
                                        --abridged and modified from "I HAVE A DREAM"

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in Fact,i often see the extremity words of the organizing in TaiWan .
and i am very umbrage  of this.

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my proposal

one should first declare where he/she is from instead of shooting arrows from hiding.

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Ai Ya~~~


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to coolmax

老大,did you discover that the time for the post to show up in this section is much longer than others?
really weird~~~

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